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  1. Hi, It can be very useful to add document or project related notes within an Affinity Photo document itself. Attached an Affinity Photo file which allows you to add a "sticky note" layer to any AP document by means of copy-paste a whole layer group and additionally edit the related text layer. Toggling "notes" layer visibility will show/hide your document info. In the example you can see whether you like to download it or not. Document-notes.afphoto
  2. Hi, To developers working on improvement of compatibility of (Photoshop compatible) plugins: At https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FMML/conversations/messagesa discussion is going on including some discoveries. Perhaps someone is willing to look into it (messages with subject: 'Affinity'). Roberto
  3. Roberto1972

    Running 32 bit plugins in Affinity Photo

    Correction: I was wrong with my last sentence between brackets! LaunchBox loads ALL plugins found in all 'added' plugin folders; one can not select which plugin folder(s) to be used for loading the Filters menu. The only option to load plugins from specific plugin folders is making sure the other plugin folders are not 'added' (use Remove button). As a consequence it's a bit tedious regularly to add specific folders: requires browsing through a file explorer window. However, I sent the developer a feature request for being able to select folders from the list of added folders to be used for loading filters... so who knows later on :-P 64 bit plugins are ignored/ not included in the filters being loaded. Roberto
  4. Hi, Just wanted to let you know that AlphaPlugins LaunchBox successfully allows you to run your good old 32 bit plugins from within Affinity Photo, which is 64 bit. This also applies to Serif PhotoPlus (at least X8 works - which was my initial concern). Very affordable tool seeming to be the only practical way to still let you benefit from your precious otherwise trash banned 32 bit plugins! After installation issues (see below) were solved I successfully ran 32 bit plugins on backgrounds, layers as well as on selections. Majority of plugins should work (including AlienSkin ones, yeaii!) Installation: • Execute the installer. • Destination program folder: any folder you like (AlphaPlugins folder will be created in there, including program files). • Manual plugin folder installation: choose your 64 bit plugins folder (AlphaPluginsBridge.8bf will be added there during installation). • If your 64 bit plugins folder only has the 8bf added and no ini file then create the ini file manually: create text document named AlphaPluginsBridge.txt; change .txt extension to .ini • In the manually created AlphaPluginsBridge.ini file add a single line: the path to where LaunchBox is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\AlphaPlugins\AlphaPluginsLaunchBox.exe ) and save the file. • Run Affinity Photo (from here I assume Affinity Photo already knows what your 64 bit plugins folder is) • Open image, go to plugins menu, run AlphaPlugins - AlphaPlugins 32bit Bridge... • AlphaPlugins LaunchBox will start: enter registration info or remain in trial mode • In 'Properties' menu (remove the default plugin folder and) add your plugin folder(s) containing 32bit plugins. • Select a plugin folder in this list and click OK (plugins will be loaded and main UI is shown) • Open 'Filters' menu; select (32bit) plugin and click OK: from here everything behaves like running normal plugins • When running AlphaPlugins 32bit Bridge... again from the plugins menu in Affinity then just go straight to the 'Filters' menu and select the plugin to be run. (only when you want the Filters menu to show plugins from an other plugins folder you need to go to the Properties menu and select an other plugin folder). Works like a charm so had to let know here :-) Cheers, Roberto
  5. Hi, I understood Affinity and FilterForge both finally got in touch with each other, which is awesome. Now I'd like to abuse this opportunity to let know that Harald Heim from thepluginsite.com emailed Affinity on Tuesday Januari 10th, also for the sake of Affinity compatibility of his plugins. Hopefully someone from Affinity reading this could double check if Harald's request came through. What I understood from some plugin developers they are mainly interested in (an NFR license and) how to make their plugins being recognized as a 'known' plugin in Affinity. Next to other technical stuff obviously. PS: I noticed some plugin developers and potential (even Photoshop!) users are held back from buying Affinity because there is no trial version available: somehow Serif managed to attract even Photoshop users as the word goes around online that Affinity has some very interesting features making it worth to use Affinity as a complementary product to the workflow of PS obsessed users :) . Who could have ever imagined that: being able to get any interest of the Adone-only community? Perhaps good to reconsider having an Affinity trial available? Roberto
  6. Roberto1972

    Running FilterForge in Affinity

    Hi MEB, Yes, it seems an ever lasting struggle to fully support 8bf plugins: looks like ALL image editors in the past until today are behaving differently when it comes down to running plugins. One editor has such issues, the other different issues and with some bad luck a certain plugin refuses to start at all. I suppose all image editor developers find individual solutions for specific issues. Guess Adobe is not fully clear with the specs or documentation. Somehow all plugins work with Photoshop but the reason for that must be that plugin developers focus on sole compatibility with Photoshop. The latter is also the one and only reason I never completely said goodbye to Adobe: always still have Photoshop 6 installed (and Elements but PS Elements versions never ran well at all on any of my computers). • 16 bit images without issues on Windows: it was not my post but when I heard from Filter Forge earlier this week they said: (I filled in an error report showing up when FF didn't start up in Affinity; later emailed them directly when I remembered the 'old PhotoPlus fix' and told them that fix worked for Affinity as well): 1) We don't officially support Affinity yet. We contacted Serif about a few technical issues that prevent us from adding Affinity support to Filter Forge, but haven't heard back. You can help us by nagging Serif about adding Filter Forge support from their side. (Asked them which exact issues so I could post them here on the forum): 2) Thank you for your assistance. You cam simply ask Serif to contact Filter Forge support: beside information on storing the plugin info and instructions on making Filter Forge a 'known' plugin, we will also need an NFR license for Affinity. ... so I'm sure with 'some technical issues' they also include the 16-bit thing. Filter Forge usually is constantly on top of things and they don't forget :-P However, there might have been a door opened recently for fixing the preview issue in plugins created with FilterMeister! Harald Heim from the PluginSite used to co-develop FilterMeister (actually most progress was thanks to him) but stopped years ago. Since then he used the FilterMeister framework for his own plugins and modified the original code (apart from additionally having moved the whole thing to Visual C). According to him his plugins don't have the semi-transparent preview issue but he didn't know where the change has been introduced in the last 8 years of coding. Now just the other day I accidentally discovered that I had his plugins installed from only one version back instead of the latest version: turned out all one version older plugins do have the semi-transparent preview issue while the very latest version NOT. So 8 years of time frame has been narrowed down a much shorter time frame. I contacted Harry to notice him about this but haven't received a reply yet. IF he figures out the cause he would inform Alex Hunter (FlterMeister owner/developer) about it BUT due to constant health issues FilterMeister development progress is incredible slow, so no idea how quickly the fix would be implemented. Alternatively perhaps Serif can do something with the info if Harry comes up with something useful. Roberto
  7. Last minute holiday wishes for everybody... May the Holy Spirit in us express tons of love, altruism, wisdom and creativity for the sake of a Holy energetic and fruitful community in perfect harmony and joy! ...During the Christmas days and days after, in our present as well as after life :wub: . Some will unfortunately somehow truly hate the following but since it is Christmas holiday, a nice opportunity to consider what it all is about anyway: Remember: out of our creator God's immense love for us the Father offered His only Son Jezus, perfectly Holy and innocent, to humanity to suffer (during His life on earth among rebellious people and) on the cross as payment for all our sins and is eager for us to make the best of our given fresh new start and welcome us in Heaven. Heaven is a perfect place where evil spirits can not be. Heaven is a heavenly place which every soul loves to be: way exceeding earthly happiness. The evil one is trying hard to keep us from the promised eternal good life (God commanded Satan to serve His created people who God does love but Satan refused because he finds himself too great to serve weak people) but Satan isn't a match for those who just and only trust in Jezus as savior: He teached us how to follow a life that pleases God by keeping the ten commandments and tried to explain us how and why by means of parabels because we cannot yet understand the actual truth (like an adult can't explain a kid everything exactly the way it is). Those who trust in Him will be saved even when unintentionally sinning over and over again or when intentionally sinning but truly regretting their sins. Just do believe, do trust and honestly try follow His path and you will be saved, no matter whether you succeeded following the suggested path or not (and all people won't): it's all about good non-selfish intentions, awareness in good and bad and trust in Him to be there for you to rescue. Out of love and respect in return the Father WILL cleanse you from your bad properties and give you a rebirth as a new person with a clean spirit in Heaven. If it makes no sense -which unfortunately more and more often happens in modern world- don't ignore it just like that; the stakes of assumption are too high. 'Not knowing' is no excuse for those who do know there are Bibles, Korans or whatever. It's not like the rules don't apply to you because you ignore them. And those who really don't know are the ones who knowers have the responsibility to inform them (mostly the case in ancient times). Do at least read or listen (audiobook) the Bible: reading it a couple of times it likely will all make totally sense. Only THEN make a decision. Christianity is NOT just a religion like other religions which pretty much all are based on assumption, invention or human philosophy. Christianity is the ONLY religion based on many documented (initially orally) prophecies that turned out to come exactly true (in the past times), 1:1 contact between God and people and additionally Jezus expressed 'super natural' wisdom and performed many wonders for proof, backing up His teachings. What can be done more to convince people? Repeat it over and over again live for every new born human? No, God decided to stop the campain of evangelism and let believers (at first actual whitnesses of Jezus' life) take over the spreading of the message with the help of written documentation (scriptures, Bible texts and the Holy Spirit working from within people. Assuming the Bible is all made up makes no sense: there is no old written material nearly LIKE the Biblical texts. Gossip and made up stories for entertainment are different (and more exciting to read). Besides, it hardly exists in old texts because ink and perkament were simply too rare and expensive for wasting on entertaining stories. Everybody, believer, those who doubt or are true atheist (non-believer) will know eventually anyway: once one passes away Jezus will guide him or her into the spiritual world and the diseased will experience overall understanding, immense love and timelessness. Many people having been there by near death experience as one can learn from their stories. God created with the help of the Holy Spirit, Jezus was already there with the foundation of the Earth. God is always actively at work on earth and in the Heavens: forming, braking old, creating new, giving life and fighting Satan. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one: they all have one unified will and goal like a person is one with having one body, one mind and one soul: they all act in sync (in a healthy person). Eventhough God will not fight Satan for ever. When the time is there and there is no need for evil (and the resulting destruction and suffer) anymore He will end all evil, period. In the mean time as many as possible souls will be added to Heaven for the sake of God's plan; not for the sake of the individual but the individual may be thankful for his creation and join God's Kingdom where the individual enjoys eternal pleasant life where God enjoys to SERVE and treat very well His children who trust in him as a child trusts his parents and feels comfortable in their presence and under their protection. To believers may God bless you with a fruitful new year and keep up the faith! To doubters and non-believers: Have a great new year and PLEASE do have a look at the Bible for your own sake and if you are willing to believe but find it hard simply ASK, do ASK God for support (yes, praying is just talking to God directly); God is everywhere and will hear your prairs. If your intentions are real then he WILL answer your prairs. Sooner or later once He replied you will KNOW it's from Him: a 'very unlikely coincidence' an odd dream or any form of reply that you definitely will recognize. God hardly ever corresponds 1:1 these days but the ways He does sometimes requires more time to prepare circumstances for a strategic moment in order that YOU recognize it an answer from HIM! Often He waits with replying until you are desperate for a reply or when you're relatively down under the current circumstances; he wants you to find Him and a reply to a desperate or unhappy person has so much more impact and lasting effect. He never will leave you on your own when you ASK for Him, that's a promise if you trust or genuinely want to believe in Him. However, the more you get attracted to God the more Satan is interested in you so there will be suffering for the time being. God will always supply you with means to resist him but you always have a choice still to choose. Only after this earthly life, when God decides your intentions where genuine, then Satan won't be able to touch you anymore under Gods protection. Wouldn't that be awesome?? Living an extremely pleasant life for God among good people only and all served by God for eternity! ^_^ Merry Christmas to all! Roberto
  8. Hi Alfred, This evening for the very first time I had a good look at the menus in Affinity Photo. So far I hadn't much time so Affinity check out hadn't much priority. I was pleasantly surprised with the menus: they are different from PhotoPlus but turned out very logical and intuitive! From this point it feels like I can go straight ahead with Affinity Photo without many problems... just by having had a good look through the menus :-P If I did this before I am pretty convinced I never would have needed to search for how to rotate a layer: instead I would go straight to the correct menu and block. Adding custom toolbars and I likely would forget about PhotoPlus quickly :-) ... oh, and plugins to show a correct preview as well of course. Roberto
  9. Roberto1972

    Customisability Affinity UI

    Hi Paul, Hmm, odd: if I remember well someone from Serif once told they never had the intentions of competing with PS because Serif is too small (man power, financial resources). Rather they aim at the lower budget majority: starting from scratch (more powerful foundation allowing to make optimum use of new technology), powerful multi-platform software (easier to maintain software, bigger audience) for affordable prices (bigger audience). If PS users actually consider to switch than that would only be a big bonus :-) But now you mention the UI (and menus) are like Aperture/PS then I'm confused. Therefore I just had a good look at the Affinity Photo menu structure (didn't get to that yet due to lack of time playing with Affinity) and compared Photoshop menus (online images) with Affinity Photo menus: I must conclude Serif arranged their very own menu structure and it only marginally reminds of the (after so many years still messy) PS menus. The menus in Affinity Photo are highly arranged and intuitive, which I'm used to (and impressed with) in Serif menu structures. Besides, the menus also look prepared for sharing with complementary Affinity products which opens exciting doors. The menus in Photoshop are very patchy: in all those years they refused to re-arrange the menus despite the fact that in the mean time a lot of new features have been added. They choose to squeeze the new features in the existing menus, leading to a lot of inconsistency and counter-intuitivity. Inconsistent menus work perfectly if very familiar with (pro's/regular users are) but annoying when you need features one hardly ever uses or for those who use image editors on a less frequent base. Not everybody using an image editor is a full-time photographer or artist. There are many uses for image editors and those not making money with graphics or spending all their time on image editing likely aren't willing to pay Adobe$ for the software. Instead having an affordable powerful image editor is a delight to use if the menu structures are well arranged and intuitive. Also stimulating for starters: speedy progress motivates to stick to. Anyways, I agree with you the UI is 99% where Serif want it going forward but I doubt that Serif is aiming at a more PS-like UI. IF they hope to attract PS users then it likely will only be based on having a solid performing image editor containing as many as possible features that the majority of PS users already use. Roberto
  10. Roberto1972

    Running FilterForge in Affinity

    In the past I already had FF not working, it happened at least in PhotoPlus releases. FF came up with the solution when I contacted them back then. Their suggestion worked out and I documented it. Indeed when installing the latest FF it didn't run in Affinity. I remembered the issue, looked up the fix and it worked. Earlier this week in an other group someone asked about the exact same issue: how to make FF work in Affinity. I sent him the attachment I added to this initial post and the workaround worked for him as well. So I thought it would be useful to share this info among Affinity users. Roberto
  11. Hi, Filter Forge might not run right from the shelves in Affinity. Attached an explanation of how to make it work. Roberto
  12. Yes, the more I play with Affinity the more I tend to stick to PhotoPlus and wait with the switch to Affinity ... despite Affinity having very cool other or more advanced features. (Sub-)menus layout is also ...hmm.. When I used xxxPlus for the very first time I INSTANTLY was excited and convinced: FINALLY intuitive layout and MANY tools quickly accessible. And favorite tools not instantly accessible could easiliy be added to dedicated custom toolbars. When using Affinity for the first time I had the pleasant impression it was much like the Plus version. But now after having had some play with it, I got a different 'second' impression. Yesterday something very annoying: I wanted simply to rotate a layer.. still haven't found how to. Looking forward to two weeks off: then I will have a better look at Affinity Photo and perhaps play some more with Designer. So far not convinced yet. I read on the internet various praises about Affinity by ...Photoshop users! Wow, that's a first: PS users appreciating something non-Adobe. Some say Affinity is pretty much a valid alternative for PS. The more I play with Affinity the more I get confused how they could say that. It must be the tools which I haven't checked yet. Besides, so far I only have played with a single 'persona'. Why do I like PhotoPlus so much and why don't I understand some actually hate it. PhotoPlus has its issues (in particular the clumsy text tool). The other day someone told me he found Affinity far from a PS alternative because he missed essential features. I asked which features: doesn't allow to edit macros, no smart objects, no layer groups, lots of handy details missing in features. Doubt he has had a more than quick look at Affinity but he is partly right. Not sure if it's nitpicking, though: if he wants éverything identical then indeed Affinity is no alternative. Other people likely see the bigger picture: things can be done, possibly with workarounds other features can be handy as well while not in PS, etc. People know what they need and what they consider as bonuses. Roberto
  13. Hi, xxxPlus products had AWESOME UI customisability. Customisability of the Affinity UI is a joke compared to other Serif products. Would love to have UI customisability back. In particular creating custom toolbarS. Only modifying a single, already pretty filled toolbar isn't helping much. Roberto
  14. Hi Darren, Al 64b plugins I have installed are: • RC filters (Russel Cottrel plugins - http://www.russellcottrell.com/photo/RCFilters.htm):all freeware • Richard Rosenman (www.richardrosenman.com): all freeware and commercial LensCorrector Pro • The Pluginsite plugins by Harald Heim (www.thepluginsite.com): all freeware and commercial products. • Namesuppressed filters by Kohan Ikin (www.namesuppressed.com): commercial Softener. • Xero plugins (http://www.xero-graphics.co.uk/ - not existing anymore but still available for free online) The plugins mentioned above show the semi-tansparent preview and all are developed with FilterMeister (developer Alex Hunter - www.filtermeister.com) with a side note that Harald Heim has been going his own way by having expanded the original FilterMeister code; he used to co-develop FilterMeister. Additionally I have installed: • Filter Forge (www.filterforge.com) • Topaz (www.topaz.com): Topaz DeJpeg 4 However, these are just plugins sending the image to a stand-alone program and with filter effect applied back to the host (work fine) NOTES: • FilterForge apparently has contacted Serif for solving Filter Forge compatibilitybut they never received a reply: they still are eager to hear from Serif and ask for a 'NFL' license, whatever that is. And they ask for FilterForge to be recognized as a 'known' plugin. • Serif contacted Kohan Ikin from namesuppressed according to Kohan and he admitted he never got to replying back. Related correspondence in other group: Harald Heim wrote: I just tested the latest FM64 version in Affinity Photo and it indeed has a semi-transparent preview. The preview image is mixed with a checkerboard background. The black areas in the preview image are 100% transparent whereas mid gray areas are 50% transparent and pure white areas are fully opaque. So it seems that Affinity is using one of the image channels as the alpha channel when displaying the preview. This makes it quite hard to see the actual effect in the preview. So I would not declare any FM plugin to be compatible with Affinity. I just checked my plugins again and they work perfectly fine in Affinity. So it seems I made some adjustments to my code in the last eight years (no ideas which ones) that avoid the transparent preview problem. When applying my plugin on a layer with transparent areas, the transparent areas are black in the preview instead of showing a checkerboard as in Photoshop, but that is more or less OK. Another problem is that the plugin dialogs with standard Windows controls have no visual styles, so they look as under Windows 95-2000, which is a bit antique. Next month I will be adding skins to all of my plugins, so that should fix the problem for me. I will probably even add an new Affinity skin. Kohan Ikin replied: That's the bug I'd encountered with Affinity Photo as well. It seems to be an Affinity bug though, the same FM plugins work in other plugin hosts, and it reminds me of a bug Corel had (in X3, I think). Apparently Alien Skin plugins still have the transparent preview issue. I'm sure they'll get it working eventually though! But it does sound like they need some help & feedback from developers. (I have an email from Serif that unfortunately I haven't had time to get to yet, as much as I really want to help them.) Obvious is that with the corrupted semi-transparent plugin preview in Affinity the use of plugins is totally ehh.. useless :-P The effects render properly but one hardly can see what they are setting in the plugin. Oh, something likely related: when running a FilterMeister based plugin for a second or next time I often get the error message at plugin startup: Aborting X86_call_fmf1 - - code not valid. So it seems all plugins suffer from a FilterMeister - Affinity compatibility. Clicking away the error message the plugin works fine, though (apart from the preview issue). Slightly off-topic: I don't know what it is with transparency and other image format issues: I remember having had quite often exporting an image in one image editor (or downloading from the web) and opening it in an other image editor then colors might be inverted, only white background becomes black or transparent areas are rendered black or white. Indeed, like Kohan noted, particularly Corel products long time suffer(ed) from incorrect colors (exporting or importing - I don't know where it goes wrong). I'd think image formats have been WELL defined for quite some time. Roberto
  15. Hi, When running - any - of my Photoshop compatible plugins the preview in the plugin shows a lot of transparency while the active image is a normal background layer photo without transparency. Any way to get rid of this? Other than that the plugins work fine and the set effect is rendered properly in Affinity. Roberto