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  1. Well, and in the new Version 2? Unfortunately Version 2 didn't import these settings.
  2. I have defined an export setting for various printers. Surely this data is stored somewhere where I can transfer it to another computer. Apparently such a function, similar to Adobes joboptions, does not yet exist for Affinity. Maybe that would be a nice workaround ... Does anyone know where this data is stored?
  3. I have two portraits that I want to process this way: They should both be reduced to four colours. That works well with the tone separation. However, I want the same four colours in both pictures. How can I achieve this?
  4. What about opening the afpub-file in Designer or Photo and use the Export Persona of them?
  5. In larger documents I use many different text styles. In Publisher they are unfortunately not sortable. It would be nice if they could be sorted into folders.
  6. From other programs, I like working with variables. The existing variables in Publisher are nice, but insufficient. I would like more variables.
  7. I don't think so. In my opinion it would rise the reputation of Serif and its products.
  8. The release of Affinity Publisher is a big event. Let's make it an even bigger shock to the industry! So I suggest to Serif to open the formats afphoto, afdesign and afpub. I am annoyed almost every day that there are no open exchange formats. If Serif opens them, formats would be available that offer long-term storage and interoperability. And Serif gets an incredible publicity effect and popularity.
  9. I would be happy to add hyperlinks (URL) in Affinity Designer, too!
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