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  1. https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=37541 Photoshop CC 2019 seems to work with a workaround on Linux builds.
  2. Is there any source (link) for that ? https://www.microsoft.com/en-CA/enterprise/microsoft-adobe-enterprise-partnership https://www.adobe.com/enterprise/microsoft-partnership.html The Partnership between Microsoft and Adobe is a fact since ~2017 and Microsoft ❤ Linux.
  3. Photoshop has similar features so those comparisons are explainable and quite a common thing to do so to explain its usefulness in a short amount of time. Affinity Photo in my opinion is so far for my needs the best solution out there for retrieving data from imported PSDs without using programs from Adobe.
  4. I agree with the macros being limited thus far. @walt.farrell while technically true, It appears that its sometimes quoted and linked to outside reviews on Twitter, Facebook and other official Affinity accounts. an example how it looks like on Facebook;
  5. They show how their program looks like but its agreeable, their kickstarter is currently sparse with visual information which they should change. Since kickstarter doesn`t allow payment options besides credit-cards, they are further limiting the pool of potential backers. Akira is going to be a UX designer - quick UI prototyping software which they have compared in an interview to Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma. Looking at those mentioned tools, Akira sounds like a great option for those which don`t have macs, dislike subscriptions or cloud/browser based tools.
  6. myclay

    Release date estimation

    The serif team would have to ask for access for the free GoZ™ SDK. MEB , Ben maybe you could give this a try? https://support.pixologic.com/ The *.JSX files which where specifically added for the Photoshop addon by Adobe are to my sparse knowledge not compatible, otherwise we as customers could use all kinds of advanced plugins from Photoshop in Affinity Photo.
  7. myclay

    Release date estimation

    It would indeed be kick ass,. This is more up to Serif since the Macro system is too limited. Affinity Photo/Designer as of now though can be bridged with Zapplink which is a nice thing. After looking, the ZBtoPhotoshop CC Addon is creating everything as separate psds alongside a script which then merges those files inside Photoshop. I guess creating a solution would be easy for the talented serif developers.
  8. Of course talented and skilled people are around the globe, the only thing which can be holding people back is the lack of opportunities. Ethnicity plays a lot less of a role than you unintentionally implied there. Prior to working at Adobe, Mr Seetharaman worked for CrystalGraphics which is like Adobe based in the US. I hope what was meant with avoiding "outsourcing" is the sweatshop mentality where companies abuse the economic development of other countries to use talent in those countries for marginal wages. If Serif is avoiding the sweatshop mentality to instead hire and give relocation assistance, more power to them.
  9. thing is, cross deployment/releases to multiple OS can be somewhat easy - depending on where and on what you work in and on, its for sure advertised often enough as just having to set up the IDE and the compiler. Please don`t be too harsh on others which haven`t had the enjoyment of fighting IDEs and compilers and the need to crosscheck every tiny feature.
  10. It might be something entirely different, its a first hunch and just speculations. They will probably have by now thought well about its naming.
  11. sounds eerily like this one but nondestructive and live instead?;
  12. ""your request(for generating keys) will be reviewed on a case by case basis"" "Your request may have been denied due to the amount of keys requested. " but thank you for making me search about how Steam works with partners. https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/keys
  13. It`s probably hard to convince Serif to give up 30% of each sale especially when there are many distributors setting up similar stores with much lower distribution fees.
  14. It would be great to see TGA export support added.
  15. On my PC, Affinity Photo (Windows) from 01.01.2018 to 16.01.2019 has approximately downloaded 111,74KB and uploaded 27,19KB. 12 servers from Amazon, S3-eu-west.-1.amazonaws.com located in Ireland. 8 transfers again to ireland but not much information is given.