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  1. Thank you FraGar 🙏 When I started to do this type of stuff I initially looked on YouTube at many tutorials to see how people do it. I quickly found out that there are so many different ways to achieve the same end result. I'm continually learning and when I compare my work to this time last year I seem to have progressed, desired results are met. I have concluded that just find a way that works for you and stick to it. I seem to have found one that works for me but it took a while to reach this stage because of experimentation.
  2. Thanks again to all of you you for the positive reactions to my work I did this one yesterday, The Trio Of Mischief
  3. Keep getting this message and never used to :( Unsplash and Pixabay are fine
  4. I used to be able to load photos from Pexels but now it keeps saying 'Connection failed' when I try looking for images Unsplash and Pixabay are unaffected Can anybody help me out with this issue please and thank you in advance
  5. Completely understand where you're coming from VectorWhiz, I love B/W images big time but I do get requests to colourise photos for people. I am entirely self taught
  6. Thank you for your kind replies, really appreciate them
  7. Users do know what they need I would have thought
  8. Hi derei thank you for your reply :) I can actually already trace bitmaps in my Corel Draw and Adobel Illustrator, I just think it would be hugely advantageous for AF Designer to introduce it and give the other companies a run for their money :)
  9. Indeed Excellent news fde101, thanks for sharing this news So just a Colourise Photo function then for the development team to look at some time in the future (hopefully)
  10. To prevent me going back and forth from Affinity Photo to Adobe Photoshop/Essentials 2020 it would be great if the development team at Affinity could implement Automatic Shake Reduction and Colourise Photo functions. And also introduce the Trace Bitmap/Image Trace functions I already enjoy in Corel Draw and Illustrator would be a major boost. Thanks guys
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