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  1. There are for each of those weaknesses* two presets available. Simulate ; how it looks like for those which have those colour seeing weaknesses. Daltonize ; adjusting the image so the colours can be perceived as "normal" by those which need it overblown to overcome their colour seeing deficiency. * Deuteranopia: green weakness Protanopia: red weakness Tritanopia: blue weakness
  2. Ubuntu (losing favor and momentum) was dropped due to disallowing 32-bit software/games to run on 64-bit machines. https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/06/steam-announces-that-its-dropping-support-for-ubuntu Linux itself is important for Valve, for example to prevent further expansions of things like Windows 10 S Mode which only allows apps and games from Microsoft Store to be installed.
  3. Hello Fritz_H, a misunderstanding can sadly happen when the thread title does not exactly correspond with what the topic is about. If you had written Smartphone images from Samsung are imported incorrectly as a thread title, many others could have added to your findings.Thank you for reporting it, its affecting more smartphone models from Samsung besides your Galaxy 31. Bug reporting is complicated, we all want to keep human errors as minimal as possible and that can only happen with clear reports. Think of developers like Dschinns 😉, try to be as exact as you can when reporting bugs and write minimal steps to reproduce the errors. Edit; The initial topic of yours back in 2019 was about images from cameras. The newer topic is about Smartphone images. It might be the same bug (Image rotation fails with recognition of flags ) from the standpoint of a developer, but from a consumer viewpoint, the source of error seems to stem from different devices which would in my opinion deserve a unique posting.
  4. Affinity Photo is a "one time payment" in the sense of you pay only once for version 1.Xx and all its little updates. A release of 2.x called an upgrade will cost money. my favorites so far; Quicker start of the program. easy way of switching the language without having to reinstall everything. Affinity Photo has had live filters first, being able to preview layer changes instantly without having to apply them is also a feature I love. OpenColorIO support, 32bit editing and EXR image editing are straight there, even thou there is still a bit of room for improvements and feature additions. Being able to have 8129 Undo/history steps and also being able to include them in your saved file, good for improving efficiency and teaching certain workflows to others.
  5. thanks for the valuable information, you are of course right. minimum Hardware and OS build requirement are met. My confusion must have stemmed from the newer Windows 10 -19042 release which came out a while ago.
  6. it enables GPU acceleration by default, after install, the first start its activated. Some tasks are multiple times faster than without, to get a glimpse on how much faster it can be, look into the benchmark thread. I use a slightly older win10 version and the newest beta versions with enabled GPU acceleration works flawlessly. Due to the older windows installation, I had to go to the preferences to activate it manually.
  7. If you have alongside your GPU a CPU with an integrated "GPU" (APU called), you might have to disable it in your bios. Assigning in your Graphics settings all resources to Affinity Photo might help as well. The file opens on my pc even thou I use an unrecommend slightly older Windows version.
  8. Ryzen 2700 64GB Ram (2933mHz) Geforce GTX 1080 TI Windows 10 Is it correct to take the Raster multiple CPU Number against Raster single GPU to see the greater performance number? If so, the GPU would be ~18 times greater in performance within Affinity Photo. 😳
  9. Hello you two 😀, please read the guidelines for posting on this forum. In the Briefly section at the top most, rule 3; https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/guidelines/ This Thread might already be seen as "controversial enough" since there is discussions on how the competition is moving and how it might affect the Serif Team, the Affinity Suite customers and the development of other software developers along their respective customers. *Edit ; Just writing as a concerned forum user and customer who wants to keep the current good level of freedom in regards on what we can discuss.
  10. Hello InfaRed, just in case you didn´t know, there is a standalone solution from Nvidia available for mipmapping and BC1-BC7 compression, it is called NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter. The Photoshop plugin (incompatible with Affinity Photo since its a *.8bi file format) is not needed for the standalone to work. https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-exporter create a developer account, download and have fun. There is also a Legacy version (from 2013) available of the initial Texture tools which allows partial support for the usage from Affinity Photo since it uses a *.8bf file. https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload#?dn=texture-tools-for-adobe-photoshop-8-55 I would strongly recommend the newest solution the first link (Standalone version) which was first released around march 2020.
  11. Hello InfaRed, mip map and normal map generation on save - along other advanced saving features are as of now not officially in any Affinity Product. Serif has announced that they are looking and working on adding more support for game art users, this image below was shared. A couple years ago long before the pleasant announcement above, I tried to build my own solution with the available tools within Affinity Photo which allowed for example to quickly turn text or vector shapes to normalmaps. use profiles on normalmaps to change their appearances. mixing/combining non destructively vector and pixel layers and also erasing parts of them at the same time. After getting some feedback and tinkering a bit more, I took it all down since there are issues in how Affinities internal calculations work, which can´t be solved from a users perspective. So yeah, as an 3D artist, waiting for a proper solution is the only way for now.
  12. The Integration of the store bought items seems familiar with the integration within the beta versions from the Affinity Suite. Other Features like the previewed cloud stuff is in my opinion a privacy scandal awaiting directly around the corner. Some paid single solving programs which allowed sky replacements or AI/Neural Network based skin repair tools are mostly obsolete now for photoshop users. its getting interesting now and I am eagerly awaiting what all the non-Adobe developers are going to make and what cool stuff Serif is brewing up.
  13. I would use the Compound modes which provide Boolean operations (the second group of buttons from right) and follow this tutorial since it also has a workflow described for non-Destructive methods. For a text based tutorial, you could press F1 on a windows pc and search the words compound modes.
  14. A Dam from Serif is as of now needed since no matter which DAM you might use, only the saved thumbnails of the Affinity-files can be accessed. To make any other DAM out there truly usable, the Affinity file formats would need to be documented and parsable from outside of Serifs programs.
  15. I think for the Serif developers its additionally helpful to give them direct links to how the files need to be read/written Since it is widely adopted, it would be neat to see it in Affinity Photo and it would align with the efforts of adding more support for game art users. @Andy Somerfield Access to the specifications and official sample data of cryptomatte; https://github.com/Psyop/Cryptomatte https://github.com/Psyop/Cryptomatte/tree/master/specification https://github.com/Psyop/Cryptomatte/tree/master/sample_images
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