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  1. Cryptomatte support native in Photo would be a real feather in your cap. You could really steal a certain market share from Photoshop if you build on your current HDR/32 bit features. If you position it to be the ultimate compositor for CG generated still images you would score a coup. In addition to Cryptomatte, adding a really good Z-depth blurring/bokeh live filter would be a godsend. I'm sure there are other aspects that people could mention but I think you get the idea. One of the keys to underdog tools like Photo gaining market share is finding niches and attracting those communities to your product. Word gets around quickly for things like this.
  2. Hmm. I tried out your scenario. I guess I can see how that might be helpful. However, I do notice that the highlighting comes on when you hover with your pen. So that could still be there when it's needed. My main concern is how I might not have been the only newb who was stumbling on this feature. If it only showed up when you either select something to move or when you have the pen tool and hover, it might be a bit more user friendly. As it is, I wonder if it isn't more frustrating than useful for new users. It sure was for me. It's just something for the Devs to keep an eye on when user testing and maybe tweak. I'm not suggesting in any way that it be removed.
  3. (I searched and did not see this exactly. Pardon me if already discussed) For a good while I couldn't figure out why Objects were showing a distracting purple line over all strokes. I finally figured out that it was the Snapping Candidate feature. This led me to thinking that there may be a better way that is less off-putting for new users. Why not show Snapping Candidates only when you have something selected? Presumably we don't need to see that until we go to move something, right? It would be nice (and intuitive) to get a clean view of your Artboard by just selecting nothing. I can't think of why I need to see Snapping Candidates when nothing is selected. Especially when hovering with, say, the pen tool, reveals the snapping. I might be just missing the point of showing snapping candidates. So, I'm open to hearing the rationale. If there is a good one, maybe the option should just be turned off by default to avoid confusion and frustration with new users. I'd be surprised if I was the only one who felt this way before finding the answer. Thanks
  4. Maybe it's not a hardship but usability is often about little things like this. Not to keep banging the drum but Freehand had it right. The more Affinity can become a vessel for the ghost of Freehand, the better as far as I'm concerned.
  5. I want to add my voice to requesting full EXR and Cryptomatte support in Affinity Photo. I too want to leave Photoshop behind but this will be one obstacle.
  6. You are my hero. So absolutely right that you deserve a reward. You need to be hired by Serif and carry this fundamental concept to the world through the vessel of Affinity Designer. I do really like AD but I have to say that my secret hope was that it might be picking up the Freehand paradigm of selection and manipulation of path and text objects. Boy was that a powerful advantage of Freehand. Any other bells and whistles paled in comparison. Once "getting" Freehand's method it was so painful and infuriating to go back to Illustrator's idiotic ways. Designer has not copied all of Illustrator's annoyances and is more pleasing to use but I really hope that someone at Serif looks into what you are saying and sees the light. Preach it!
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