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  1. My pleasure. You can even go back into the Layer Effects dialog box and spice it up some more by adding an outline effect to the group.
  2. Thank you for the video Yodel. You can achieve this in Affinity: Create a shape and fill it with any colour Group the shape and keep it selected Go into Layer Effects dialog box Select Gradient Overlay and edit gradient to taste Exit the dialog box Now double click the selected shape (group) to edit the group Draw any shape(s) and the new shape(s) will become part of the group and adopt the gradient fill Move the new shape(s) around and you will notice that the gradient will also shift accordingly Exit the group by just clicking on an empty space
  3. Hi Yodel Maybe a video to illustrate the feature from Resolume would help.
  4. Scenario: Create a basic rectangle Fill it with red colour Draw an ellipse and make the fill colour yellow and keep it selected Select the Eyedropper tool and click on the rectangle to copy fill attributes Ellipse adopts the red colour Select the red rectangle and use the command "Select Same Fill Colour" Result: Designer refuses to accept the fact that the red colour in the ellipse is the same with the one in the rectangle… You also get the same results when using the Global Colour swatches. Using the Eyedropper tool, copy a global colour from another object and apply. Without anything selected, edit the Global Colour Swatch and you will notice that the copied colour will not update. Looks like a bug.
  5. Thank you @Mark.It's unfortunate that the method which I prescribed is not working on your side. I also realise that you are on a Mac platform and I am on PC Windows 10. I have used this method on other PCs and got good results. I would like to hear from other Mac users who can chip in and try the prescribed steps before we suspect a bug problem on the Mac.
  6. A common mistake being made by some users… They confuse the FX and Layer opacity settings with the Colour or Swatch opacity settings.
  7. Another efficient method would be to create a template. Steps: Create a new document Create a New Layer Remove generic name and rename it to 'Outline' Keep the Layer highlighted and click on the Layer Effects icon at the bottom of the Layers panel In the Layer Effects dialog box select Outline Input a desired Radius On Alignment choose Inside Close the dialog box If it requires that you work with different Outline Radii, you would need to add New Layer(s). But this will now be a breeze since all you need to do is to duplicate the first Layer and go on to change the Radius in the Layer Effects dialog box. Point of note: Just make sure that the Layers are appropriately labelled e.g. Outline 15px, Outline 25px, Outline 50px etc… (remember good habits) You can now save the document as a Template. Name it as Outline. Create new documents using this Outline Template and Place your images or artwork into the appropriate Layer and enjoy a painless ride.
  8. @Dan C I also occasionally come across this issue. I can say it's random but deeply annoying if you are working on huge images. Am using Dell desktop with the following specs: Windows 10 Pro (fully updated) Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz Ram 12Gig
  9. How about you try saving some settings as a Style? That way it will just probably be a single-click solution to your challenges. Try these steps: Create a simple rectangle Fill the rectangle with any color Go to Effects panel and select Outline by ticking in the box Apply a desired radius for the outline Click on Outline settings (the little gear icon) This will open the Layer Effects dialog box On Alignment choose Inside Click on Scale with Object setting Close dialog box And then do the following: Open then Styles panel Click the Dropdown at the top right corner Click on 'Add Style from Selection' The new Style is now saved Remove generic name and assign a specific name for the new Style (optional but good habit) Note that you can also add new Styles categories. You can then apply this Style onto your images and the Outline will resize accordingly since we already have Scale with Object turned on.
  10. Yes, I agree with you on this one. One always faces great challenges when working with a document started somewhere. I suggest that the Affinity team should introduce and implement in their own way something similar or even better than CorelDRAW's Colour Styles functionality which populates all the colours used in a document to create global colour styles. It doesn't matter whether it's a single or 500+ page document it will still work its magic. You can then edit or merge the created global swatches to taste.
  11. Yes, global colours is the way to go. This requires proper planning right from the start and unfortunately some users don't want to plan this way…
  12. You can add a mask by clicking on the Mask Layer icon at the bottom of the layer panel. You then paint on the mask using the Brush Tool, (which by the way is a lot more flexible) or alternatively the Gradient Tool. Remember that a dark colour (black) hides pixels and a lighter colour (white) exposes pixels…
  13. Specifically use Studio Link in Publisher and select the Designer persona where you will find Select Same Colour...
  14. @NotMyFault Thank you for the suggested workaround. The workaround which I have been using all along is to group the image (in order to create a container) before I effect the transparency. This way the transparency is then applied onto the group (container) rather than directly onto the image such that when I edit or replace the image, the original drawing position for the transparency tool does not shift. All the same this bug needs to be fixed.
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