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  1. I would strongly prefer a preferences option to turn back toggle OFF.
  2. AD or AP? Pixels or vectors? If pixels what resolution?
  3. In either app you can set white transparent using Blend Ranges. You can access it by clicking the cog symbol next to Blend modes selection in Layers palette. Now how this helps printing is another question as printers usually assume white=no colour. Some textile printers add white ink to cover background colour. Possibly your printer supports transparency.
  4. Resampling method should not affect any if you do not change the pixel dimensions of the image. That is not the problem. I suppose your original JPEGs were saved not with best quality, but with some optimized quality setting. AP default on the other hand is very best 100% quality. That is why your saves are bigger. My opinion is that it is not worth the effort to recompress JPEGs just for space saves. External hard drive or some cloud solution would be better.
  5. You define in Colour Preferences just work spaces, not print profiles. In print dialog select Color Matching, Color Sync, Profile (select from list. If profile is not available, select Other profile.. and select from that list.)
  6. I would suggest to try converting to DNG and developing those in Aperture. Adobe DNG Converter should batch process RAWs nicely:
  7. I would strongly prefer to do add/minus with mod keys (shift/alt) as it is done in all proper software. Those toolbars are lost and unrecoverable most of the time and slow working anyway.
  8. I would like to export 2D drawings to ArchiCAD and AutoCAD for use as detail drawings. It is to deliver to clients (editable) and I would prefer DWG.
  9. Layer palette is just a list of objects and if you combine several paths to one layer it will become a single path, a compound path. As you pointed out it is used to make holes in path objects.
  10. I have set shortcut T to select Frame Text Tool so I guess it is now default for me.
  11. No, but you can add canvas area to get asymmetric printing. If you print A2, do Resize Canvas and group all and move this all to desired position, scaling if necessary. Of course if you have objects that go beyond the original canvas things may get hairy as you need to mask them away. I certainly would like to have option to move image up a centimetre or two in print dialog. This would be much preferred method.
  12. Gotta admit I have been lost at the sea of font management since the demise of Adobe Type Manager. Now Affinity Type Manager might bring the good days back. (Seriously, there is no obviously superior font management system available. Question is if Affinity would/could make it.. after all most users make do with FontBook or some similar solution. Computers are so powerful today that they do not choke if you have some thousand fonts active, it is more question of finding the right one from the endless lists. Oh, and families! No current system can pack fonts to handy family submenus... list is so long that I have to scroll for days just to get past Amplitude family...)
  13. Cintiq is a display so why would it not? I would say 16 GB is minimum for serious work.
  14. Does LR really need to convert Fuji format to DNG? I would think conversion to DNG is just an option, usually LR keeps original RAW. I am also not so sure AP is better converter, definitely it is slower. Maybe you can keep your workflow in LR and just transfer selected photos to AP as RAW?
  15. I would prefer DWG.