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  1. Not trying to be argumentative I'm just trying to understand this. So what your saying is that it is impossible for RAW camera sensor data to be modified and then reoutput as if it had not been modified back into another RAW format file (without external files like an .xmp sidecar being added) . So why are there are no .xmp sidecar files being created when DXOptics Pro 11 outputs an edited .NEF file to a .DNG file that I then can bring into Affinity Photo's Develop persona (which I believe is the RAW editor for Affinity). So how about just adding the option to output to .DNG in Affinity Photo? lol BTW, I am asking this due to the fact that I am currently enrolled in a college level photography class that seems to love Macs and Adobe products. I edit my photos at home but then I am required to submit them as a "Level 12" .jpg which means I basically have to take my files and then import them to photoshop in class and export again there as the appropriately formatted .jpg file. I don't want to import a .tiff or .jpg to then convert to some other .jpg format for the fear of losing data and therefore quality in my photos.
  2. So maybe I'm asking this question the wrong way. How can I make edits to a raw file from my Nikon camera using Affinity Photo then export that edited raw sensor info back out into a lossless file format that other software will see as if it was a raw sensor info file so I can edit it in other ways? For example When I bring a file into DXOptics pro from my camera it allows me to denoise using its algorithms then export to a DNG file that I can then edit in Affinity Photo starting in the Develop Persona. Thanks for the help! :-)
  3. I'm unable to find an option to export out of Affinity photo as a RAW file of any type whether it be .NEF .DNG or some other option. Is this not available in Affinity Photo? Thanks in advance.
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