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  1. I have noticed a few times when working in Affinity Photo that I am getting these lines. I have reinstalled the program, reformatted my computer and reinstalled everything again and nothing. It seems to only be happening on my Windows machine. I haven't noticed it on the mac or ipad versions. Any ideas?? I have n
  2. Has there been any update for it? I am very anxious... Even if it is a more simple version at fist with just the basics. Affinity has done a great job with adding additional features with updates on their desktop software.
  3. The features in 1.9 are GREAT but there are still a lot of bugs, which is surprising to me as Affinity has released pretty stable builds in the past based off my experience. I am sure these 1.9 patches will be fixed shortly with a minor update. Thank you!
  4. I love this new feature in 1.9. However, one quick option I would love to have is the option to quickly select the preset in the bar (similar to what Adobe InDesign has). This can be optional based on user preference. I used this option in InDesign based off the feature I was doing when I worked on magazines. It was convenient for one setting to create ads, one for layouts and one for the final output for the magazine. I would LOVE to see this feature and don't think it would be too difficult to incorporate in a future update (non-major update). I would use this feature fairly often, but not o
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