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  1. HI @MattSan, welcome to the Affinity forum. It is not possible to switch a licence after purchase, but if you contact affinityreturns@serif.com our team can arrange a refund for you so that you can then go ahead and purchase the correct version.
  2. Hi @M Sergeant, welcome to the Affinity forum. We have not yet announced an end date for this discount, but when we do, we'll let everyone know through social media and through our newsletter. https://affinity.serif.com/newsletter/
  3. Hi @Rondem, We'll pass this along to the correct team for them to take a look at, thanks
  4. HI @ymohd, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Please contact affinityorders@serif.com so that our team can look into this further for you.
  5. HI @DIrk Dom, Als je iets hebt gekocht in de Microsoft Store: updates worden automatisch uitgevoerd door het besturingssysteem (de volgende keer dat je de applicatie start). Gebeurt dit niet voor jou, open dan de Windows Store-app en klik op de drie puntjes in de rechterbovenhoek van de app en ga vervolgens naar Downloads en Updates. Selecteer Updates ophalen. Dit zou hopelijk de update moeten laten zien. We hebben een paar meldingen ontvangen van klanten uit de Microsoft Store die de app niet konden registreren en we onderzoeken dit momenteel - mijn oprechte excuses voor het ongemak. Zoals te zien is in deze thread op onze forums - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/133421-microsoft-store-sign-in-to-account-broken/&tab=comments# comment-736995 - het lijkt erop dat het installeren van een van de apps uit de Affinity Store momenteel het inlogprobleem via de Microsoft Store oplost. Kunt u de onderstaande link bezoeken en een kopie van de nieuwste bètaversie downloaden. Dit kan naast uw apps worden geïnstalleerd vanuit de Microsoft Store - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/133599-affinity-photo-windows-customer-beta-191943/ Na installatie start u de bèta en probeert u zich aan te melden bij uw account - hopelijk werkt dit zonder problemen. Nadat u zich heeft aangemeld, sluit u de bèta en opent u een van de Microsoft Store-versies.
  6. Hi @Suirdzign, welcome to the Affinity forum. Our workbooks are not version dependant. We enlisted the help of professional Affinity users who take the reader through projects they have created. The projects can be followed irrespective of which version of our apps you may be using.
  7. This is indeed the issue, we are actively investigating this, please wait for the first patch where we hope to have this problem addressed for the customers affected. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  8. Hi @Adam Wickliffe, welcome to the Affinity forum We do not currently have any facility to remove "orders" from the Affinity Store, sorry.
  9. HI @GaryRS, Please see this link below for help installing the latest update. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/learn/how-do-i-install-affinity-updates/
  10. We may made need to check a few things to ensure we are complying with GDPR, so could you please contact affinity@serif.com and we can look in to this for you in a bit more detail.
  11. Hi @AndrewJSchoen, This is a bit of a puzzling one as I am unsure why you would be able to sign in directly through the site, but not the app. As such we will have to try a few things, ask a few questions and hopefully we can figure out a solution. When you sign in via the site, is your browser auto-filling your login details? If so, could you try typing in the login details manually as you have been doing when you try to sign in through the app, and let me know if you are able to sign in successfully?
  12. Hi @Ilias, welcome to the Agfinity forum. Yes, you are permitted to create works that are transmitted publicly, uploaded, distributed or rented for any commercial purpose.
  13. A purchased licence key would continue to work as it does not have any one time use restrictions.
  14. Hi @andreas thaler, Willkommen im Affinitätsforum. Sie können für jede Bestellung auf Ihrem Konto einen Mehrwertsteuerbeleg erstellen. https://affinity.store/account/orders/ Klicken Sie auf Ihrer Konto-Homepage auf "Bestellverlauf" und suchen Sie die Bestellung, für die Sie einen Mehrwertsteuerbeleg erstellen möchten. Klicken Sie auf "Umsatzsteuerbeleg anzeigen" und geben Sie Ihre Daten ein. Klicken Sie auf "Umsatzsteuerbeleg erstellen". Ein PDF-Umsatzsteuerbeleg wird erstellt.
  15. This will 100% happen, and we will also let people know on our social media channels when it is about to end too
  16. Just to add a bit of further clarity on the discount in relation to the trial. The trial can be started at any time once the trial key has been received, so potentially the trial could be started in a few years time, and we would not honour the discount at the end if that was to occur. What we did last year after the discount had expired was to send an email to everyone who signed up for the trial (and ticked the "Allow Serif to send me emails" box) as they neared the end of the trial period, with a unique link to still get the offer. It has not yet been confirmed that this will happen on this occasion.
  17. Hi @PaulVudu, welcome to the Affinity forum. Only purchases that are made directly through the website will have the option for creating an invoice. If your book purchase was made via email with Customer Service, please contact affinity@serif.com and an invoice can be created for you.
  18. Hi @Gerd Luczak, Bitte kontaktieren Sie affinity@serif.com mit Ihrer Bestellnummer und wir werden dies für Sie weiter prüfen.
  19. Hi @Option Whisperer, The below is shown at the bottom of our checkout screen. However, I will pass your feedback along to the web dev team.
  20. Hi @Luko312, witamy na forum Affinity. Platforma, której używamy do zamówień online, jest przeznaczona głównie dla użytkowników prywatnych, co widać podczas procesu zakupu, ponieważ nie ma możliwości dodawania numerów VAT UE, co oznacza, że jest to uwzględnione w koszyku. Chociaż nie jest to jasno określone na stronie internetowej, każda firma, która jest zarejestrowana jako płatnik podatku VAT, powinna skontaktować się z obszarem biznesowym witryny przed sfinalizowaniem zamówienia. Prosimy o kontakt pod adresem affinity@serif.com, a nasz zespół udzieli dalszych informacji na ten temat.
  21. Hi @jesus antonio vega colin, We are sorry to hear this Please contact affinity@serif.com and let them know what you were trying to purchase and which method of payment you were hoping to use, and the team will be able to assist you with placing an order.
  22. Hi @Iury Erick, This is very unusual... Is the same thing happening in all web browsers?
  23. Hi @Remon, We have been unable to replicate the issue you have reported. As legally required in Europe, our payment portal uses 3D Secure for all transactions, this is not the case in all other area of the world so it may be that your card cannot purchase through portals that use 3D Secure, or your bank is not yet setup to accept payments that use 3D Secure. As this is not something we have any control over, you will need to discuss this with your bank. If you have purchased using a 3D Secure payment portal in the past and you know that it is not the above that is affecting the order, please ensure that your web browser and anti-virus software is up to date, also check that there aren't any browser plugins that may be preventing the security window appearing or try a different browser entirely. Finally check that your firewall is not blocking any part of the payment process. If that still does not work, please contact affinity@serif.com and one of our team can help you place the order.
  24. Hi @gordoshootsraw, welcome to the Affinity forum and Merry Christmas to you too form everyone here at Serif. We do have plans for a DAM but we do not have anymore information to share at this current time.
  25. Hi @ashelia, Unfortunately I am unsure why this may be. The best advice I can offer is to contact affinityorders@serif.com who will be able to shine more light on this for you.
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