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  1. you can enable thumbnail preview in settings which will show a small preview image of the file, no need to save an additional jpg. Über Bearbeiten >Einstellungen... kann man Miniaturen mit Dokumenten speichern. aktivieren. If you have the other programs too, repeat those steps in each program and thubmnail previews will be available for those files too. Another thirdparty program other than what walt.farrell mentioned, which might be also useful to you and also shows thumbnails for afphoto afpub and afdesign files is Eagle. https://en.eagle.cool/ It has no ability to edit raw images, it just neatly organizes files and references for you. Edit; Eagle also allows replacing the preview image with custom thumbnails either via a file you made or from you clipboard (alt+ctrl+shift+T)
  2. Some customers see benefit in calibrated screens and replicable light conditions in different rooms. Your reply makes it clear, we have vastly different needs, wants maybe even use cases and views on what a productive environment should be. Hopefully you get productive use out of your way and I wish you the best. Of course, if your product is meant for the mass market and colour calibration is not needed (different ways to enjoy the product) you could then think about ensuring the product is enjoyed by as many people as possible. Sight impairment and colour blind people exist. For some projects it makes sense to also think about how it all looks when night mode of the screen is activated to ensure that the product is enjoyable in as many different light conditions as possible. It´s a tad bit funny that some here are against UI scaling when Affinity already has a size change option included for the tool handle size.
  3. unless humanity is in a hivemind, I can´t expect that developers who don´t know of each other could solve how big their fonts and icons are when I use their programs regularly side by side. As I tried to write, having UI sliders per program is great so I can individually change the UI. Some advanced programs allow UI scaling within their program on a granular level, each individual part of their programs can be scaled. You just hover via your mouse over an UI area and use CTRL + Middle mouse pressed while doing an up/down movement with your mouse. That ability is cool and would for Affinity Photo make sense for windows like Library,Layers,Brushes etc. The bold in italic marked is confusing, how often do you do that? I rarely if ever connect/disconnect my monitors. Why would I even willingly connect disconnect my stationary monitors? Only scenario where doing so makes sense is when recording a clip with an external capture card. A good program saves settings ,UI changes etc in a small file and reads that in while starting up. Some programs which I dearly love and use regularly have an integrated and OS independent UI slider. Just think about individual scaling in a browser, sometimes you want to scale a site or couple sites individually, same with programs. Os wide scaling can make sense when you jump between 1080p, 4K,8k etc. but otherwise? it´s imo bad practice to force one size fits all. The forum sometimes gets threads opened by people which are wondering why their programs have issues due to OS wide UI scaling. Additionally when in a productive environment, you absolutely do not want OS wide scaling. OS wide scaling can take quite some time to do its thing and potentially crashes GPU intensive programs.
  4. I do, best are programs which have a UI scaling slider. Sometimes the UI designs are vastly different and a catch all be all just can´t do justice on homogenizing the UI size throughout a multi program pipeline.
  5. your interpretation of the book title is a textbook freudian slip and very fitting especially with Adobes legal/PR fiasco(s). The correct title of that book is "Who Moved My Cheese?"
  6. And so it begins. Adobes big marketing claims of "its all legally backed up" are turning to dust. Question is; will Adobe honor its claims of legally compensating Artists they stole from and compensate them against Adobe?
  7. https://www.fastcompany.com/90906560/adobe-feels-so-confident-its-firefly-generative-ai-wont-breach-copyright-itll-cover-your-legal-bills They just say to cover legal bills you might get when using their products or is there a newer article/statment out there?
  8. To add to @walt.farrells posting; If you are using the msix versions of the Affinity programs and are unable to bridge it to other programs, the user @rvst made an excellent exe to which you would make a bridge to. You just need to download it from github and rename AffinityPhotoLauncher.exe to any of these; AffinityPublisher2.exe AffinityPhoto2.exe AffinityDesigner2.exe and link your other programs to that exe. Keep the exe file in a place where you don´t accidentally delete it. I even made three copies of that exe and renamed them so I can easily link to each Affinity program depending on the usecase. https://github.com/dl12345/AffinityPhotoLauncher/releases/tag/v1.1.0-x64 More info and source code download ; https://github.com/dl12345/AffinityPhotoLauncher
  9. ah, I see,my bad.😊 The second link is just general Linux Wacom support. For the Pen-computer its supported straight up in the Linux kernel so for that device the support goes much deeper into the OS and the second link is redundant.
  10. Not sure from whom you got that quote from? I was talking about this pen-computer called WacomMobileStudioPro from Wacom. On this device you can install Linux with full support for the device from the Linux community. This would be the closest you can get to your dream setting.
  11. So basically the already existing Pen computer from Wacom with added Linux? https://www.phoronix.com/news/Linux-Wacom-MobileStudio-Pro https://linuxwacom.github.io/ <- some general Wacom Linux driver information/support and not relevant to this discussion . The missing ingredient would be Affinity on Linux.
  12. I am tipping on a software conflict. Both systems manufactures have problematic software affecting multiple consumer programs. the former pc was an Asus now it seems that both systems are from MSI? For your old PC its either Asus Sonic or Asus GPU Tweak III In the Msi systems case(the laptop of your daughter and your new PC) its probably Nahimic.
  13. This wrapping stuff around with the help of AI looks interesting. EDIT; not 100% useful when it needs to be accurate and or truthful to reality but for quickly modifying placeholder images it looks interesting.
  14. Maybe tie it to the brush size and have the picker sample a square area with full pixels, that way the user can set how big the sampling area needs to be without having to zoom in constantly. Edit; the automated size change depending on the zoom level has its pros but I am not a fan of such forced automation (maybe as an optional tick in the settings) + tying the colour picker sampling area to the brush size is self- explanatory, -revealing and makes sense since the user has already had contact with brush size changes when using a brush.
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