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Is it possible to take a depth map from 3D software and use it to drive a lens blur?

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Hi guys, 

I can't seem to find any information stating whether or not you can import a depth map into a channel and use it to drive a lens blur filter. 

This feature is the only reason I keep Photoshop around and would love to know if its possible in Affinity Photo so I can switch. 

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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You could use it as a mask, since Z-Depth is just a greyscale image. Just make sure it’s in an image format AP can read.



Thank you for the response, unfortunately they're not quite the same thing. Z-Depth masks can be changed and altered. For example if I loaded my depth mask into Photoshop and used it to drive the lens blur filter and I didn't like where it was at I could click on the part of the image I wanted in focus and change how the blur was applied. (See this video for an example if you're interested, it starts at 3:25: http://www.warnermcgee.com/modo/depth_output.mov )

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