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  1. Fixx


    Beware that border line close the card border will show all card trim problems -- online services have often trouble producing millimeter exact trimming.
  2. Fixx

    How to Make Barcode Transparent

    Vector version is more reliable... though when you start fiddling the settings it is always possible (probable) that machine readability suffers. Test if possible.
  3. Fixx

    Use Pantone in Photo as a duotone?

    Affinity software does not support true duotone at the moment. You can prepare though similar RGB effect:
  4. Fixx

    Delete Selection [Affinity Photo]

    nondestructive way and just as easy is just make a mask of the selection.
  5. Fixx

    DXF file workflow

    No mac version..
  6. Fixx

    DXF file workflow

    I can open DXF and save to PDF with free DraftSight but other way round I have not found any converter yet. (ArchiCAD can but $$$$)
  7. https://itunes.apple.com/cy/app/cinemagraph-pro/id777874532?mt=12
  8. Fixx

    Pixelated (Mosaic) exports

    You can also do Paste inside to get same effect (bitmap content within vector outline).
  9. Fixx

    Editing PNG, PDF, JPG in Affinity

    That is, the AD-missing blend tool... also there seems to be no way to do gradient to a path(s), (unless it is a raster effect, which turns all vector to bitmap in export).
  10. Fixx

    Studio panels in two columns

    You can set manually as many columns as you want.
  11. Fixx

    Export all layers into one PDF

    I did it like that:
  12. Fixx

    Drawing Monitors

    XP-Pen Artist has been recommended.
  13. Fixx

    Bleed Mark

    There are no bleed guides visible (for now). In practice bleed marks will appear in export if you have set those in both document setup AND in Export>More...
  14. Fixx

    Newbie asking for "greatest features" of AD/AP

    AP can handle very big images, ones that PS refuses to open.
  15. Booleans work OK when I select text layers. It does not work when I select layer groups. Layers in the OP image have arrows in the left which means they can be opened like groups. Open and select text layers and do boolean.