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  1. Hey all...don't know if there is anyone else experiencing this anomaly. I did a quick search but didn't find any obvious threads, so here goes: I'm running AP in Windows 10 on my laptop, and I'm trying to create a watermark using my signature. I've created the PNG file, then loaded it using new intensity brush. I created an 8x10 inch background to experiment using the brush. Here's the weird part. When I place my cursor to use the brush, the resulting "stroke" is always offset from where the cursor actually is. If I set the brush size to 500 pixels, the brush stroke (signature) is offset by 1/8" above. I change the brush to another preset style that comes with AP, and everything works fine..the resulting brush strokes appear exactly where my cursor is. Does anyone else experience this? Is there a fix or reported bug anyone knows about? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx in advance. I could attach a screenshot but for some reason the screen won't capture the outline of my signature as a brush...it only captures the image if I actually USE the brush on the background. (Hopefully I'm explaining this enough for someone to figure out. If a scrrenshot is needed I'll use my cellphone to upload an image.
  2. Wow! Thanks for tracking that down. This explains a lot and from this I think I can figure it out. I would never have thought of looking in that forum.
  3. Since I own Affinity Photo, I figured I'd try Designer. but first.... The font that is used to create the work Ezekiel in the promo pics, what is that font and is it avail in a bundle download.. I want to create a logo for Instagram use and I figure it would be easier to do in Designer as opposed to using Afinity Photo. Plus since it's on sale I figure I can't really go wrong. Thanks for any help and look forward to trying the demo version/
  4. I'm trying to use the tool to select a car tire so I can blur the tire to simulate it spinning. VERY frustrated and here's why: 1. After selecting the elliptical tool, I click on the left side of the tire and drag the cursor, and the outline of the selection does not stay snapped to where I initially clicked. In other words, the entire selection point moves to the left as I drag the cursor to the right. Also, there is no way for me to accurately refine the selection. When I press the "v" key, as shown in a video on how to refine the selection, the bounding box drag points show up, but when I select one and try to use it the underlying selection distorts badly. I'm moving the actual photo and NOT the bounding box points. I've tried pressing the space bar, alt key, shift, function etc and nothing works. Is there a way to select just the POINTS to adjust the selection and not effect the underlying photo. It seems such an easy thing to want to do but implementation is NOT intuitive.
  5. Perhaps instead of "isolation mode", which sounds a little confusing, perhaps use "solo" instead. I use a digital audio program and when you are working with twenty tracks hitting "solo" mutes all but the relevant track. Same idea. Easy peasy.
  6. I'm using the selection brush to draw around a picture of a photoframe so I can copy it into another picture. Parts of the photoframe have very little contrast to the background. I just spent 45 minutes refining the selection. I've tried clicking to start the selection then holding cntrl then click again where I want the selection to end, but can't get the selection brush tool to draw a straight lines. I;ve tried a lot of different combinations of keys but still haven't figured it out. Any pointers? I know it must be something obvious but I got nuthin'.
  7. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this before. Death, The Fool, and the Magician are the most open to interpretation, therefore they should warrant the most attention to detail. Those would obviously be the crossover cards from deck to tarot. The Wheel of Fortune could be you double-backer or ad card. Look to Theory11. Good Luck and I look fwd to seeing updates as it develops
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