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  1. I have just tried to replicate the problems outlined above with on my vintage PC with a AMD Radeon 6800 based card and I failed. With Open CL enabled I managed to open new from clipboard twice and 7 new documents using the Ctrl N. I managed to stop the program eventually when I tried to open the 3rd RW2 file concurrently but until that point no blocks and pan and zoom worked fine. No issue either with developing raw files. Just my 2 cents worth.
  2. I've tested the file with and (with and without Open CL) and there was no difference between the screen colours so that does not seem to be the cause of the problem. If I select the "convert open files to working space" as suggested by Gnobelix then the green cast goes away on both versions (with and without Open CL). IIRC that option is not selected by default. So it seems Open CL is not the culprit after all, at least on my Radeon Graphics card. Maybe it's an issue related to the card/driver combo instead? Just out of curiosity I checked with some of my own afphoto files (derived from RW2 & jpg) on all the settings and had no changes in colours.
  3. Hi I run the Affinity products on Windows 10 Pro (Ver 2004) and have no problems with either the recent files updating in a session or the start up screen not appearing when the tick is removed. I have used Aphoto since 1.5 and have never experience these issues. Sorry hear about your problems. GeoffH
  4. This Affinity video might give you a bit of start. Maybe the best way to think about the commands you are looking for it to ask "what does the command do?" In the example you quoted of contrast " I have a photo, and want to adjust the Contrast in Affinity Photo" it's an adjustment so that where it is, under the adjustments tab in the Studio panel. Granted it may not always work, but it's one way of looking at it. I have been through your experience before with other software so can understand your frustration. GeoffH
  5. Do you want to export line work created in Designer to a machine that will use a DXF file ? If so, the way to do this is to export the file as an SVG file Don't rasterize the file as you require vectors. Then you will need to bring it into a CAD program to convert it to DXF. A simple and free program is Libre Cad (Win and macOS) which only saves as DXF files. I have run the process using QCAD and it works as described. I had Libre Cad but replaced it with QCAD as it had greater functionality for my purposes. There are other free simple cad programs that may also work and there are numerous online services if you so wish. Trusting this may be of help GeoffH
  6. Hi Blende21 I have the same version of NIK installed on my Win10 machine with latest AP and it shows all the labels correctly (in English). Have you tried a reinstall or tried changing the language to English. Are you on Win or Apple? GeoffH
  7. Affin and Joachim_ L If you have "Use mouse wheel to zoom" selected it changes the mouse scroll behavior from Windows std to what you have described. I always have it set this way because in years of using CAD software that was the usual way so that what I'm used to. It all come down to what you are used to really. GeoffH
  8. Adam 005 Apparently there is a know issue with some raw files in the current release and beta versions that Affinity are aware of. In the meantime you could try another raw editor to get you over the current issue. I think the Nikon raw editor is free. RawTherapee should open the files correctly but that's another learning curve. I know Panasonic raw files are o.k. but it seems Nikon and Sony are effected. Anyway have a look at this link. Geoff H
  9. Hello Peter47628 I have downloaded the file and looked at in AP, SPSE8 and RawTherapee 5.8. It turns out that AP is not picking up a lens profile for your camera automatically. Go to the lens tab and under lens profiles select Panasonic DMC-FZ45 & compatibles and the image will match what you in SPSE8 Regards Geoff H
  10. You might find this discussion of value, on page 2 there is reference to NEF files being dark Geoff
  11. I have notice that the text under the studio panel image previews disappears when a horizontal image is cropped to square or vertical. Original horizontal image Image cropped to vertical. Note no text under HSL previews but Brightness/Contrast is O.K. After closing and reopening Brightness/Contrast the text is now also gone. History panel Vertical images open fine without any text problems. Has anyone else noticed this behavior ? Thanks Geoff AMD Phenom II X4 3.4 GHz, 12 Gb RAM, AMD Radeon HD6800 1GB, Win 10 Pro Affinity Photo
  12. Thanks Dan C Yes it was operator error as I later found. Your summary is correct I was not on the background layer. Coming from LR without layers so I have some things to relearn. Thanks for your help
  13. Hello Whilst working through a batch of OOC jpegs I came across something unusual happening that I don’t understand in the Photo Persona. My normal work flow for these jpegs is 1. Levels adjustment 2. HSL adjustments 3. Curves adjustment 4. Cropping I then move on to any other corrections required (usually dodging, burning and inpainting) using the tools on the left side of the screen. Here’s where things started to get unusual though. The tools that use brushes would work. The brush cursor would appear on the screen but nothing would change under the cursor for dodging and burning. The Inpaint tool would appear but without the red highlight and the dialog box would pop up but nothing would happen. Similarly other tools would not function e.g. The perspective tool grid would appear but the corners could not be dragged I then reversed the order of operations and used the tools first and then the Studio adjustments and it all worked. However if I then tried to use another tool after using the studio adjustments they would not work. I have tried various file sizes and it seems to have no effect. My OOC jpegs are 8Mb. I monitored my computer activity through Task Manager and OpenHarwareMonitor and itshowed no flat lining or excessive resource use. I was not using any other peripheral devices other than mouse. Using my Wacom tablet seemed to make no difference. Also I have noted that sometimes the RGB values would not update as the cursor moved when the tools did not work. None of this causes a crash although sometimes the program becomes unresponsive and I have to close it through task manager. Computer Specs AMD PhenomII II X4 965 3.4 GHz, 12 GB ram, AMD Radeon HD6800 1GB Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, build 1803 Affinity Photo So is this a bug or something in my workflow?
  14. Yes, another vote for this feature. 3Dconnexion devices are supported by nearly all 2D/3D CAD systems as well as other programs. The ability to pan and zoom an image whilst you are working on it is really useful. 3Dconnexion have an SDK available to developers. A 3D mouse/controller in your left hand combined with either a tablet or a mouse is a very efficient way to use the software. The full 3D controllers have multiple customisable buttons so you can all your frequently used commands at at your fingertips.
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