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  1. We're trying to contact AP developers to fix the problem. Hopw they'll answer us soon and we'll be able to make Filter Forge work under AP again. Meanwhile we suggest to work with Filter Forge in a standalone mode and use copy and paste feature to drag images to and from AP.
  2. Filter Forge

    Filter Forge 8

    It is amazing to read such a feedback: Thank you. AND while our developers try to solve this official support problem with Serif, there's one nice and simple workaround: copy and paste to use FF and AP together.
  3. Filter Forge

    filterforge 7.0

    In AP version selection doesn't work properly. It gives Filter Forge wrong info and we can't work with it. So you can use Filter Forge without selections right now, and we hope we'll be able to contact the AP developers to fix this issue.
  4. Filter Forge

    filterforge 7.0

    Hi Andreas, Thank you for the screencast. I'll pass it to our tester. I'll be here with an answer in a while.
  5. Filter Forge

    Exception Error when opening FilterForge filter

    This bug is connected with the FF's plugin mode. It means that FF can't work as a plugin with AP. The possible ways out: 1. Updating AP. In the newest version Filter Forge works fine as far as we know. 2. Reinstalling Filter Forge. 3. Installing Filter Forge as a plugin maually. (Please, try the previous two options first, if they fail, I'll give you full guide on how to install FF manually.)
  6. Filter Forge

    filterforge 7.0

    Mark is right. There are no progress bar in Filter Forge as a AP plugin. That is why you should just wait to see the result. NOTE! Some filters can be slow especially on the hi-res images.
  7. Hi, I'm here. I've answered John personally and will leave a synopsis here: To comment on the filter you need to 1) click on the Comments link, 2) login, 3) write a comment and post it.
  8. Filter Forge

    Filter Forge 7.0 is released

    Did you check the "Allow Unknown plugins to be used" box? I can suggest that you should try to restart your computer after doing all these things.
  9. Filter Forge

    Filter Forge 7.0 is released

    HOW TO install Filter Forge 6.0 or 7.0 into Affinity Photo 1.6.1 Beta (Windows) 1. Close Affinity Photo. 2. Open C:\Program files\Filter Forge 7.0\Plugin and copy both files (FilterForge.config and the second one). 3. Open C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\Plugins and paste the files there. 4. Open FilterForge.config file and change false to true in the 4th line. The result should be like this: IndependentUI value="true"/> 5. Open Affinity Photo. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Photoshop Plugins and check the "Allow Unknown plugins to be used". Now Filter Forge is installed and should work fine!
  10. Now FF supports AP 1.6.1. Still Filter Forge cannot install automatically into Beta version, that's why you'll need to install it manually. If you need an instruction, I can post it here.
  11. Filter Forge

    Filter Forge 7.0 is released

    Note that Filter Forge can't automatically install into Beta, so you'll need to install it manually. If you need an instruction on how to do this, I can place it here.
  12. Filter Forge

    Filter Forge 7.0 is released

    Yes, I meant that minor update. It is now in testing, as far as I know
  13. Filter Forge

    Filter Forge 7.0 is released

    If you're not yet an owner of the Filter Forge license key, you can take advantage of a free 30-day fully-functional trial.
  14. Filter Forge

    Filter Forge 7.0 is released

    Dear Affinity Photo users! I'm glad to announce that Filter Forge 7.0 is released. It supports Affinity Photo 1.5, and will support AP 1.6 as soon as Serif officially releases the update. All the new features with descriptions are here https://www.filterforge.com/features/ but I'll list them here as well. For all the users: 1. We've made Filter Forge faster by improving sample caching. 2. Copy and paste images between Filter Forge and any graphic editor. So it means you can use Filter Forge with AP 1.6 even before the update is released. 3. Generate and preview all active channels during rendering and export all of them to files at once. For filter authors: 1. Instant component search will help you to find and add any component faster and easier. 2. We refreshed 47 existing components, made their list and slider inputs mappable. Now there's even less boundaries for your creativity. Try all these new features https://www.filterforge.com/download/ and let us know what you think.
  15. applewoodj, Raymondo, Alfred, Filter Forge 6 and Affinity Photo 1.6 will work fine together very soon. We've sorted the things out with Affinity developers and the update will be released soon. Special thanks go to the Affinity developers, who were eager to make things work.