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  1. Man könnte auch Auswahl Glätten nutzen bzw. Smooth Selection (Englische UI)
  2. Within the Affinity Product Line? many use cases; Think of it as an addition to the Studio->Stock Panel - an enhancement or replacment to Pexels and Pixabay. its going to be the end for many stock image/video sites or even the boom for them if they have more open licensing. Quicker to create or transform existing images or parts of an image into the style of X. 2.1. training the AI on your own style/selected images to again create unique stuff. This can be done with as low as 5 images. Brainstorming/moodboarding helper. Helping artists to explore different artistic choices and placements. Avoiding bad press like Telltale had with too obviously using an image of a murdered diplomat. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-41524653 Enhancing a scribble/turning it to a finished drawing. All of this results in more productivity and churning out more content.
  3. AI Systems which integrate neatly into Affinity would help a lot. Best would be an AI which has 100% offline usage, rendering on my own PC via CPU/GPU, where the training Data is locally on my PC. Being able to train it myself with new material and tagging system, clear license which says; input text and otherwise added material and output belongs to me) There are a couple solutions out there for using AI in 2D programs with text to image, the combination of inpainting and new interpretation of drawn input;
  4. Hello @LCamachoDesign corrected some stuff from you. Since 2019 probably earlier the decision from the Developers was made to move and port from OpenCL to Vulkan. Serif too can switch and support that API, bonus is, Vulkan supports far more hardware, can give performance boosts to Users and is the API going forward.
  5. I was able to import italics and bold text when going Edit>Paste Special>Rich Text Format
  6. go to Edit>Preferences>Tools>Use Shift key to cycle tool groups now to change tools, you have to press the shift key and the key you wanted to use to switch the tool.
  7. Sure , its from 2020 and previewing a texturing/previewing method for 3D Assets within Affinity Photo. That would have spiced up the video.
  8. Adobe has several dedicated products for 3D work, retiring the in my opinion shabby solutions within Photoshop seems logical. @Digitally Fearless There is an excuse why should I use a program which doesn´t have certain features I might need? What benefits does Affinity give me? The User who stumbles upon your clip is going to ask that. Can you show something which helps the probably highly disgruntled users of Photoshop to visually understand what the best is in the current situation? For the Video itself, It would have helped if you had gone into detail which features are removed and showing a screenshot of a news-article and explaining what it means. What alternatives are there and why Affinity Photo is a good fit? Saying that features from the competition got removed and now you can use Affinity Photo due to feature parity is sadly not a good advert nor convincing. Going into soft clickbait/speculation mode in a youtube clip can also help, saying to potential sidegraders, that Serif teased a 3D painting solution which might come (be vague there - until its in a beta which you can show) might also help in understanding that Serif might cater to the users which are stranded in nowhere.
  9. You are right that backups, offline usage and archives are important. As mentioned above by Pšenda, Serif is selling its Affinity Product Line as exe files in their own store. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/designer/#buy You can absolutely do backups and save those exe files wherever you want. Affinity apps doesn't require an internet connection to work. Affinity doesn't seem to require a connection to work nor requires to connect from time to time to validate the license. The only time you have to go online seems to be for activation. Edit; seems like Affinity doesn't even need an internet connection for activation? Edit2: you might have some luck with Microsoft and they allow a refund? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/account-billing/returning-items-you-bought-from-microsoft-store-for-exchange-or-refund-81629012-aa4f-f48b-2394-8596f415072b
  10. Physical Stores for selling software? I think corona must have killed even the last stores which sold exclusive software products. @RNKLN for software as in programs its probably not to be seen unless catered towards old folks? The only software which might still be sold in a physical store could be games and only if its collectors editions with physical goods in it? There are even game consoles which are all digital without a trace of a disk drive. Even back in 2010 to now, it got more common that software products sold in a physical store only had a disc sleeve with a paper in it which had the key for unlocking the game/program on it, that cut down the costs for printing discs and also the weight costs but resulted in backlash from people with slow internet connections.
  11. thes two can be recommended for user installed codecs. https://www.fastpictureviewer.com/codecs/ https://sourceforge.net/projects/sagethumbs/
  12. whoops of course, forgot to add; turning those into a relief/3D geometry could be an idea
  13. black and white, gradients can be used for z-depth/height creation the Live Lighting and 3d effect light system make (basic) usage of that. @Uncle Mez Maybe write your idea in this thread?
  14. exported svgs can easily be loaded into 3D programs and then converted to geometry (Object>Convert to>Mesh)
  15. Hier mal ein Link zu der FAQ die solche Probleme zu Lösen versucht. könnte an einer veralteten .Net liegen https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/98920-faq-net-and-affinity-apps/ oder an der Grafikkarte; Es bräuchte mehr Informationen was in dem 5ten Rechner an Hardware verbaut ist, wie dieser konfiguriert ist, welche Treiber sind Installiert usw.
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