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  1. Thank you so much. Your solution opens up a whole new set of possibilities!
  2. Don´t know if it works in your case 1 month after the purchase but this is what I found on the forum;
  3. Just trying the exe file. The commands as I understood are then written after the exe; It would in my case look like this; E:\Documents\affinityworkarounds\aflaunch.exe - a Publisher2 -b Retail This command stuff after the exe is not working in any program I tried to connect with. What would be great and helpful is the below solution where you just rename the exe file to make it work with each program. It would be great if Serif offered this or a similar solution.
  4. Hello @rvst, how do you compile this to an exe file? Are there some explanations or links available for explaining the process?
  5. Seems like Exe Installers (for testing purposes) are already available.
  6. For programs I use, those commands are not working hence the question. No idea if those command arguments after the exe file work with CTA5, lets hope the best for @Cartoon Mike
  7. @walt.farrell according to the website,CTA5 is used with Affinity Designer. https://www.reallusion.com/de/cartoon-animator/event/cta5-wip/default.html is there a launcher available for each program?
  8. what MikeTO said about the requirements + if I read this error message correct, you might need to install App-Installer from Microsoft. https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/appinstaller/9NBLGGH4NNS1
  9. @Lakshimi The issue might be related to the AMD Radeon R5 M435, it apparently doesn´t meet the minimum requirements. It has DirectX 12 but only supports up to level 11.1. https://technical.city/de/video/Radeon-R5-M435 Reading the Affinity System Requirements, Direct3D level 12.0-capable cards are needed. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/full-feature-list/ The AMD Radeon R7 seems to support Feature Level 12_0. You could try to change the assigned GPU for Affinity V2. https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/dh-017 https://www.itechtics.com/use-specific-gpu/#:~:text=can be achieved.-,Force the program to use a specific graphics card using Windows 10 settings,-Regardless of the
  10. @Lakshimi Windows 10 or 11? Which build number do you have like which updates have been installed? Which GPU from which company like NVidia or AMD or Intel? GPU Drivers, have you installed them? If so, which driver number is it? RAM Size?
  11. For a start I would try out to Enable OpenCL compute acceleration and then switch the Renderer; Default (Intel UHD Graphics 630) to your discrete GPU(the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti). If that doesn´t help, I would try out to again disable OpenCL compute acceleration and then switch to the WARP engine. WARP uses the Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform for presenting the document and can be helpful if you are experiencing performance issues.
  12. Its a File format and can be used in many different ways and on different platforms. If you have something to do with for example Software/Games development where you make usage of Vulcan or DirectX, you can make usage of the DDS file format which means quicker Read write cycles (I/O) to the Graphicscard. DDS is also a standard file format in the Film/VFX Industry.
  13. For Point 1, have you tried clicking on the brush icon on your layer? There should be a list of used brushes and sizes. clicking on one of those means, you get switched back to the brush and its size setting.
  14. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/full-feature-list/ When going down that site and revealing all Features and doing a quick CTRL+F and typing in for desktop only, you get at least 53 matches of Features the IPad doesn´t have. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/publisher/full-feature-list/ 20 matches for Publisher https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/designer/full-feature-list/ 58 matches for Designer I haven´t looked if the matches are duplicates or not.
  15. @Patrick Connor I think the confusion stems from this forum post in which @Ashposted; Not that I would ever complain about this, it´s kind and cool that the 40% off got extended! EDIT; looking at the Website, it currently says until 25.January 2023
  16. Comparing is impossible since the given example images aren´t the same size and thus its skewed in favor of Corel draw. The Affinity example you posted is 1500x1061px the Corel draw output is 1800x1273px
  17. @wasker According to the official info, MSIX doesn't provide this as an option, but you can pin the apps to either the Start Menu or the Taskbar. There is also the secret Shell:AppsFolder location in Explorer that allows you to right-click or drag the icon to your Desktop for a shortcut as a workaround if you need it. To get to that Appsfolder location, you have to press Windows+R to open the Windows Run dialog. type the Shell:AppsFolder in, press enter and the folder is open. search for the Affinity Program right click and then Create shortcut.
  18. Hallo @Rolf Schuchard, das Affinity Team hat mehrere Lösungswege aufgeschrieben. zum einen kann man ausprobieren auf diese jeweiligen Verlinkungen zu verweisen; C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\AffinityDesigner2.exe C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\AffinityPhoto2.exe C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\AffinityPublisher2.exe Das username muss man ersetzen mit dem eigenen Windowsnamen. Eine offizielle Lösung mit dem verlinken auf einer Exe Datei wurde auch hochgeladen; Die Verlinkung aus dem anderen Program muss auf diese Exe datei erfolgen. Die offizielle Zip Datei die oben verlinkt ist herunterladen und auf dem eigenen Rechner an einer Stelle entpacken wo es nicht ausversehen gelöscht wird. Verknüpfung von einem externen Program erfolgt dann auf diese entpackte Exe datei. Laut den Angaben des Teams soll in der Zukunft neben dem MSIX installer auch ein Exe Installer Angeboten werden, da sollte das verknüpfen dann ohne Umwege direkt gehen. EDIT; für die Verknüpfung erstellen auf dem Desktop; mit Windows + R kann man das Ausführen Fenster öffnen, dort dann Shell:AppsFolder tippen und die Enter Taste drücken. Es öffnet sich ein Ordner mit allen installierten Programmen. Nun mittels Rechtsklick und Verknüpfung erstellen beim gewünschten Program die Desktopverknüpfung erstellen.
  19. I tried to match the position of the provided pictures and made a comparison. The "corel draw " picture has apparently a darker black and might look sharper because of it? export comparison black is lighter.webm
  20. Für das zurücksetzen der Pinsel kann man entweder folgendes ausprobieren; Bearbeiten>Einstellungen>Verschiedenes> Pinsel zurücksetzen. Oder alternativ und für alle Programme; Vor dem Starten und klicken auf Affintiy Photo bitte STRG gedrückt halten und solange warten bis das folgende Fenster auftaucht. unter "alle Apps des Typs Affinity 2" dann Pinsel zurücksetzen selektieren und Löschen klicken.
  21. This is an interesting take and might be true in many cases. When you want to program with for example python, the official installer recommends and gives the option of disabling the 256char limit. Disabling that limit is done to prevent problems and having much easier debugging (finding errors) capabilities.
  22. I am afraid to say, you have to use the old versions from Blender 2.9x. There is no support yet for the newest version 2.X.X (from 2020 upwards). It would be cool thou when Serif updates their programs so they are compatible with the standards written down by the Visual Effects Society Technology Committee and other Software vendors. https://vfxplatform.com/
  23. so for non Apple users, Its the Resizable Bar feature which probably is not supported by the Affinity Product line?
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