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  1. Unless customer is pro publisher and annoyed of your colour space selection.
  2. Resampling method obviously matters. Lanczos may give better sharpness but it is still not as good as dedicated resampling apps.
  3. While having EXIF/IPTC editing available in AP would be nice, that feature is more needed in DAM software. Also you can get a separate EXIF editor for free or low price. Most of us do not alter meta beyond setting keywords and copyright.
  4. Choosing a best mouse boils down to 2 things: - Personal preference - Luck. I have quite a many mouses but the one I like best is some cheap Aliexpress "Delog". Small, exact, great touch, with USB-cord. Unfortunately scroll wheel is faulty :-)
  5. PSD format is also compressed :-) This is perfectly academic discussion as lossless compression in PSD and TIF does not affect quality in any way.
  6. It is a problem for few people. Normally it does not affect work flow and quality any way.
  7. You (and all of us) wish. It is not possible at the moment. It would be great. Only way you can affect the noise grain size is document dpi.
  8. OP said "lens blur with a gradient" so I tried what it can do. Gradient mask affects lens blur *in a way* but is is not very usable. Gaussian blur is is far simpler case and grad mask indeed works as expected with it. It though does not give true looking off focus blur or "bokeh" and it is not beautiful if natural looking bokeh is what you want.
  9. Here is what happens in AP with lens blur with grad mask applied: It kind of works but some parts of the effect are not limited by mask. Simple gaussian blur works as expected. I guess R C-R meant that there is no mechanism in AP to apply z-depth.
  10. Fixx

    DXF and DWG

    DWG > PDF is quite easy (you can even use free DraftSight) but PDF > DWG is not so.
  11. You should be able to open Photoshop templates in Affinity Photo just fine. You can also produce print ready PDFs (with vector shapes and embedded fonts) with AP. Mostly I would worry about how to handle bleeds but I suppose that is also built in to PS template.
  12. It should make no difference if you use PSD or TIFF. Both offer lossless/uncompressed image quality and bit depth options.
  13. In Photo crop tool behaves quite normally, canvas does not move. Only differences to PS are that outside area is not darkened, crop to size is not yet available and crop is non-destructive (you can un-crop image as you will). And oh yes, un-cropping reminds; you can add canvas area with crop tool.
  14. Fixx


    I use Lightroom 6.
  15. It is going to be a long long longlonglong summer