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  1. @MuffinsI found the privacy settings on my iPad and found they are enabled. Does this mean every time my affinity photo app crashes it sends you guys a report? I thought that was just for sending apple crash reports. There isn't anything under that setting where I can choose specifically for this app to send you guys a report?
  2. Is there a way to nudge a layer on the iPad Pro? When I look under the help files on the open screen it mentions it but it doesn't say how to do it. Since there are no arrow keys is it possible?
  3. Okay. Here is the situation. I have gotten to a certain point on a composite. I'm following a tutorial in Advanced Photoshop so I can get used to your iPad affinity photo user interface. I attached a screen shot so you can see how Many layers and masks I'm working with. At this point I'm editing the water. Masking it out so it appears as the same visual plane as the landcape. I get it masked out and correctly placed. I keep following the tutorial and it looks great but when I exit the file it throws me back to this history state and undoes all my work. It's like I'm stuck at this stage of the project. 5 times now it has done it. I downloaded and installed the iPad update just in case that might fix it but it still does it. A few times it has just crashed completely after I get the water layer masked out. Any advise? Oh BTW I'm using an iPad Pro 12.9 OS version 10.3.2. I think... lol
  4. I'm having a problem with one of my projects kicking me out when I work on it. How do I send you a crash report and what info do you need from me in order to file one?
  5. If you read above from my initial post? I described all the methods I tried.- You will see I tried exactly that. :-) In quick mask mode the flood tool will only flood with black. Not white. Also as stated in the initial post - I can't get my flood selection tool or my color selection tool to work under the selection persona. I listed every single method I tried and what problems I encountered with that tool set. I also stated above I had problems with the lasso tool and the fact that you can't click inside the boarder of a selection to "subtract" from it. It moves it. The only tool that will let you click inside a selection boarder (with the lasso selection tool) is the polygonal lasso tool on the polygon setting. Thank you! :-)
  6. I have been reading your manual looking for how to do a free transform on the iPad pro affinity app? I can only find the sheer transform? Is there a way to do a free transform or a perspective transform?
  7. My typical work flow on the desktop when making selections is turn on the quick mask, use a round brush to paint an outline of what I want to mask out, fill that outline with the bucket tool, turn off the quick mask and there you have a selection exactly the way I need it. Quick and painless... Here is my experience with this process on the iPad Pro 12.9 I select my image layer. I go to the selections persona and... where is the quick mask? I spent an hour searching the internet and the tutorials I can't find it. Where is the regular old paint brush so I can paint in what I want and don't want to select? I can't find one so I try the tools available. I click on the smart selection brush tool. It selects the object but the edges aren't what i need. It's just not a clean selection. I try the refine edge but it makes the refinement for you. I can't figure out how to just paint in and out what I want when in refine mask. Again why is there no regular round paint brush? I start over. I click on the flood selection tool and when I run my apple pencil over the image it does nothing. When I run my finger over the image it does nothing. I switch to the select colored sample tool and when I run my apple pen over the image it does nothing. When I run my finger over the image it does nothing. I switch to the Polygon marquee tool on freehand. I draw with my apple pencil around the object I want to select and it actually selects it! Success!!! I turn the tool to "subtract" and when I put my apple pencil inside the selection I just made, in order to deselect a section of it, all it will do is move the selection around the canvas. Same results with my finger. While on free hand the tool will only let me subtract a section if I start the selection outside of the previous selection. grrrr.. seriously? I deselect everything and decide to start all over. I finally locate the quick mask feature. Now were cookin' I turn on the quick mask under the selection persona. But where is a regular brush I can use to paint on the quick mask? Since there is no brush tool in the selections persona I get out of the selection persona and back into the photo persona pick up a white, hard edged brush. I find I can't constrain the paint brush to draw a straight line. Never did figure it out... I outline the object as carefully as I can on the quick mask with a white brush. I pick up the bucket tool to dump the white into the outline on the quick mask but it won't dump white. It will only dump black and it covers up the outline I just created. O.M.G. - Since I have a quick mask "outline" of what I want to include in my mask I decided to use the selection persona's polygon tool to select inside my outline so I can mask out the rest of the object. The polygonal marquee tool doesn't do anything when quick mask is on. The only selection tool that works on quick mask is the smart selection brush!!!! None of the other tools work when its on!!! I turn off the quick mask so my outline is turned back to the marching ants. I FINALLY figured out if I use the polygon marquee tool on the polygon setting to select the inside of the object I outlined in quick mask that I can finally get the selection I want. The polygon setting on the the polygon selection tool is the ONLY setting I can find (with that selection tool) that will allow you to add and subtract to your selection when you are selecting inside the borders of a previous selection. When it comes to this app I must be a dum-dum because I suck at it. I have never in my life... I need a beer... There has got to be an easier way. Please tell me there is one...
  8. 1. On the desktop version of the app in order to draw a straight line with the brush tool you can click to start the point, then shift click and it will connect those two points. Thus drawing a straight line between those two points. I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out how to do this on the iPad???? This is a MAJOR part of my editing workflow. I just want to draw a straight line but there are no modifier keys on iPad... (BTW I hate the pen tool. PLEASE don't tell me I have to use it to draw a straight line with it and then apply a stroke.) 2. Is there a side by side list of where the tools on the desktop version have been moved to in the iPad version? i.e. The quick mask is now located under the "blah blah" on the iPad app... ?? If there is a pdf manual that would be AMAZING because I am SO lost. I can't get any work done because I can't figure out where a lot of my desktop tools have been moved. Not having hot keys/modifier keys is killing me. 3. Suggestion for the app - Put a little square somewhere in the bottom corner that acts like a modifier key (shift, control etc..) on the iPad version. Procreate has a little square you can put your finger over and it acts as a modifier key so you can sample colors with your apple pencil. It's worked seamlessly with my workflow and I love it.
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