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  1. https://dribbble.com/00Ghz Finally, been trying to get an invite for the past 2-3 years. I even gave up a few months ago
  2. I initially thought of that. But to be honest I don't use most of the Sketch plugins I have. I think I have like 5-6 that I use on a constant basis, including Craft and Zeplin. If they could get those working would be fine and much easier/quicker to do.
  3. Hi, Same idea as this Sketch plugin. https://github.com/interfacemarket/Egmont-plugin Thanks
  4. Hi, Need some tool or setting to switch positions of 2 items either based on their center or top-left position. Thanks
  5. You're partially right. The purchase was made in a different country store, and as such it isn't available for download in the current country. And I don't have a local credit card in other store country to switch stores. I don't see myself buying affinity apps again since I already own them. What should I do? torrent/cracked stuff? that would be utterly ridiculous since I have licenses purchased for both AD & AP for mac. Will use my windows licenses then, not the most pleasant workflow. :(
  6. Hi Lee, Thank you for your answer. I am sure that ain't the case. I only have one Apple ID for everything. And some of my album and music purchases have also gone missing. It is surely a problem on their side. I already contacted them.
  7. Hi guys, So I made an order for AD & AP back in 2015 or so. I had to reinstall macOS Sierra after trying the High sierra beta. All things good except that AD/AP are no longer listed in the store purchase history. They just vanished..... everything else is there as it should be except AD & AP. I used the same email address as on this forum for the purchase. Any advice? :( Thanks, Vlad
  8. Yep, no need for cloud. + it’s as fast as your wifi router can handle :D
  9. https://www.resilio.com/individuals/?utm_source=navbar&utm_medium=synchome Check out this. I use it for local network backups.
  10. Hi, Well the title is pretty clear. :) Can you make it happen? Cheers, Vlad
  11. I had to switch to Sketch for this very reason. AD is isolated from everything else. Now it it has it's own solution similar to Zeplin, I wouldn't care. But for now it doesn't.
  12. Oh, my! Forgot about this entirely. I see this thread has over 2K views :D Will have to get back to making that extended icon pack this winter. :)
  13. Hi, I noticed that the symbols properties when dealing with text is not very smart about what changes I make and what to still keep in sync. For example made a text in a symbol. I changed the text content. Pressed sync again. However when I tried to change the color afterwards to another symbol duplicate, the desynced text layer , didn’t change the color as well. Since I only edited the text content itself and not any other properties, the color should still be in sync. However the same thing works as expected on normal objects. Is it a bug? Thanks, Vlad
  14. They should even built a prototyping persona as well. Pixate is dead unfortunately but they might be able to make something similar. (Ability to export code to Android Studio or Xcode would be even better)
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