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  1. @Lee D as i wrote in my first posting, i tried it with an other document with 800mm x 800mm and with this everything is working right. A view minutes ago i tried it with a document of 2500mm x 1000mm and then the same failure, how with the document of 3500mm x 1000mm, occurs. All three documents are with the same file settings and color profile. Only the dimensions are different, all other is the same. It doesn´t matter if open CL is on or off. The export preview fails, but the export works without failures. The failure also occurs with the follwing formats: GIF: Stays at 0% and after a while the software freezes. I only can shut it down with the task manager. PSD, EXR, HDR, TGA: Same failure how PDF JPEG XL: Works up to 99% and then the software freezes and i only can shut it down by using the task manager. Some infornation to my system configuration: OS: WIN 11 Pro, newest Updates Proccesor: AMD Ryzen 7 5700X Graphic: Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Hardwareacceleration: on Of course i can provide a copy of the file. I assume, you need a copy of the publisher file. Please provide me an upload link.
  2. Yes of course, there you are right. The main thing is, that the export is without failures. In germany we would say.... it´s a Beauty failure 😄 If it is a bug, it´s not so important that it must be fixed with the next update.
  3. Hm... i can export the file in this size as pdf, that´s no problem and the result of the export is really good. It´s only the preview, which makes "problems". Maybe it´s a bug.. i don´t know. I noticed it and i thougt, i post it here.
  4. I have a file with the dimensions 3500mm x 1000mm. If i want to export it as a pdf file, in the area, where the preview should be, is an error message displayed: Falied to generate preview With a smaller file, 800mm x 800mm (same file settings and the same export settings) i get a preview displayed. If the file is needed, please provide me an upload link because these are files for a customer and i have no permissions to make them public.
  5. I tried it again with the MSIX Installers and i wonder... now it works as it should. I changed nothing in the System settings, but now it works... magic 😄
  6. I also vote for animated gif functionality. Would be great if this will be added. 👍
  7. Ah ok. That i had not known. With the .exe files it works now as i want, but i still wonder because i installed an app from mircosoft store, in this case Blender 3D, and this app was installed in drive D, as the system settings have it and this is also a MSIX installer. I can also move this app to each other drive without any problem. Anyway, it works now as i want, and I prefer .exe files, because they give me control.
  8. Thanks for this hint @walt.farrell This is new or not? If i downloaded the Betas the first time, they were only as MSIX available or am i wrong? Big thanks.
  9. Hello Gabe, thanks for your answer. I can understand that Affinity probably can't do anything about it. But it is strange that the current versions were installed immediately on drive D (my system settings) and the betas were installed on drive C, bypassing the system settings. I have my system set so, that new apps are automatically installed on drive D. Moving them doesn't work either because I get an error message. Ok... it's not nice, but I can (must) live with it and maybe it will work someday.
  10. @walt.farrell I think so too. Something is going wrong, but what? One of these varioius posts is from me, see this post from last year. By the way... the error message now is the same: A small time after the first post, i found a solution to configure windows, to install new apps in drive "D" and with version 2.0 there were no problems, but with the beta versions.... it seems that they "bypass" the Windows settings and if i try to move them manually, i get an error message. Let´s wait what serif has to say to this behavior.
  11. The configuration of my system is, that new apps will be installed on drive "D", but the installation of the beta apps is happend on drive "C" ans it´s not possible to move them to drive "D". If i want to move them, i get an error message. The installation of the current apps went right on drive "D". Other apps from the microsoft store will be, as expected, installed on drive "D". My OS is Win11 Pro 22H2, Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22638.1000.0 Maybe this information would be helpful.
  12. In my case it is, that the icons of the beta versions are only displayed white on desktop. The current versions are displaying their icons as they should be. I moved the installation directory from drive C to drive D, but i believe, that is not the fault because the current versions are displayed right. If i choose the icons from "All apps", in the sidebar they are right displayed. Also if i drag them into the Taskbar, they are right displayed. Only by dragging onto the desktop, they get white. If i open this folder "Shell:AppsFolder" they are also white in it, but only the icons from the beta versions. Maybe someone has a hint what´s going wrong on my system. For me it seems, that there is something going wrong with the pathes. I don´t know if it is a fault of windows or a fault by affnity. My OS is Win11 Pro, version 22H2.
  13. Thanks for this awesome updates. Very well done 👍
  14. It´s solved for me. I have now set windows so that new content is automatically installed on drive D. Not really nice, but i can live with it. The main thing is, that the software is not longer on drive C.
  15. Installation went very well without any Problems and the activation was also easy without any Issues. But i found a translation bug by using the shape builder tool. There is a part, which is not translated in german. See screenshot please.
  16. Issue is solved in Beta version. Now it works as expected. Thank you guys 👍
  17. Hi all, It is not possible, to move the Affinity Apps from drive C to drive D. At the End of moving, i get an errormessage like in the image below and the app is not moved. This happens with all Affinity 2 (Current and Beta) apps. For checking out, i loaded and installed blender from the micosoft store and with this, it was no problem to move it to drive D. I want, that drive C is reserved only for the OS, all ohter Software i would like to have on drive D. So i belive, that there is a problem with the affinity software. Maybe someone can look for this? Thank you. My OS is Win11 Pro, UAC is not running. BTW.... The Affinity Apps i downloaded from the Affinity Store, not from the MS Store.
  18. I´m very surprised and very happy. Dividing, like in my second posting in this thread displayed, works now in V2 as expected. Thank you guys. Thumbs up. And this, combined with the new shape bulider tool, works fantasic.
  19. Now i´m working some days (i´m currently on holiday) with Affinity Photo 2. My main work is, to edit my Photos from my Nikon D5500 in Develop Persona. First of all, here some Informations to my System. AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 16GB of RAM NVIDIA 1050TI 4 GB OS: Win 11 Pro The app starts up very fast and the development from develop persona to pixel persona needs only a few seconds. Thumbs up. I have feeling, that the noise reduction works much better and preserves the details much better than in version 1. Also "improve details" works in my opinion much better now and without any moire effects. A very good feature is, that i can now rework my raw files because i have some options to save the develoment data in the file and this without a sidecar file. That´s it for now. I will report further.
  20. Ok, this works and it´s a workaround until the issue is fixed. Thanks, this helps me with the editing my photos. I think that the developers in the meanwhile know the issue. I also checked out if it is possible to undo the step over the protocol which is displayed right side down, but the result is the same. It´s also imposssible.
  21. I was not sure if it is or if it is not a bug and so i checked it in version 1 and there it is working.
  22. I believe i found a bug in develop persona. When i crop an image and press enter to confirm, it is not possible to undo this. It´s possible to choose "undo" from the top menu, but nothing happens. develop persona.mp4
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