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  1. I successfully used Affinity Photo on 16k up to 22k images in the past but those where exr files. It must be related to the recent changes done to the TGA file format. (implementation of TGA export), the whole Affinity Product Range is affected. Not only 16k TGA files but also 8k files can be affected, maybe even smaller TGA files.
  2. myclay

    TARGA file please?

    Transparency is definitely not working as it should here, the transparency still eats away information of the other channels.
  3. its there as an example and in case you want to create mockups for IOS 12 screens. If you want to get rid of the included icons/assets, click on the hamburger icon and select delete category. To be able to use the tools, you have to have a document open, go to file-> New , change the settings to what you need it for, press OK and you can start working.
  4. exporting a 32bit TGA results in optimized away colours where alpha is zero. TGA 32 bit with functioning alpha.tga to reproduce, import the attached file into Affinity Photo, export as TGA.
  5. on a Ryzen 2700 it batches 16 images at the same time. Affinity temporarily writes the files in your installation folder, for me it would be here; C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\temp Affinity Photo imo needs a setting added for changing that temp/scratchfolder otherwise the additional NVMe would need to be set as your main drive or you need to meddle in changing the path somehow. If your temp file writing doesn`t exceed for example 256MB/s you could probably even use a traditional spinning hard drive without having to deal with speed penalties. An NVMe/M.2 drive can of course make a lot of sense, they shine when you have to deal with multiple files and writing processes. I guess for the listed top tier CPUs with more than 16 cores, you should at least use an SSD.
  6. https://github.com/darlinghq/darling/issues/455 Only mention for Affinity Photo and Darling. -apparently not possible.
  7. yes there is a way, to override the error message, you can use --no-dwm-warning on the command line. A command line change can be done by making a shortcut to the Affinity executable and adding the parameter "--no-dwm-warning" to the exe in the shortcut's properties dialog.
  8. ouch, I had a fear to have learned it way back then in a horribly wrong way. The last copy of Photoshop I own is CS3 and there I learned it like that. Thank you for elaborating a bit on how it can be done in a more elegant way in Photoshop. By any chance (to help the developers to take the right clues) do you mean the functionality of LazySave?
  9. a direct comparison with the other programs;
  10. Your beautifully detailed explanation is an eye opener and it makes it crystal clear what the features are which are unique to the Affinity Suite. In this case, yeah there is no f**ing known alternative available.
  11. myclay

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    beta and official are separate.
  12. https://meetalva.io/ Seems like for example SinnerSchrader Deutschland GmbH is offering something similar to Akria and its called Alva and available on Windows Linux, mac. Alva is an prototyping solution which lets you design interactive products. There are probably many more alternatives out there, why are you not spending a bit of your time on the net searching?
  13. Akiras problem; not an image editor, failure in communication what it is, abysmal Kickstarter "campaign" planning? - it was nonexistent. There was no tangible strategy to generate interest thru out the kickstarter. successful kickstarters in today's time need to have a much higher frequency of updates, recommendation seems to be at least 1 update per day or two days. Lack of images be it stills scribbles gifs or videos. one video alone weeks into the kickstarter? is not cutting it lack of planning was rampant there, it was something about making prototypes or something like that? anyways, a potential backer suspects a plethora of images which make one drool and say; YES I want to back this. the interest waned quickly when the Akira people/Kickstarter only revolved about where the link to the kickstarter was shared. They simply didn`t know their audience(artists!) nor about their product, it was not finished enough to be interesting to artists or "marketed" to what artists are expecting. Akiras kickstarter among others is a glorious source on how not to do crowdsourcing/an kickstarter.
  14. Hey Chris, to clarify the post, the described issue is not about Fonts and their inability to show the proper symbols. Fonts like the Segoe UI Emoji have like ~96% of Emojis covered. The Issue I tried to explain is, Affinity Products erases Emojis which where pasted in with the Windows Emoji Picker. This Error is not happening when the same Emojis are pasted in from the Web or from the Glyph Browser. Edit; Affinity Photo is with the usage of the Windows emoji picker only keeping symbols which are present in Arial and also erases the format of the symbols, which leads to a different size.
  15. Emojis picked&pasted with the Windows Emoji Picker vanish after closing the picker. To replicate; create Artistic Text Tool press windows + . click on an Emoji of your choice either press escape, the X button or in an empty area within the screen to get rid of the Windows Emoji Picker.