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  1. Although Auto Updates were turned on, I had to go to MAS, scroll drown to my account, purchase and only then did AP show as Update. However, it did update after the go around. Turned off Auto Updates to prevent Big Slur from downloading and installing.
  2. I don’t see a negative to your suggestion👍
  3. I can achieve the second straight line, connecting to the first, however I fail to draw the first straight line. I must be doing something wrong, to old to figure it out.
  4. Agree with sky replacement and complete rebuild of selection functionality AP software. Seldom does it select, without the need of Mask to correct.
  5. No problem playing his video; however, I don’t have an fix for him.
  6. Please do not take my review as judgmental or negative, as I’m definitely not a professional. I find the neck muscle or veins exaggerated to the extreme. Overall a very beautiful painting.
  7. After you tap on your account screen, have you tried holding center of screen, scroll down and release?
  8. Based on @Lee D post I opened Apple Photos, right clicked on the Photo and Edit With, no Edit In. I failed at the time to check if double clicking the Apple Photo, Edit, ..., Edit In function worked. So I tried. I made changes and behold, as if AP was designed to do so, my changes were saved to Apple Photos. It actually worked. I had forgotten, as @Lee D pointed out that Export, Share, Save Image was iPad only function. The problems I experienced last 18 months, I would just Export to HD, bypassing Save to Apple Photos, if on iMac. So I guess it works for some, based on first post in thread.
  9. When did AP delete/removed Edit In from macOS? I never revisited this on macOS, as I always received Failed Error trying to save.
  10. When I connected my iPad Pro,, by USB vs. Bluetooth, I received notification that I had to update my iMac. I think iPadOS 14 Safari changes needed to be updated with my iMac Safari. It took just a few seconds, <30 to update. I normally or never use iPad with iMac, unless I’m using SideCar.
  11. I will just say I never been able to save a photo to Apple Photos, by the Save Command. A workaround is Export, lower left, Share and Save Image. 18 months plus, AP 3.0?
  12. The thread that announced the release of the Beta. Initially, I could not create a new Topic or find one I thought addressed the problem. I saw your conversation about Safari and posted. It just caught me off guard jumping from 1.8.4 to 1.90.
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