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  1. I'd have to agree on that one. The only gripe I have with FF are the lack of tutorials on Youtube. Had it not been for firstdefence coming to the rescue I wouldn't have been able to create my weird 'computer controlled' lettering (cheers again fella)
  2. Much appreciated again for your guidance mate 👍
  3. I used 4 filters and bastardised the hell out of them in Affinity Photo (I never use presets) This was why they contacted me to ask how I'd done it
  4. I sorted it out, God I'm slack at times ha ha (hands up there) 'create a selection of the text'..........I was totally missing this one!!! Firstdefence thankyou loads pal, top stuff!
  5. Well that was nice, Filter Forge contacted me to ask if they could use this on their page
  6. I just cannot for the life of me figure out where I'm going wrong Alfred It might be better if someone could film this and show how it's done and tell me what settings to have ticked etc lol......sorry for the inconvenience guys and I really do appreciate your help everyone 🙉🥴🙏
  7. firstdefence I really feel stupid and I do appreciate your reply (thanks so much mate) but I'm still having problems with this....grrrrrrrr ha ha I followed your instructions and still can't do it What the heck am I doing wrong? I have attached a screenshot of what I'm still getting after the 4th attempt of following your instructions buddy. Can you guide me on what I have to tick in the FX section, I'm completely at a loss (man do I feel stupid lol but this is new to me this side of Affinity Photo and Filter Forge) I don't Mac either, just a PC so will that be affecting results maybe?
  8. I still can't figure out how to make maybe lettering look like wood or stone by way of using Filter Forge's choice of amazing textures. I was thinking I'd type out my text in Affinity Photo, rasterize it, open it up in Filter Forge and then go to the Textures section and make my text look like stone or whatever I download. But all I get is a picture coming up of the texture........anybody help me out on this aspect? All help appreciated :)
  9. Affinity Photo with Filter Forge 9 Definitely a weird creation this but I thought why not, we're living in weird times right now 😄
  10. Thanks for the feedback mate, I just saw the discount is now -80%. I got it at -85%, does the offer always fluctuate?
  11. I don't use Mac anyway lol. I'm blown away by the sheer amount of filters to choose from and how amazingly brilliant they have been created....just WOW.!! I just got the Standard Edition, should have been $249, cost me $43 - BARGAIN
  12. Does anyone else use Filter Forge? It's compatible with Affinity Photo which I am really pleased about :) I treated myself to Filter Forge 9, they have a huge discount sale right now, so glad I did because it's making my experience of working with AP even better 👌
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