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  1. Hier mal ein Link zu der FAQ die solche Probleme zu Lösen versucht. könnte an einer veralteten .Net liegen https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/98920-faq-net-and-affinity-apps/ oder an der Grafikkarte; Es bräuchte mehr Informationen was in dem 5ten Rechner an Hardware verbaut ist, wie dieser konfiguriert ist, welche Treiber sind Installiert usw.
  2. Those files are for example used when creating video games and 3D Artworks. https://www.cadcrowd.com/blog/why-ikea-uses-3d-renders-vs-photography-for-their-furniture-catalog/ https://www.marketwatch.com/story/videogames-are-a-bigger-industry-than-sports-and-movies-combined-thanks-to-the-pandemic-11608654990
  3. You need to get knowledge about how the printer works on which it gets printed, what kind of paper (size) it gets fed. In the mentioned tutorial, the tutorial maker assumes that A4 paper is used in the printer and therefore uses an A4 preset. Font handling; when exporting, you can click on the More... button and decide how the fonts will be exported. Exporting as curves is the securest way(since its vectorized) but editing the text with the text tool is not possible. Embedding the fonts can be of course done too. here is an preview how the file looks like when I would want to prin
  4. @HoneyK There are plans to add more support for 3D artists.
  5. An alternative for font handling on windows would be eagle.cool, it installs fonts into the system folder which then instantly gets recognized in all Affinity programs, removal/deactivation works too.
  6. Hello to both of you @Kuso77 @kirk23 all good here, the mentioned workflow is compared to before a step up,please do share your workflows in the future. Thanks to both of you and also for the visual explanation in combination with the helpfile. Its always amazing to see visual explanations for program for visual tasks.
  7. Fixed crash when dragging Unsplash images from panel when Unsplash is returning errors Unsplash doesn´t crash but it doesn´t load the images either.
  8. EDIT; Its an interesting approach for RGB packing. The same problems in previewing and editing the alpha channel and comfortably working with RGBA files is still persisting.
  9. with such claims, please make a video or a couple gifs about it, please enlighten me visually how easy it is.
  10. @Kuso77could you please link to a video or make one to show how it works? Edit ; in another forum post/thread is detailed how that feature you described is still awkward/impossible for channel packing.
  11. my quick take which only takes a couple seconds would be to use a Threshold Adjustment set to divide, > the result needs to be turned to its own image via right click, Merge Visible, >set this layer again to divide >disable the Threshold Layer. Now you have separated the stained and aged parts from the numerals and could use both in different projects (or to fake and reuse the antique look with different/available numerals..) Automatic Results might not be to your liking so this would now take a bit more time than the couple seconds before since we would now erase the e
  12. There are multiple ways of changing DPI, best to read the help (F1) from Affinity. There is for example one way without resampling*, then there are Resampling settings like Lanczos 3 which can do a lot in keeping details. Another thing for scaling up images (but not dpi) is under Document >Rezize Pixel Art Document https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/SizeTransform/imageSize.html?title=Changing image size * From the Document menu, select Resize Document. Ensure the Resample option is switched off. Change the DPI to control the number
  13. woha neat. It might be possible to switch back from Warp to the GPU now since it would trigger the GPU again. The Customer Betas (Release candidate 2) should be much faster for Windows systems than the older versions, there is an Hardware acceleration option to enable OpenCL compute acceleration and there is a benchmark tool integrated which resides under Help and then Benchmark.
  14. I would check that the Renderer in Preferences of Affinity Photo is set to the GPU. Next thing would be to reinstall drivers, even if its the same brand, changing and upgrading the GPU should always be accompanied with reinstalling the drivers.
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