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  1. Cecil


    That is a difficult site to figure out to purchase (points) a simple set of brushes.
  2. I continue to watch each new tutorial posted. @Granddaddy thanks for bumping OP.
  3. Cecil

    Feathering a box with fill

    I guess you could select hand and blue shirt, copy & paste on gradient provided above.
  4. I do enjoy reading a good book. There are advantages of eBooks - adjusting font size, bold type, remembers your last page, resource links clickable (how many posted cannot locate source file), out of stock, no shipping information received and if you own tablet/laptop/desktop, peace of cake. The size of workbook, on small work desk, can create it own problem. As @Dan C mentioned above, Serif has no plans currently, mute discussion, unless they reconsider, lol. The problem I encountered was the page color selection and indistinct print on the workbook I received. The layers were especially hard to read. Seldom, if ever, did I need to rely on book images, instructions and screen shots of layers were essential.
  5. I read everything I could find on Apple Support and iPadOS is supposedly configured, allowing you to close app or removing the source connecting SD is all that is required. As it is corrupting your SD I would call. As DM1 stated above you may be able to reverse in PC or MAC. Let us know as I and others own iPads.
  6. I would point out to Apple that you are not addressing a problem with your iPad, the problem is or most likely iPadOS and SD/Files Interface.
  7. I recently watched a Lightroom tutorial demonstrating applying lighting effect to a photograph background, creating a glow behind model. Lightroom has ability to apply/adjust on subject and move to background. The same result can be achieved in AP with layers.
  8. I would seriously consider calling Apple Support. Leave your number and they will call, almost immediately. Ejecting SD is Apple’s problem; however, Serif is aware that Affinity has problems with reading iPadOS/SD.
  9. I must say I purchased their ebook, as I’m a true supporter of their YouTube Channel tutorials. Ezra had to relinquish his teaching to his beautiful wife Ally, due to a public released medical condition. i recommend the eBook and their YouTube Channel.
  10. I suggest you edit you OP and delete your email address, trolls read this forum.
  11. @American on macOS I mouse click first point, hold shift and click on end destination point. On iPad Pro, touch first point, hold one finger on iPad, then touch end point. Both achieve a straight line.
  12. AP WorkBook is just that, a WorkBork telling you to do this and then do that, to achieve a result, not a manual.
  13. Apple Photos is not perfect; however, to my knowledge it has never mess up my photos. I do wish it would allow me to rename. MacOS version allows you to make Smart Albums. Files app works for, except AP files store on iPad location, example ABR files. iCloud does work with AP.
  14. Thank you, I missed the request for setting the default tool in Photo.
  15. Isn’t just an easy user customization as @AlanPickup suggested?

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