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  1. Thanks for the Info @Sean P I hope it will be fixed soon because this is a very useful and helpful Tool to create own shapes and to work with it is much easier than the same Tool from "the other" Software. Thumbs up 😊😊
  2. Installation went without any Problems and the App works fast and stable. Thank you 😊
  3. I know, this is a long standing Issue and in this case and i loaded much files up for the developement and i´m very interested when this Issue will be fixed. Since September 2018 i´m using Software from Affinity and i´m very happy with it and i like it to work with it, but in case of Boolean Operations, explicitly divide, are, so far as i know, no improvements done and the Results are still really not good.
  4. Yes, that is ok. You must have a purchased Version installed to install the Beta. Without a purchased Version the Beta don´t work.
  5. Thank you very much Affinity. The new "New Document" Dialog is great. It is much better than the old one. Thumbs up Guys 😊
  6. @MarcosAndrade Have a Look to this Tutorial: Maybe this is what you are looking for.
  7. Sorry for my late Response. What is meaned with this? The Bug still exists in the latest Beta.
  8. @Patrick Connor Thanks for the hint and i will test it tomorrow
  9. Thanks for your Answer @Jon P Here the Files you need as a zip file. It includes two Screenshots from the export settings and one from the pdf File which creates Publisher. There you can see the other Issue, that what Publisher does with the waved Line on the Top of the Roof. The pdf File from In Design shows how it should look. I believe, Publisher has not such a Tool to draw such Lines and replaces the Line with a similar Brush. The other Things with overflowing Text need small Corrections from me. That´s no Problem. And yes, maybe you are right with your Opinion that the export settings are not the same and the Result is a much bigger Filesize. Thanks for looking and your Help ak.zip
  10. Thank you Chris. I didn't know this was a known Issue.
  11. An other Thing in this case is that on my System the Rotation changes the Color so that the complete Image will be darken. 2020-01-16-16-35-55.mp4
  12. I have an idml File with the Dimensoins 2000 x 2000mm. For testing i opened it in the new Beta and exported it as PDF File with the Settings: PDF/X-3:2003 and Text as Curves, Raster DPI: 300 (Settings which Flyeralarm like) My System is WIN 10 Home, newest Build, Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, 16 GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce 1060 6GB Graphics with Studio Driver (up do Date) and this is selected in Preferences by default. For Calculating the Estimated File Size the Beta needs ~3 Minutes and the same time it needs for the Export as PDF. That´s, im my Opinion, very slow. Then my PDF File has a size of ~ 14 MB I don´t want to compare Publisher with InDesign, but the same PDF from InDesign has 1,5 MB with the same Settings. If you need the files (IDML, PDF), please give me a Link where i can upload them. And there is something going wrong with drawn waved Lines from InDesign and the Color changes, but for this i open later a separte Issue.
  13. Thanks for the new Beta. Installation was working well without any Problems and now i start Testing
  14. I followed your Steps to reproduce this Behavior, but i can´t reproduce it. On my System (Win 10 Home Version 1909, Build 18363.535) it works how expected. Is it possible for you to post a screenvideo what shows this Behavior?
  15. Merry Christmas and a happy new Year to all of you. Thank you for your Work which you have done in 2019. Have a nice Time with your Familys and a good Start into 2020.
  16. Thanks a lot for the Explanations @Sean P If i select in the Context Toolbar Minimum or Maximum Content, it becomes visible. And with the Blur Effect you are also right. Good to know for my further work That´s what i noticed and i thought it´s a Bug that the Object will get placed as a single 'Embedded Document' object. But it is ok when this is the right Behavior. Also good to know. Thank you very much. Very helpful Explanation.
  17. I believe there is something more going wrong with this File. It´s a svg File which includes a group and i think, that the Fault occurs in case of the group. With a single element in the svg, it doesn´t occur. The candle and the other svg Files including only a single Element and there are no Problems. See the Screenvideo below please. For Example i want to place this svg (the Star) in an other File, there will be nothing but an empty rectangle displayed and the created Layer is empty. If i open the svg File in Designer, it will be displayed with a much to high Value of Gaussian Blur, but when i copy it with STRG+C and insert it with STRG+V it is displayed correct. It´s crazy. I tested again and i can edit the empty Layer by clicking "edit Document". Then the file opens in a new Tab and it is displayed, but when i go back after editing, nothing is displayed and the Layer stays empty. 2019-12-14-14-15-32.mp4 In the current Version it works. I can place the File and the Layerpanel displays what it should, i can edit the File and after editing, the changes are applied and displayed. A small Bug in the current Version is, that the placed File is not displayed as a group in the Layerpanel, it is displayed as a single file. The group only becomes visible when I edit it. Should I open a new issue in the corresponding forum for this Bug?
  18. Maybe yes, i don´t know. Let us wait and see what staff writes to this issue
  19. Hm.. but now i opened the file in Inkscape and it is correct displayed without correcting the gaussian blur. Maybe Designer has a little Problem with the interpretation of such values.
  20. You are right @Gnobelix I only opend the file and saw what was displayed, but i looked not to the Layers panel. It´s not a bug. Thank you for your Hint.
  21. Hi @all, I found a Bug with a SVG File. I f i open the attached File in Designer Beta (also in the current Version), it will be displayed unsharp. See the Screenshots below please. Maybe it could be the same Bug like in an Issue which i posted a few Month ago. I don´t know..... The bug is in the newest Beta and in the current Version. This is what it should look like: And this is what Designer displays: The same Result i get when i export the File, f.e. as jpg or pdf. Here the svg file: christmas-156508.svg
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