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  1. I was looking at them when I thought I may need to update my firmware, I'll pick one up. I'm pretty new to all of this, and I'm learning a lot! It is just something I enjoy doing to find some peace in the chaotic world! Thanks again for everyone's help!
  2. SUCCESS! Thank you all for the input that led me to the problem! I uninstalled the old software and installed from the CD that came with the new camera, and all is well! Thanks again!
  3. My laptop doesn't have a cardreader, and I never bought one for the usb... I have the file set to large in the camera. I am installing the updated software to see if that helps. If not, I will go and buy a usb cardreader.
  4. It just occurred to me that the Nikon transfer program (Nikon transfer 2) was on my laptop for ages from when I got my D3100. Maybe I need to update that! All it does is transfer the files from the card to the folder on the laptop, but maybe that is where it is happening... I'll check the CD that came with the new camera and see what version it has. I'll report back what I find.
  5. Any idea how it could be getting corrupted? See above description of how I downloaded it. I have checked the camera firmware, and it is up do date. I'm at a loss...
  6. I know - and that was loaded directly from the camera to my laptop using the usb cord! I had it happen first when I had tried to connect my camera and phone via internal wi-fi, so I deleted all of the test shots and did more without ever turning on wi-fi or connecting the phone - same result! The file size (19MB) would seem to be correct, but like you said, it looks like a thumbnail. If the file is getting corrupted, not sure where it would be happening. The jpg files taken at the same time appear fine.
  7. Thanks for the welcome Gabe! It is on the list like IanSG said - I checked it out to see if that was the problem... I will attach one of my test shots that shows the problem. Can I use the beta 1.7? If not, when will it be released for public use? 20190111_170636.NEF
  8. I have recently upgraded to a Nikon D5300 (from a D3100) and my NEF raw files do not open in developer and do not appear to be at all correct. My D3100 raw files were fine. I am attaching a screenshot of my desktop when I open the file showing the notification I get about the color profile and it also shows the size and details of the file. Any help would be appreciated, as I am relatively new to this software and raw development.

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