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  1. I can't figure out how to do something so basic as reloading an image. This is typically done when you have the image open in 2 applications at the same time and you're editing it in both. When you do a save in the other application you need to reload the image to see the changes. The other application I'm using Infinity Photo with is Modo, a 3D application. Modo automatically reloads the image as it detects that the file was save in the external paint program. You also manually reload images.
  2. I'm on Windows 10. i7 CPU 24 GB Ram and SSD drive. Affinity Photo takes 14 seconds to load. Serif Photoplus X6 takes 4 seconds to load. I find some filters very slow to be applied.
  3. Add vote. Pretty sure Photoshop has this where if you're cropping to 6"x4" you can specify 300DPI and end up with a cropped image at 1800 x 1200 where the image is automatically resampled once you've defined the region to crop to. Plus of course the crop tool should remember the crop settings so if you're editing a bunch of photos you don't have to select the crop settings each time as you currently do now with Affinity Photo. Even the previous PhotoPlus X series remembered the crop settings.
  4. Screen grab of Word's available commands. Same applies to Excel. Obviously my needs are different than yours. I often have multiple documents open so that I can copy and paste elements between them and in a range of applications.
  5. I'm a professional photographer. It's quite common for me to open 20 or more files at once. I'll do whatever it is I need to do then close all of the files. Some programs that I use have it: Cinema 4D Modo Photoplus X6 Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel
  6. I can't believe that something so fundamental to a program like "Close all" is absent from Afinity Photo. Photoplus X6 that I have upgraded from has it.
  7. If you haven't found it yet, the straighten tool is part of the crop tool. With the crop tool selected ctrl drag out a line along the horizon. The image will now be straightened.
  8. There's a couple of ways of rotating an image: 1. Select the layer and unlock the layer by clicking on the padlock. Select the Move tool (V Key). You'll get a rotation handle at the centre top that you can drag on to rotate. Or when you hover near a corner you get a rotation handle. Alternatively in the Transform tab at the lower right you can type in a specific amount to rotate by. In the documentation under "Rotation and shearing". What the documentation doesn't explain is if you're on a background layer you first need to unlock it. Layers e.g. a duplicate background layer don't need unlocking for the rotation using the Move tool to work. 2. A slicker way is to select the crop tool. Hold down the ctrl key and left click the mouse and drag out a line along the horizon. Release the mouse button while the Ctrl key is held down. The image will now be rotated with the horizon perfectly level. No messing around with small rotations. You'll need to crop the image slightly as there will be some small gaps on sides. Look up "Straightening" in the help for full instructions. Hope this helps. Suggest you watch some of the video tutorials as stuff like this is covered in them.
  9. 1 and 2 are working fine for me (Windows 10). Bit hard to make out what you're doing in the videos because of the low resolution. Might also help if you showed the Layer manager so we can see what layer you're on. 3. Can't understand what you're describing / can't replicate. I can change the brush colour without it changing anything. 4 - no crashes for me. 5. Agreed. Seems to be hard coded to the Delete function.
  10. File > Export. There's also an "Export Persona" (export layout) on the toolbar near the top left hand corner that gives you exporting options. Hope this helps.
  11. Yup, crashing for me second time help is opened. Windows 10.
  12. Have to say that after upgrading from Photoplus X6 to Affinity Photo I'm very disappointed with cropping. I too don't like how if you select a 4" x 6" crop preset then drag on the corner to resize how the aspect ratio is not maintained as it is in Photoplus X6. The workaround is to create your own 4 x 6 preset. That works and I can live with it. What I find incredibly bad is how if i want to crop 100 photos every new photo I've got to go back to the crop menu to select the aspect ratio. With Photoplus X6 it uses the last selected crop ratio. This makes editing photos so much quicker.
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