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  1. Are there automatic folding marks in Indy? I have always made manually.. (as you do in Affinity BTW). And, often foldable "pages" have to be of different width, so that folding/opening happens easily. There is difference in tri-fold and z-fold...
  2. Text is exported to PDF with embedded fonts unless you have selected "Convert to curves" in export settings. But yes, legacy AI format would help.
  3. Space-CMD works ok, unfortunately CMD-SPACE does not. Thus if you are in a text box you are outta luck.
  4. This is something that should happen in font manager. Though I would not mind if Affinity apps would read font manager groups and present those as groups inside Affinity apps.
  5. I like new icons. Maybe one for Publisher IS a bit oversimplified but generally great work!
  6. What does this mean? It ships with language support for languages the app has been translated to? English, german, french? I would really prefer Affinity to supply needed dictionaries for all european languages. At least. As links at least.
  7. If you have rectangular frame you can use crop tool for cropping (indeed). Works also for round frames etc, but it messes the frame shape. Sure I wish all this could be done with mod keys.
  8. You can use some other application like Preview to save the PDF to pixel format.
  9. You can use here linked file to do text on a circle in AP:
  10. I did try that design too. Basically Publisher should repeat the frame design of first page when using autoflow but unfortunately that does not happen, only the last frame is used in added pages. It is single frame + single story only for autoflow/autopagination for now. Limits design severely, I hope devs can produce a solution for it, preferably with master page tools.
  11. Fixx

    HSL panel

    I am a HSL heavy user and I find Lightroom HSL tool inferior to Photoshop HSL tool. LR 8-band tool is just too coarse compared to Photoshop freely targetable tool, not to mention AP HSL, which just do not cut it.