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  1. I wasn't going to but I thought sod it and bought FF12 (60% discount) It works in AP2 but I definitely noticed a difference on my 8gb laptop in speed/performance when wanting the effects to be added. Ah well I guess there's worse things to worry about in the world lol Have a good day everyone 👍
  2. 'But they're not the same products'......ok mate thanks for clearing this up
  3. iPad users get a sweet deal every time 😏 Surely all customers should pay the same price for the same product?
  4. Hi Jane I'm a Windows 10 user (I'm not bothered for W11) and I just purchased Affinity Suite version 2, unfortunately my copy of Filter Forge 9 has now stopped working. I've read somewhere that it isn't compatible with the latest version of Affinity Photo and in order for me to use Filter Forge 9 I must purchase FF12 now (which is compatible). I'm not interested in an upgrade to FF12 or discounted price, all I want to do is use my perfectly fine FF9 I used to use in Affinity Photo 1 and install it in Affinity Photo version 2. Why should I have to pay twice for a product I already own? It's just not right and extremely bad practice on Serif's/ Filter Forge's part. Can Serif and Filter Forge resolve this asap please for us Windows users? Thank you in advance 👍
  5. I think you have a good point RC-R, Mac users don't seem to be experiencing any problems. The special procedure for Windows users presently is to purchase Filter Forge 12, it's compatible with AP2 😏👎
  6. OK so Filter Forge 12 trial working in Affinity Photo 2 but there's not a cat in Hell's chance I'm forking out more money for upgrade frpm FF9 when it works perfectly well in Affinity V1, bloody ridiculous 👎
  7. I received this message this morning from Affinity regarding the FF Internal Error message: This is a result of us switching to MSIX installers I'm afraid as this installs the software as a Windows app which is sandboxed making the apps files hidden. This also means the app no longer uses a .EXE file so unfortunately at this point in time its not possible for it to be used as an external editor in other apps. We are working on providing a .EXE in the future to solve this problem, however at this time we don't have an ETA for when this will be available.
  8. Looks like I will have to keep V1 too then for the time being in order to use FF9, thanks firstdefence 👍
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