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  1. Hi guys, I can't do the most basic of functions any more and I can't figure out why. All I'm doing is making a marquee selection on a pixel layer (and it is 100% the correct layer) and trying to copy/paste the selection to a new layer. This no longer works. The entire layer gets cut/pasted and not the selected portion. I also can't invert the selection and delete the remaining parts of the layer, the entire layer gets deleted. It's like the program is completely ignoring the marquee selection. Anyone know of a fix?
  2. Hi Affinity, I just wanted to add a request for procedural generators like the kind you find in Photoshop or Pixelmator. Clouds, Fibers, Stained Glass, etc. Those are incredibly useful for texturing work especially when they're customizable. (Changing cell thickness for example.) Here is an example of why they're so useful. Below is a picture of artist Richard Yot using Photoshops Stained Glass filter in combination with its displace filter to create a procedural leather texture for a 3D software package.
  3. I just wanted to add I'm having the same issue. I'm saving straight to my desktop.
  4. Hi guys, I know a lot of people in the 3D community (myself included) would love to see the ability to drive a lens blur filter with a depth mask. This is a feature keeping many of us on Photoshop when we could be using other packages. This is a very common thing done in compositing and would be very useful. Basically how it works is you have a greyscale image (usually 32 bit) that is output by a 3D software package. This can then be loaded into Photoshop (or some other compositor like Nuke, After Effects, Fusion, etc) and you can use it to drive the lens blur filters. This is especially useful since you can change where the blur falls and what is in focus and what isn't. Here is a video of what I mean. The good stuff starts around the 3:20 mark: http://www.warnermcgee.com/modo/depth_output.mov
  5. Thank you for the response, unfortunately they're not quite the same thing. Z-Depth masks can be changed and altered. For example if I loaded my depth mask into Photoshop and used it to drive the lens blur filter and I didn't like where it was at I could click on the part of the image I wanted in focus and change how the blur was applied. (See this video for an example if you're interested, it starts at 3:25: http://www.warnermcgee.com/modo/depth_output.mov )
  6. Hi guys, I can't seem to find any information stating whether or not you can import a depth map into a channel and use it to drive a lens blur filter. This feature is the only reason I keep Photoshop around and would love to know if its possible in Affinity Photo so I can switch. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  7. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone used this to export curves from Affinity to Modo (I know this question is a long shot). This would alleviate the need to use Illustrator for a lot of us Modo users.
  8. I would like a demo too. I don't do much vector wise except for making decals and shapes for my 3D work and would like to see if this would be worth buying over iDraw (which I already have).
  9. You've been mentioned over on the Luxology (Now the Foundry) Modo forums. That's how I found out about this software.
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