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  1. Voted no as devs can optimize their work fixing bugs in current apps. I loaded all my photos in SSD folder, Finder is adequate. I do believe it will happen, as a separate future app. Until then, patience.
  2. I guess it"s me, as I tried several times. No mask this time around, nothing to erase. Thanks, I will give it a rest, return when blood pressure returns to normal.
  3. I would wait until September, if you can. The new Ipad’s Will be released with the all new IpadOS. 12.9 if you can push the funds. Storage should not be a problem, get external HD or you may already have one.
  4. I need assistance or enlightenment in working on the Discovery project. No problem in making the Mid, Foreground, Element and Astronaut layers. Creating the light beam, Pen Tool (selected Element layer) no problem. Renamed the curve layer to Light beam. Select Paint Brush Tool, painted white 69% Opacity. Clip the brush layer to Light beam’s layer, no problem. As stated, to give smoke natural look, change the blend mode to Overlay. This is my first problem, totally removes all visible smoke. I had to return to Normal mode to see any smoke. Second problem, instructions state use Ease Brush tool, using same brush to give natural look; however, this adds a Mask layer, not to be found in instructions. I will attach screen shot of progress and mask layer. As seen, I changed from Overlay to Normal blend mode to see color. Thank you for any info, corrections or user error in following Workbook instructions.
  5. Cecil

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    He made it look simple, yet dramatic result. A Challenge for Affinity Photo tutorial to come?
  6. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208682 Bottom of page, Apple Support for iCloud. Apple has never refused me support via telephone, with or without warranty. Your location may determine if that remains true. If you have license (s) Affinity Programs and backup of your Affinity files, I would delete and reinstall Affinity in macOS Mojave Application folder, not iCloud Drive. Unless you have a large iCloud storage plan, I would not have my Desktop default to iCloud Drive. Personally I do not store files in Desktop. I may occasionally put a file, photo for quick access, but move to a folder or delete when no longer required. First I would discuss sync issues with Apple Support. Ask them to advise you on proper steps to remove your Desktop out of iCloud Drive, unless that is your choice. Best of luck. I do hope your issues are solved.
  7. Cecil

    CHEAP PC build

    May I suggest that HD 7200 rpm is the most likely hardware to fail, cloud backup plan. Especially, a student, if class work is stored of external HD. Think dropped, lost or stolen.
  8. Cecil


    iPadOS will, if released beta and videos on YouTune are correct, allows you to store your files on external hard drive. iPad Pro, if USB C or Lightning IPAD Pro, have many options available to connect to hard drives or flash drives. September is just around the corner. .
  9. https://www.appleworld.today/blog/2018/12/19/how-to-save-your-desktop-and-documents-folder-to-icloud-drive-in-macos-mojave You may have read above instructions which states you can add your Desktop to iCloud Drive, Mojave. I read this as, if you save all your documents to your Desktop and move your Desktop folder inside the iCloud Drive folder, everything should sync. As a separate folder, above iCloud Drive folder, I don't know how it would sync. Sorry if this is not assisting you.
  10. shipment I have Affinity Photo, macOS Mojave and as R C-R above, my Finder does not have Affinity folder associated with iCloud Drive. I found Apple customer telephone service to be very helpful. If you click on the folder, does it list all your files? I save all my files in a folder I created separate from Affinity. Good luck.
  11. Cecil

    iPad Photo Edit/Share

    Alfred thank you, I selected photo, share, shortcut and photo opened in Affinity Photo.
  12. Cecil

    iPad Photo Edit/Share

    Not simple for me, I could not get, not a IT guy, shortcut to work. I also checked under Apple Photo shortcuts listed for photo, I saw nothing that would allow me to do so. But I am sure many have and know how to write a script to do so.
  13. Cecil

    iPad Photo Edit/Share

    I searched online for related shortcuts. It’s odd that many Photo apps (Procreate) example are available, no need for shortcut. Should be easy for IT to fix.
  14. Cecil

    iPad Photo Edit/Share

    BTW, if anyone has IOS Photos to Open, Edit or share in IPad Affinity Photo I and perhaps many would appreciate. Thank you, have a great day.
  15. Cecil

    iPad Photo Edit/Share

    DM1 thank you for the short cut workaround. So many apps make this possible, one would think Affinity Photo would, as it is available MacOS.