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  1. Hi MEB thanks for replying mate, I wasn't aware that this is already being investigated so apologies for the extra thread
  2. Everytime I have tried to directly drag and place a stock photo from Unsplash onto my screen this week I have had to press Ctrl Alt Delete for task manager in order to restart both Affinity Photo/ Designer because they both simply stop working....only the mouse cursor moves screen. This isn't the case with Pexels and Pixabay which are both working as normal. Is anybody else having similar problems? Any advice would be much appreciated
  3. 😡We have detected 3 failed log in attempts to your account from Cumming, Georgia, 30040, United States.😡 Go play elsewhere scum Thanks for the heads up Serif team
  4. In the meantime, be grateful for 1.8.5. Yes, which I reposted a few days ago along with Designer and Publisher 👍
  5. Thank you Patrick, it seems a lot of people have had issues but no doubt it will get resolved I reinstalled 1.9 about half hour ago and ran the benchmark test, I haven't a clue what these figures mean. Can you shed some light please. All my drivers are up to date on my HP 8GB laptop
  6. So what now, do some of us have to stay on 1.8.5 for good? Or are any of the Serif team reading this thread, taking on board the amount of concerns and passing the news on to the guys at the top? I don't wish to blunt but it's a bit of a cock up chaps......lovely graphics though when starting up
  7. 1.8.5 versions of Photo, Designer and Publisher (I successfully loaded all 3) https://store.serif.com/update/windows/photo/1/ https://store.serif.com/update/windows/designer/1/ https://store.serif.com/update/windows/publisher/1/
  8. Ok I have put 1.9 back on (give it benefit of the doubt) and disabled the hardware acceleration as you suggested Mark. I thought having it ticked would be what is suggested for the update to run properly as it goes, fingers crossed mate. I'll get back with a review of how things are going
  9. "am thinking this new version is a bit "weighty" for my i5, 8G RAM, 512 SSD laptop?" Totally agree Chimes, it's really weighty. I just wonder if Affinity took 8GB laptops into considertation before releasing this update? There's new functions I won't even use in a month of Sundays
  10. I have done exactly the same Russ7388, reinstalled 1.85.....I was sick of the lagging in 1.9 and random shutting down/returning to Windows 10 desktop.
  11. Hope you get sorted mate. 1.9 looks nice starting up but contains new stuff I will never use for the most part, like helping to colour the gases in space and creating my own brushes?? I have been suggesting an image trace tool for vectorising for a while now (and I know it has been requested before on here). Such a useful idea completely overlooked 1.9 is laggy with Filter Forge and Eye Candy, and my screen all of a sudden returns back to Windows 10 desktop without any prioe warning......a huge 👎 from me sorry Affinity
  12. bobjala, my drivers are up to date as I got to thinking maybe that could be the issue but still no good. Filter Forge and Alien Skin in my filters list took forever to load up and really gave my Windows 10 laptop problems in 1.9 with regards crashing. Never a problem in 1.8.5
  13. I have had to go back to using 1.8.5 on my laptop (Windows 10) because the new Affinity Photo 1.9 update keeps crashing I never had problems crashing with version1.8.5....has anyone else been experiencing problems with the update? I think perhaps the update maybe too powerful for my laptop perhaps??
  14. I'm having problems with the new Affinity 1.9 update crashing frequently Never had problems until this update
  15. Sorted mate ...had to take CS6 off first and go from there Your link will be helpful for others I'm sure pal but I figured out another way - once again I really appreciate you jumping on this one for me in the first place
  16. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-ins\CS6 Hi firstdefence, yeah this is the path I am using buddy I am gonna try something and will get back to you soon, many thanks again
  17. Appreciating your help firstdefence I use Photoshop CS6 (out of preference, it does everything I want) and Eye Candy 7 is working fine in there.
  18. I tried C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-in first defence and still can't get it working unfortunately I tried it on the 1.8.5 version too. Could it gave anything to do with me using CS6?
  19. Righty ho firstdefence I will have to give the beta version of Affinity Photo a try first and attempt what you've said, many thanks (and no doubt I will be back ha ha)
  20. That's excellent, how have you managed to do this please? When I download my Eye Candy 7 it only allows me to load into Photoshop (there's actually no option for me to tick Affinity Photo) Any and all instructions would be so much appreciated - For the record I use Windows not Mac, I was thinking it could have been another reason I was having problems with getting Eye Candy working in AP
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