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  1. Uuups...... blame on me. I was under the opinion that the file can be opened normally and i didn't have the "select menu" for it in mind at all.
  2. First of all.... No, this is the Photo Beta No newer Version. In the Select Menu you have a possibility, to save a selcetion as channel or a file. See the screenshot please. Then you save the selection as, for example, test.afselection. For far, so good, but if you want to open this file, this format is not supported, it is not displayed in the select menu if you want to open a file. If you choose, in Windows, right click on the file and "Open with...", then choose affinity photo beta, the app displays the message that this is not an affinity file format.
  3. If i save from a part of a file a file as .afselection and want to open it later for continues using, photo, designer and publisher tells me, that this is not an affinity document. See attached Screenshot please. Is it a bug or am i doing somethimg wrong? What sense does it make to save it, but could not to open it again if i need it? If i want to open it, this file would not shown in the List of what i can choose. The message displays when i choose in Windows the option "open file with..." and then choose one of my affinity apps. It´s not only kind of the Beta Apps, it also happens in current versions.
  4. Yes of course. Should i upload it here ir do you want to provide an uploadlink?
  5. No, i have done the same adjustments and editings with this RAW. How i wrote in the last posting... I belive it was a coincidence that it was the 14th. What i have done.... Some settings in Lightning, clearify, noise reduction. Nothing whats very special..
  6. I don´t know why at the 14th. I counted the editet Images and it was the 14th. Probably it was a coincidence.
  7. Today i editet 13 RAW´s, the fourtenth was opend and it looks like a big bug.... Or how to explain it??.... Maybe a bug of the Hardware Accelaration? It was not podssible to continue working with the App. I had to close it, reopen and then i could work again. Look the video please. I had similar problems with the beta in the past. Grapic Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, newest Driver CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G OS: WIN 10 Home 21H1 Systembuild: 19043.1348 2021-11-14-11-27-32.mp4
  8. Now i could catch the behavior on a video. It´s with the last Beta Maybe this helps to find out from where this Behavior comes. It can happen every time if i edit an image. This time i tried to reproduce it and it worked. And yes, i use the newest Nvidia Geforce Studio Driver 😉 2021-07-11-19-55-50.mp4
  9. I tested it with and without Open CL because i also thougt that it depends on it, but on my system it doesn´t matter. Maybe it works now with the new driver. I have a look to it.
  10. Today, half an hour ago, Experience displayed that a new Driver is avaiable. It´s 471.11 from the 23.06.2021. I installed it and now i must look what happens. I´m sorry, but at the time, when i posted the bug 462.59 from 11.05.2021 was the newest Driver. I´m curious too about Experience.....
  11. @Chris B Yes of course. File is uploaded. Driver is Nvidia Studio Driver, Version 462.59 from 11.05.2021. If i search for a newer Version, Geforce Experience displays that i use the newest Version. Maybe it is because of the last Windows Update. I use Win 10 Home, Versin 21H1 System Build 19043.1055. I never had this before and there are no specific steps needed. So i can´t explain how to reproduce it. It happens quite suddenly and unexpectedly. I'll keep watching this behavior and if I find a possybility to reproduce it I'll be happy to post it here.
  12. @Chris B I load the NEF up when i'm back at home. My camera is a nikon D5500 with a sigma 18-300 lens. @walt.farrell You are right. In the evening when i'm back at home i post the version number.
  13. Sometimes when i work in Develop Persona, it happens that that the image "splits" to tiles like in the Screenshot and then it is impossible to edit the image further. Sometimes it splits to tiles like in the Screenshot, sometimes it changes to diagonal, colored stripes. It doesn´t matter if i switch open CL on or off. And it´s not every time, only sometimes. Most times it happens when i edit more images one by one. It is annoying when something like this happens during editing because the only option is to close the app and restart it. Closing and reopening the image results in the image immediately opening in strips or tiles (as in the screenshot). Ok, the Beta is not suitable for production use, but it´s the only way to test it and to find bugs 😉 This Behavior is only in the beta Version. With the current Version it never had this. I provide the NEF file if it is needed. My Graphic Card is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 with 6 GB. As Driver is use the Studio Driver and this is up to date.
  14. I compared the new Beta with the current version My feeling is that the old version starts up a bit faster than the the new beta and it seems that the old version is in some areas faster. I don´t know if this is ok or not. Maybe it's because of the two different benchmarks, because they work differently... I use the NVIDIA studio driver.
  15. Thanks for fixing. With the last Beta it works as expected 👍
  16. That´s really good news and i believe that Publisher follows with the next Update. I use a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB and it works very well. Installation of the Software went without problems and both apps are running fast and stable and i i have a feeling that the apps are running from update to update a bit faster. Or am i wrong? 😉 Thumbs up Guys, well done 🙂
  17. @Gnobelix Thanks for the Link. @MEB Yes, no Problem. Would you be so kind to provide me an upload link please? Thank you 😊
  18. In Develop Persona will be a wrong Lens Profile detected. I use a Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro and the Auto detection gives me a Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR. I can choose the right Lensprofile from the dropdown menu manually. There´s a difference visible between the two Lensprofiles, but the auto detection gives me the wrong profile. I don´t know if this is a bug, but it seems so. If needed i can upload a NEF file from this lens.
  19. Thanks for the updates to all three apps. It feels that the apps are starting up faster and the work with it runs more smoothly. Well done, thumbs up 👍
  20. I use the 1060 with 6GB and Studiodriver and i also have no problems with Open CL. Everythings works as expected.
  21. Thanks for the new beta. Download was working fast for me and the installation was working was well without any problems. It feels that both apps are starting up a bit faster. Well done so far 👍
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