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  1. Thank you for the answer. Yes, I was aware of that. But it can be quite a hassle to first find the relevant pages, note down the numbers, etc. I was hoping for a simple command like "Import Masterpages". Thanks a lot anyway!
  2. Is there an easy way to load/add master pages from another document?
  3. Inserting/deleting pages takes much longer in Publisher v2. Especially, the redisplay of pages in the pages tab takes very long. Overall, Publisher v2 is noticeably slower than V1.
  4. I have found a way: Always edit one image at a time in version 1 with the LAB curve, save, load in V2 and save as preset. Günter
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yes this works, but now the window is full screen and I cannot get it back to a smaller size. Furthermore, It is not possible to get the zoom factor of the picture to 100%. To judge the compression it has to be 100%. Günter
  6. Is it possible to make the export preview window larger? This small window is useless. Günter
  7. Hello, thank you for your reply. But maybe my question was not clear. I want to save my presets to a disk so that I can import them when I reinstall Affinity. Thank you Günter
  8. Hallo Silvia, zweiter Menüpunkt --> Bearbeiten ---> Einstellungen---> Allgemein (ich weiß nicht was in Englisch da steht)
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