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  1. My files are .jpg, tiff, png files etc.. If for instance I right click on a .jpg icon and select Open With I get the list of some two dozen apps that will open it. Affinity Photo isn't on that list, the Nix Collection for example is there. I would with need to go to Other, with brings up Applications, or Open it directly from Affinity Photo. It's a time saver to either single click and see the image or right click to open it in Affinity Photo. If the file is an .afdesign, .afphoto or .afpub then it opens in the program as expected. It may have something to do with Big Sur or really anything that's configured. It was working before the update. It's not Affinity Photo, I just thought another may have had this problem or knew of a solution. On the grand scheme of things it's the least important issue right now. Thank you, Curt
  2. Purchasing the Affinity Suit for a Windows based system isn't a problem for me. Serif software is so good that I would purchase it at a higher price in a minute. Thanks
  3. I use two fingers on a the touch pad for a right click and have been able to open jpegs, tiffs, and the program files for photo, design, and publisher. If a file opens in Affinity it would open with Open with also. Files that work with double click preview still work with Preview, but now the right click method shows a number of other Apps that can open the files, but as I found out Affinity Apps don't show up among the list.
  4. I upgraded my Macbook Pro Retina mid 2014 to Big Sur and now when I right click the "Open with" menu it doesn't show Affinity Photo, Affinity Design, or Affinity Publisher. I had a flawless machine before the upgrade and now I am more than seriously considering a PC laptop or desk/tower computer. I would appreciate any suggestions, comments, or advice on purchasing Windows based computers, laptops or desktops. Starting over is always a painful situation but necessary at times. My Macbook Pro Retina hardware is still at at a level were I can run anytime I need. My Macbook Pro Retina is having the current black screen rebooting problem, something Apple didn't point out when Apple said my machine was 100% ready for the upgrade. Thanks, Curt
  5. It looks like I'll do it the old fashioned way, use what publishing skill and knowledge I already have and apply it to Designer. If I can use Scribus and InDesign I can use any publishing software. I support and find Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer excellent and the connectivity with Designer is a master stroke. They are my primary programs.
  6. I have bought software from Serif directly, the login screen knows my email address but doesn't accept my password. When I use the reset password option it says that an email will be sent and to follow the instructions. No email was sent, I tried several times. I checked by sending an email from my iPhone to my Macbook Pro and it worked as usual, I'm getting all my mail as usual too. I also tried the new user option but that didn't work either. I am assuming there is a glitch on that site. the Serif Site. I am able to sign into the Forums site here with no problem at all. I was going to buy the iPad version but I can't log on to the site. I guess I'll wait and see if it comes back, I realize everyone at Serif is working at home now. I hope for the best in this difficult time.
  7. Hello, On the startup welcome window for my Affinity for Mac there is a page for Free Channels Macros from James Ritson. When I selected this page and entered the logon for Affinity my password isn't working. It does work here on the Affinity Forum. The Affinity Store doesn't work and asks for a Password reset. I tried that and the reset email is not being sent. Any ideas? Thank you, Curt
  8. Hello, this is a thank you to those who create Affinity videos. As I was watching James Ritson's videos I realized that watching them was more than just instruction, it was a time I could concentration on something that is not the world at large. He, Dave, and others have made life a lot better. I live in Washington State, US, one of our first epicenters for the Coronavirus where the first patient was hospitalized a few miles from out home. That seems like a long time ago now. To all the people at Serif and their Customers I can say as a retired medical worker, radiology and radiation therapy, and combat veteran who has three university degrees, this is most extreme event in my life. Follow the guidelines of the countries you live in and know that the world is with you at this time.
  9. I found I wasn't in fully opened but pressing enter saved the file. If not fully opened I can't see the Cancel / Save options. When I'm fully opened all the pages load. I open the app with the background and system header showing in order to see the battery remainder icon and others like time and date.
  10. I have the new upgrade, Saving is as it was but the Export menu does not have a Save window. In other words there is no window with the Cancel / Save buttons. I found that I can press enter and it saves, but if I want to cancel I have no option. I am in full screen mode.
  11. Re Plugin / Filters; after I purchased and installed the program I too was confused about the inability to load plugins of the Photoshop and Lightroom variety. Now that I know it's a work in progress I will be looking forward to further developments. It's a smooth running program and enjoyable to use. Affinity Designer is also terrific! InDesign is a program I've used for a long time, if anyone comes up with an alternative that would be a major achievement. Because I bought a Macbook Pro Retina recently I'm using Scribus. I have Photoshop on my PC Windows and have stopped using it. Thanks
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