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  1. Just some minor interface quirks in the German version I ran into within the first minute. See attached screenshots. (Edit: Had no idea they show up this huge, sorry for that)
  2. Thanks. Super eager to check it out.
  3. +1 or both features – cmd-copying and a user definable anchor point for flip and rotate functions. Flipping/rotating in any fashion (meaning also rotating with the rotation handle on the object bounding box) should be dependend on the chosen anchor point in the transform panel. A while ago I suggested an even more accurate solution (including a mock up): Why not put two additional input fields in the transform panel where I can define the desired anchor point numerically? In case I don’t use self defined coordinates the two input fields could also show the actual coordinates of the one out of nine choseable default anchor points.
  4. After having seen the AD 1.6 announcement of course I’m thrilled and curious. Any idea when you’re going to release it to us beta testers? Greets Matthias
  5. Congratulations from Hamburg as well, Matt!
  6. Matthias

    Eye dropper tool

    Looks like a bug to me (see post #6).
  7. Matthias

    Eye dropper tool

    Another observation: It is possible to apply a sampled colour to selected objects with one click. But oddly the selection frames of the aforementioned selected objects disappear as soon as the eyedropper tool is selected. Looks like a bug to me. Also, wouldn’t it be a good idea having a modifier key for temporary switching to the selection tool in order to apply sampled colour to different objects?
  8. Matthias


    Paolo, thank you very much for your brushes. Wish I could draw and paint half as good as you …
  9. Matthias

    Brush sizing

    I guess so. The square brackets don’t work with German keyboards neither. Sure, we can customize the shortcuts to make it work. But it seems to me like a hurdle that lots of non-English users won’t get over. So +1 for control+option from me too.
  10. Check this out: https://medium.com/figma-design/introducing-vector-networks-3b877d2b864f#.v3izmmi5c
  11. Matthias

    PNG Compression

    Good idea. After exporting my PNGs always get a Lossless Photo Squeezer treatment. Would be great to omit this step.
  12. Hi Jim, I suppose the “A” you get (by clicking or double clicking outside the textbox) is not an actual letter, just the tool icon. At least I don’t get a written letter by double clicking. Concerning the different ways of switching to the move tool: I think it makes sense to carry a convention through when it is already here. Thank god the convention of double clicking in an empty area to switch back to the move tool is already here – with the node tool, the pencil tool and the vector brush tool. I can see no reason why it would not work with all the other tools just as well (the pen tool being an exception). I guess you want to express that I should learn to adapt. I do. I just raise my finger when good GUI-ideas are thrown overboard just because they were invented somewhere else or no one even thought about them, maybe because they are already forgotten. I want Affinity Designer to be not the same but just as cleverly executed as FreeHand was. FreeHand was the bezier app for the mindset of creative people whereas Illustrator was and is still an app with a technical angle. Everything needs twice the effort. Frankly, I hate it because I feel it mostly stands in the way of what I want to do instead of supporting me. Which FreeHand did and AD does too. Yes, those FreeHand days are gone. But still I want an app that does things from a creative angle. Thus my attempts here in this forum.
  13. My take on this would be a double click outside of the textbox to switch back to the selection/move tool. Check this out. After all this time I still think it’s obvious: a click for a new textbox, a double click for back to move tool.
  14. Absolutely. There is even more that could be done here.
  15. +1. Less clutter is always a good idea. Could be achieved by double clicking the lower middle point (think FreeHand) or via context menu. Sounds good to me. I think additionally a double click in an empty or locked area should do the same. Just like a double click on a path gets you to the node tool. As it is right now the double-click-anywhere–to-change-to-move-tool-shortcut is not very consistent. It works with the pencil and brush tools but not with the gradient and transparency tool nor with the different shape tools to the text tool.