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  1. No, I've posted the Anchor Panels for Page Plus, not the Pinning panels from Windows AP.
  2. I came here to thank Affinity for adding this feature, as it appears to have the same functionality as the PagePlus Anchor feature, so for those of us who are hoping to move on from PagePlus 9 and are producing large books it is a very welcome. However, there appears to be more features in PP than AP, so I've posted a screenshot from PP. It looks like Wrap settings have been replaces by Wrap style editing. What I'm struggling with at the moment is getting the program to remember the Distance from Text settings
  3. Are you inbedding your images or linking them? The feature in Page Plus allows illustrations to be stored in the document file or linked to externally, and when PP was only 32 bit this was very useful. However, when it went 64 bit I had no issue leaving illustrations embedded. Memory use was high, but memory is cheap. Don't use a background to every page though. From what I see in AP, it has the ability to do the same. I haven't tested it in detail because even with a 700 page book with almost as many illustrations, memory use is workable. What I can't do yet in AP is edit any text with the illustrations continuing to lining up with the parts of the book they refer to.
  4. Nobody will be forced, but many people have planned to transfer their workflow from PagePlus to AP. When I heard that PP would be withdrawn in favour of AP I put on hold a decision to change publishing programs because I assumed that AP would have the same functionality. I use PP to create a 700+ page book each year and updating it without inline graphics would be a nightmare. If AP isn't going to have inline graphics, I could have swapped to, and learned, another publishing program at least a year ago. I also bought AP and AD because they would integrate with AP. I expected that some features might no make the first release - perhaps Indexing or TOCs - but not being able to anchor my illustrations to the text they refer to is a huge ommision. That's a reason to be dramatic
  5. A "Me Too" here. I want to move from PPX9 for producing my next book and I don't think I can do that without the Float with text anchoring feature. It's a software tutorial/manual and getting on for 700 pages. It's on the roadmap - great :-) - but are we talking over six months? If so, I better stick with PP :-(
  6. I was very pleased to find that copy and paste of text between PagePlus and AP brought my test styles across and put them in the styles drop-down! Thanks Serif :-)
  7. Of course, the other issue with using the shape tool is that the arrow head length is proportional. So if I need a series of arrows pointing at various things, either the length of the arrows all need to be the same size or the size of the heads will be different - unless I do a secondary edit operation to lengthen the arrow once it is created. So although I use the shape tool in AP/AD, and now I know about how to rotate it at the time of creation that's going to help, the line drawing function with fixed size arrow heads that I was using in photoshop was far, far quicker. Click where you want the line to start, drag to where you want it to end. No key/mouse button combination to remember, job done.
  8. If I change the context toolbar setting for arrowhead types and proportional size without an object selected these become active for all future uses in that document. But how to make this the program default? Edit - sorry, that stays the default for new documents as well. However, the setting still seem to revert when you close and restart the program?. I'll stop posting and research this a bit more - it doesn't look like the proportional setting can be increased above 100% without an object selected?
  9. I think I've worked it out for a single document Being a PC user, I didn't realize that the Rt-click button added functions.
  10. Thanks. Is there a way of making the choice of ends or single ended arrows the default? I know how to adjust the head length, but can I make my new choice the default?
  11. Right, so if I hold down both mouse buttons that works. So now what I need to do is work out how to define the default arrow to have the right sized head and only have one.
  12. Yes I know they can rotated after they have been created. I thought that Alfred was offering in practical workaround.
  13. Have I missed something? When I use the shape tool to create a (straight) arrow, I hardly ever want it to be horizontal, so I then have to rotate it to the required angle. Is there a way of defining the angle as I'm drawing the shape?
  14. Brilliant! You've just saved me hours! Easy when you know where to look. Many Thanks :-)