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  1. Draw a text frame, format is you need (placing, columns), import rtf-file to it, (select all - set style), shift-click link arrow in the text frame.
  2. Rather, there is no Finnish dictionary available with LibreOffice. Hyphenation services for Finnish apps are not very well produced.
  3. Affinity Designer is neither suitable for book design.
  4. No DXF/DWG yet. Affinity has made no commitment on this.
  5. Shift-Return is the mac customary soft return.
  6. Not directly but it is still editable: double clicking opens it in a separate window where you can edit as you will.
  7. Possibly OP is referring to this infuriating bug: New document just start in too small window: This affects all Affinity software. I suppose Affinity uses the screen size of laptop built in screen and ignores the main screen size.
  8. If you want to do your graphic novel in traditional way, separate 1200 dpi lineart plate and separate colour layers; check that Publisher supports placed lineart. Formerly Affinity apps did not support lineart but converted to RGB or rich CMYK. I did a quick test which seemed to indicate placed lineart retain 100K (great!). Printing a piece out would reveal if Publisher would halftone 100K lineart or keep it fully sharp.
  9. You mean automatically? You can drag manually the styles to any order you like. Now that you mention text styles I think current way of showing all base style variants by default is bad; fortunately you can just delete all styles with one command, save as default and roll your own.
  10. Shift+F5 does not work in AD, and there are no fill layers either in AD. Using a rectangle is cleanest approach IMHO. Easiest to work with if you need to do you own imposition.
  11. That is not quite what designers ask. The main problem with current master pages is that they do not support text frame placeholders, making change in design difficult after you have set your text/content. That is something that is not for assets/symbols.
  12. Main purpose for IDML is to be able to open a project with older version of InDesign. Not all designers are using latest InDesign version (I am using CS5, occasionally CS6).