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  1. @Jowday I like the Software, no Question, and i like it t work with it but the result of divide is more a nightmare than a dream. Please try it with more than one overlapping Object. In my example there are 6 Circles which are overlapping at different Points and then have a look to top left how many Objects there are after divide. If i count right, there have to be 34 Objects, not more. That is what i mean. If there are more overlapping Objects, this operation goes crazy. I and much other Users often posted Videos and images for example and nothing happens.
  2. @Equalizer I mean the time from clicking the Button "Develop" in Develop Persona till open/transfer the RAW after editing in Photo Persona. In earlier Versions without hardware accerleration this time was on my system ~17-18 seconds and now it needs only ~2-3 seconds. This is, in my opinion, a very big improvement. My CPU is an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G and my Graphic Card is a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB with Studio Driver.
  3. Tested the new Beta with enabled hardware accerleration and RAW Development works so fast as never before. From ~17-18 seconds to ~2-3 seconds.... Wohooooo. My PC can fly 😂 Well done guys 👍
  4. Hi all, I know, it is nervy for you but what happens in the case of Boolean Operations Divide? Since years this issue is standing and nothing happens in this case. Please understand me right, i like the software, i like it very much to work with it and i like the new additions with hardware accelaration and the other improvments but in my opinion it is a NoGo for such a software that it needs for so long to improve or to fix this function which every graphic worker needs to create own shapes. And it can not be a solution to say "use an other software for this". I have read this in other threads. An ohter thread in Mac Beta Forum, to see here: is standig since 1. October without an answer. Is this issue be ignored in the meantime or is there a fix in the near future?
  5. It works very well on my System with a GeForce GTX 1060 with Studio driver and Hardware Acceleration on. The development time of develop persona was shortened again and i belive the starts up faster. Well done guys.
  6. This works well. So it´s not a Softwarebug, it was a user error of mine Thank you @walt.farrell
  7. Ok, this would explain why it works right with your System. I use a Windows PC and i have no Mac to compare it. When i begin to draw and then press the shift key, it´s like i draw freehand and i get a weavy line. I believe that it is a Bug in the Windows Version. Let´s wait what Affinity says.
  8. This happens not only with a Document which is opened and where i already have drawn something. This happens also with a new clean Document where i want to draw a straight line at first. This doesn´t work for me. The Result is the same as a Freehand line. From other Graphic Programs i know that you press at first the key, then begin to draw and you get a straight line.
  9. When i draw a normal Line with the Brush Tool, everything is ok. But when i want to draw a straight line with the Brush Tool and holding the shift key, an other Line will be added immediately before the drawing begins. I press the Shift Key first and then i begin to draw. 2020-09-20-08-02-38.mp4 T The next Video shows it better.... 2020-09-20-08-13-28.mp4 It doesn´t matter if i enable or disable Open CL, the result ist the same. Same Behavior in the current Version
  10. WOW.... I made a Test with Raw Development and Open CL enabled and disabled. With disabled Open CL it needs ~17 Seconds, with enabled Open CL only ~8 Seconds Same Raw File, same editing in Develop Persona. I´m very pleasantly surprised. My Graphic Card is a NVIDIA Geforce 1060 6GB with Studio Driver. Very good Job and thank you very much. Thumbs Up👍
  11. Ah ok. Thanks for the explanation. I check it out in the evening.
  12. Thanks for the bnew Beta. Installation was working well and the Software runs as expected. But what is meaned with this? Added a new Divide blend mode I checked it out and i thought that this is an improvement of Function "Divide" in Boolean Operations. But the Test gave out the same bad Results than in other Versions.
  13. Thats what i have done and now it works as expected. Thank you 😊
  14. @Sean P Thanks. Now it works and the Issue is solved 😊
  15. I use an old Tablet, Wacom ET-0405-U with an actualy Driver. When i draw with the Pen it goes crazy. It doesn´t matter which adjustments i do in Windows Ink. Look the video below please. I explains by its self. Sometimes it works right, sometimes Guidelines are added by drawing but most times it goes crazy. Please also have a look to Layerpanel when i draw with the Pen. Maybe it is my mistake and i do something wrong... i don´t know. Or is it possible that the Graphic Tablet is to old and not supported by Affinity? Version is 2020-08-06-16-52-20.mp4
  16. Thank you very much for sharing 👍
  17. @Patrick Connor I have read it in the list of fixes. I checked it out and the issue is solved. Thank you very much.
  18. Yesterday i upadatet my three Apps. Installation went well and alls Apps are working as expected, very well. Thank you Affinity for the Updates 👍
  19. I can not confirm this, neither the behaviour in video 1 nor the behaviour in video 2. I also use the same Windows Version than you and i have no Problems. Is this behavior only with the Affinity Apps or with other Apps too? For me it seems like a Windows Problem. I had this Behavior a few years ago with win7 but i can´t remember what i have done to fix it. Maybe this helps you... https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/cursor-disappeared-in-windows-10/342eb3df-c60f-44c1-b038-f14bf5c15e19
  20. I click the downloaded file with the right mouse button --> open with and then i choose Photo Beta. The App starts up and a few seconds later it closes by itself without any error message. The current version shows a window with the message that it is an unsupported filetyp. System is Win 10 Home, Version 2004, Build 19041.329
  21. @walt.farrell Please have a look to the Date when i posted this Bug 😉 At this time was the actualy Beta, to see here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/111241-affinity-photo-windows-customer-beta-183628/ But in the current Beta there´s the same Behavior.
  22. Pity, so many improvements with SVG in the new Beta, but this issue is still not fixed yet. But i know, you do your best and it´s a big difference to work in the compay or in the homeoffice. Thumbs up guys. 😊 Thank you for your work and for still releasing new betas despite the difficult situation.
  23. I´ve downloaded the Betas now and the Installation went with both Apps (AP & AD) without any Problems. My System: Win 10 Home, Version 1909, Systembuild 18363.752
  24. If i edit an Image in Develop Persona and undo the Steps with STRG+Z and want to repeat the Steps with Edit --> Redo, Redo is always one Step behind the History. Look the Video below please. Take a look what happens in History bottom right when i klick the Redo Function and look at the sliders which one slides by klicking. With the current Version it´s the same. 2020-03-30-18-35-38.mp4
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