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  1. Safari failed to open your link, invalid. Story to report that I did not save Corel’s link. I was on Live Chat and they provided a link to download trail version on 2019. I downloaded from chat link, installed. The install asks if you have Product Key, I clicked yes, inserted key provided from Humble.com. It installed. If you have key, just visit Corel’s support and chat. Hope this helps.
  2. I used Affinity Photo and Corel Painter, or intended to do so as a team. You are correct, it does not officially fall under Serif programs, my bad. Corel has a new DMG that worked with Catalina for me, except iPad Pro, Catalina Sidecar. Program works on iMac, zero problems. As Alfred dutifully pointed out, not Affinity Photo problem or concern for Serif. I was just requesting infro from forum members. If one owns Product Key, you can download the new trail and just apply the Product Key during install.
  3. Cecil


    Not to worry, which two fingers, lol.
  4. I guess “improvement” is part of the growing process. As long as the end result is worth the pain, all will be forgiven. I relied on this, with my children and now grandchildren, truly a blessing now.
  5. Has anyone, using Corel Painter 2019, had success using Painter and macOS Catalina and Sidecar. No Pencil support and just a total failure when I mirror iMac and iPad Pro. I understand Corel favors Wacom Tablets and less support for other tablets. Disappointing that companies have not implemented Catalina.
  6. Corel Painter is PRIME example, $229/$179 upgrade from 2019 to 2020, dollar value of Serif products.
  7. Corel, not Humble, provided be a new download DMG to load the Painter 2019 Free Trial. I was able to use the Product Key provided by Humble to load and register. I was not interested in the other products. Link that works for macOS 10.15: https://www.corel.com/akdlm/6763/downloads/free/trials/Painter/2019/CorelPainter2019.dmg
  8. Walt, I checked before posting. If they did, it’s hidden from view, support or instructions.
  9. I would had appreciated “fool” why did you purchase reply, thank you for your donation. I had a gut feeling this was wrong, my gut hurts, in so many ways.
  10. MEB, consider redo: provide users in AP Preferences or if not preselected in Preferences, a pop up menu allowing users to designate folder for Save/Save apphoto format. Users would know or could change designated folder and of choice by specific project. Thank you, as always, for your guidance.
  11. It’s it time for Affinity Photo to allow macOS users an option to Save/Save as to a designated folder of choice? Export you can select numerous formats, why can we not have this same workflow to Save/Save As to maintain afphotos format? It is clear macOS users are not able to save to Apple Photos, even using workaround, Edit in Affinity Photos. A simple post, from Serif, stating that macOS users (suspect Catalina) should be advised that is a problem and fix will be released in version1.7.? or until advise, not to use Apple Photos if one requires Saving in Apple Photos. Information is paramount in keeping customers informed and preventing repeated threads outlining same problem(s). I would prefer a choice, similar to Export function, offering a pre designated Save/Save as folder and/or option to select users folder of choice selection to Save/Save, even/after problem is fixed. Designated a Save folder in: pop up window or preferences, Folder of choice or Apple Photos. .
  12. Next to Straighten, Overlay Dan C screen shot, see Thirds Grid? Click there to change settings.
  13. BTW, I did get the same error notice you mention in your post. I just closed Photo, re-did the Apple Photos, doubled clicked on photo, Edit, Extension (...), Affinity Photo, picture opened in Affinity Photo, I made a few test adjustments, File, Save, File Affinity Photo, Close and it ask me if I wanted to Save, I clicked Ok. Location mentioned in above post. i don’t truly know if Apple or Serif is at fault but this is a top issue, so many different threads.
  14. I also had a Wacom 3 and older version of Painter. They will not update driver to tablet to work on macOS, even Mojave did not work. I verified this with their support staff. Wacom and Corel both on my S list, that is the only reason I tried the Humble web link.

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