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  1. Surely this would be easy to implement... Do the developers read this forum?
  2. A big thing I am missing from my PS days is Layer Comps, where you can save and restore layer visibility combinations. It's not a snapshot, as it's not a history state. It just saves the layers configurations (visibility, opacity, layer effects), not the actual content.
  3. I'm a 3d artist, and photoshop's 3d features are awful and I would never use it. The other alternative is to use an exisiting stand alone 3d program, which is already available and designed specifically for the task. Then use Affinity Photo to comp in the 3d elements, which is what AP is designed for.
  4. Nooooooooo There are many dedicated programs that do 3d painting very well. The last thing that Affinity needs is a worse implementation that just bloats the program unneccesarily. Keep it focused!
  5. As a workaround, it's possible to type the percent value in decimals, even though it is not displayed. For example, typing 50.4 will still display 50, but will actually offset by 50.4. With trial and error it's possible to get the exact offset you need.
  6. Really need an option to be able to type in specific pixel offset values in the Affine filter. Percentage isn't accurate enough for some things! Also just rename it to Offset 🙂
  7. For sure, it's always important to have completely separate alpha and colour. Now with this workflow I can have a layers group for the colour, and a layers group for the alpha. Then all that is required before export is to right click my 'alpha' layer group and Rasterise to Mask.
  8. One thing I forgot to mention, if you are opening a file that already has an alpha channel that you want to edit, first thing to do is right click Background Alpha > Create Greyscale Layer, then 'remove' the original alpha channel with Background Alpha > Fill
  9. SOLUTION: 1) Paste as new layer, make it the top layer 2) Right click layer > Rasterize to Mask File > Export This is a different workflow to what I was used to in PS, but I think it's more flexible because you can optionally have a bunch of layers above or below the mask layer all with their own transparency that will contribute to the final exported alpha channel. ALSO you can have multiple mask layers that all contribute to the final alpha channel.
  10. It's stuff like this which makes it impossible for me to convert to Affinity from Photoshop, as much as I want to 😭
  11. Thankyou! Also I just noticed there is an option for it when creating a new document, which is nice
  12. I mean multiple multiple layers at once, complete with effects etc
  13. Greetings! I've been trying out Affinity Photo after having used Photoshop my whole career. It's got some really cool stuff in there! But also there are some little problems. I thought I'd make some notes, perhaps someone will find them useful. Rectangular marquee tool doesn't snap to grid Have an option to move layer visibility boxes to the other side (perhaps I just need to adjust but I find it weird. Also check boxes don't quite seem right for layer visibility) No way to duplicate layers to new document. I use it a lot in PS! It would be cool to be able to chang
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