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  1. It would be nice if AP had reference photo option, in addition to MACs Separated mode. I do realize there is a New Feature forum, been there, done that.
  2. Agree 100% with this statement...doesn’t mean that background music is necessary when dialog and presentation is good. Many Affinity tutorials favored by many have zero background music. I can only imagine the disruption in classrooms when teachers decide their students require background music.
  3. Please excuse me if you think I’m being rude but this forum is for assisting forum members, not degrading their communication skills. I understood he was asking if book was published for iPad. Be safe.
  4. I guess it’s just my way of showing disapproval of background music. I hope they get the hint that many object to background music.
  5. IMHO, the music is so distracting and complicates understanding your direction, I just ended the tutorial, sorry if this sound rude,
  6. MAS did not show available update for 1.8.4, although I have Auto Update set. I clicked my name on bottom left, went tp purchases, Affinity Photo and clicked open. As soon as I clicked open, if ask if I wanted to update. The same occurred 1.8.3. This assumes on is logged in to Apple Account.
  7. If you are first or last to upgrade (except as noted deadlines) you get the same product until a new update. To date, I haven’t seen a release of known problems, like
  8. I did that but found when the next released was out, new problems were identified. If I wait for errorless release, I would never update to avoid problems.
  9. Will not saved any of my changes back to Apple Photos. 12 months any counting to correct this problem. As Apple iCloud and Photos serve as my DAM, this is a problem. This was well known before pandemic so Affinity, “WHAT “ is the problem? What has been done to attempt to fix the problem?
  10. Disappointed, not surprised, cannot Edit In Apple Photo and Save 1.8.4. Five Stars for longevity award.
  11. This is totally unacceptable then for Affinity to release a version that will work on the same macOS from the store and not from MAS. They are totally aware of Apple security and sandboxing. Peace
  12. I thought my point was Affinity macOS versions are the same. macOS and Affinity have problems regardless of purchase from MAS or Affinity. @elec164 that was the thread, thanks for posting,
  13. I think the question remains if Serif AP macOS and Apple’s AP MAS macOS are identical in build. I recall a thread, as I recall, which stated the only difference between the two was Apple’s 30% cost to Serif. I cannot locate the tread to support. It would be distributing, for me, if Serif released different builds or quality of AP application based on Affinity store purchase vs. MAS. This is not something I want to get in a disagreement with any individual. i would appreciate any Serif moderators response clarification on subject. A simple yes or no. Peace.
  14. I understand. Both OS have Affinity Photo builds, as I understand, for each OS. I also believe the Apple MAS and Affinity Serif Affinity Photo are the same application, so I don’t believe there is a difference in which store you download. I could be 100% wrong. Catalina update caused Apple Photos for me and many problems, which remain today. I hope someone will notice this thread to provide more insight. Peace.
  15. I think it was Catalina upgrade, not a difference in AP versions of macOS and Windows, although Windows Ink and MAC do have differences. You can verify with source.
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