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  1. "image trace was number three if I remember right but there are plenty of standalone solutions" I know mate, I can already do it in Illustrator and Corel but would it be would be just so much quicker to stop farting about opening these up all the time to do the process
  2. For Affinity Designer to have the ability to trace images, my suite would be perfect then! I was going to suggest auto colour in Affinity Photo but it's always better done manually Take care everyone during all this lockdown craziness
  3. Or I could just stick my CS6 Extended versions back in fella
  4. ' I suppose our marketing could have initially said that Upgrades would be paid for' Correct 'I really hope you did not buy the software because of something that you hope or expect it will do some day.' Clearly this has been the case in an area of Affinity Designer I'm not an Affinity hater as stated before, I use AP regularly for recolouring photos and am happy enough with it. Will there be a trace action in the UPGRADE in Affinity Designer?
  5. Upgrade = requires you to pay again Update = doesn't require you to pay Not confusing. not rocket science 😂😂
  6. Clarity in terms of language used has 'failed' not me, I stand by what I say Alfred. I do of course know the difference between updates and upgrades, been using pc's too long mate to not know 😄
  7. Honestly? I maybe wrong, but upgrading CS1 >> CS2 >> CS3 >> CS4 >> CS5 >> CS6 >> CC whateverversion was never free of charge. What attracted me to the Affinity products in the first place was the one off payment with no subscription fee with free updates...….this really isn't rocket science. It was the company's decision to come up this fantastic concept not mine. What they should have said in their original advertising campaign is 'All the updates will be free up until we reach version 2 where customers will have to pay again for the same software that will be tweaked in places'.....you get my drift?
  8. If I'd known this I'd never have bought the suite. New versions are updates of older one's or am I missing something here? Can't say I'm impressed with Serif and the prospect at having to pay again, it's not going to go down well with many users in the current climate. I keep saying this too but there's not even a trace action in Affinity Designer which is bog standard in Illustrator and Corel Draw. For me personally 'Another pay, I'm away' 😔
  9. 'Version 2 will not be free' 🤔 I'm up to version 1.8 right now. I've been under the impression that once customers bought the software then all future updates were free? Please correct me if I am mistaken by all means
  10. Just been reading that many Adobe customers are having problems getting the Neural filters to work properly
  11. Adobe on many fronts and at this stage in their software versions, they beat Adobe hands down. And yet Affinity Designer still doesn't allow images to be traced like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator do 😏 They'd instantly take business from Corel if this was implemented but my echo chamber remains unanswered lol
  12. Have to agree with all your sentiments Mark Oehlschlager 👍
  13. For me the only real major thing that Affinity has over Adobe right now is the editing capabilities (not having to come out of each program every time, that's superb) I wish there was a trace to vector action, I asked about this over a year ago, relying on another company's program to do this is something I definitely feel could put off future customers buying Affinity Designer. I'm not an Affinity hater for the record (I bought the full suite), I just think they need to up their game right now I'll probably flit between Adobe and Affinity I guess
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