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  1. Right. The technical nature of a dedicatedly defined colour swatch should always be controllable by the designer. Affinity could just keep the Spot Colour checkbox in the Edit Fill-dialogue – problem solved!
  2. Now that Designer and Photo can open multipage Publisher documents it would be nice if page navigation were accessible via menu (probably in the ”View“ section) — thus steerable via shortcut.
  3. That’s what I was missing! Yes, I have. Just didn’t see it (but didn’t see a description of it neither). My bad, thank you Matt.
  4. Maybe I am missing something but when I open a multi-page Publisher document ( in Designer 1.7.1 I just get to see the one page that was the last on display in Publisher.
  5. As long as Affinity implements the functionality somewhere else this is fine with me. I think the user should be able to choose between linking and embedding images. As it can be achieved with a few clicks to Publisher and back there is already a way to keep Designer files with images small. For the time being I am happy with Affinity app hopping, too.
  6. Of course. When they do it in Publisher you can be sure they’ll keep Designer and Photo in sync.
  7. Not when placing a picture but only when replacing it you’ll find an option button where you can choose whether to embed the placed resource or link it (keeping Designer file size small). The UI seems to be a bit messed up and it would be great if the option also existed within the ”Place“ command in the first place. But still it is great to have the option right within Designer, thanks for that!
  8. Why not give the vaguely named "Miscellaneous“ (in German: "Verschiedenes“ ) tab in Preferences a more descriptive name? I’d suggest "Resets" or "Defaults“ (in German “Zurücksetzen“ or “Standardeinstellungen“). Because "Miscellaneous" tells you exactly: nothing when in fact the subsumed functions are quite specific. Cheers, Matthias
  9. Thank you, Old Bruce. Then let’s hope macOS Catalina comes to our rescue.
  10. Thanks for your response, Old Bruce. As far as i recall most apps I use don’t show this kind of behavior. So maybe there is something Affinity can do, I don’t know. When this happens the problem is not that you have to swipe spaces to get to the modal dialog. The problem is that you don’t have a clue that there is a modal dialog and wonder why the application doesn’t respond anymore — unless you swipe to the default space.
  11. I think this applies to the whole Affinity suite (but for sure to Publisher): When any of the three apps resides in its own macOS space (10.14.5), modal dialogs pop up not in this space but in the default Finder space. This can be very confusing: The app seemingly stops to respond because it expects the user to click on a button but the user isn’t even aware of this button unless she swipes spaces in a desperate attempt to check if the whole Mac just freezed. (Maybe a bit of exaggeration helps driving this bug to extinction.)
  12. When I allocate, say, Publisher, to its own macOS space, opening a Publisher document in macOS Finder (10.14.5) doesn’t cause macOS to switch to the according space. Instead I still just see the finder window as if nothing happened. I have move to the Publisher (or Designer or Photo) space manually or click on the icon in the dock, but this is not how it is supposed to work.
  13. I think the wording of the choice to be made here – yes or no – is poor. I’d prefer to explicitly be informed what my decision here will do with my document.
  14. Update: When I replace those coarse looking linked pictures – the same that look great in Publisher – with identical files in Designer 1) they now look good in Designer as well 2) they do keep their linked status (even though Designer itself does not yet expose this feature). So with a little workaround the Designer file size stays small and looks just as is should.
  15. I just did a test: 1) I opened a Designer file with some embedded pictures (therefore with a 250 mB file size) in Publisher RC 1 as Artboards and replaced the embedded pictures with their linked originals. 2) The saved Publisher file (now a mere 1 mB) displays the pictures perfectly. 3) When I open the Publisher file in Designer 1.7 however, Designer shows just coarse approximations of most TIFs and JPGs. However, three JPGs are displayed correctly. The linked pictures reside in different folders and maybe this is the reason for this selective representation as Designer maybe expects them to be in one place? As there is no Resource Manager in Designer there is nothing I can do about it except to embed the pictures again in Publisher. Even a stripped down version of a resource manager could help here.
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