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  1. That is a nice one. You can also cut path with Context Toolbar action Break Curve but as I seldom use toolbars it is a bit harder to access than simple knife tool. It is though possible to assign a kbd shortcut to it.
  2. ...and do you need raw developer or just a JPEG image organiser... For light use many people like Apples Photos. It should work OK with AP. More demanding users might use Adobe Bridge (free download). It has some caveats with Affinity files (no previews show). Some people like XnViewMP or NeoFinder. I like too ApolloOne though it is more a viewer DAM features being somewhat weak and it ignores Affinity files. If raw developing and cataloguing is needed people tend to use Lightroom (despite it being rental), Capture One, DXO Photolab, or slightly cheaper alternatives like Exposure X6, Luminar or ON1PhotoRAW, or some free alternative.
  3. Hanging anything would be nice. Ability to push certain elements outside text frame would add a lot of flexibility to design work.
  4. I do not know what you mean by "map" but Finder in my MBP can show document icons that show Affinity file preview. View > As Icons and View > Show View Options (CMD-J) and select suitable icon size and tick "Show icon preview". If you are using a PC I suppose it has something similar.
  5. You might want to see https://affinityspotlight.com/article/artist-loch-ness-colourful-surreal-and-out-there/ The work has some similarity. Especially the video part is enlightening.
  6. You can download and use Bridge for free. https://www.adobe.com/products/bridge.html I don't now how much Adobe spyware is included...
  7. I can confirm. Affinity Photo, Publisher and Designer do not respect transparency when copy-pasting from Photoshop. On the other hand, when I copy-paste from Acorn to Affinity transparency is preserved. And when I copy-paste from PS to Acorn transparency disappears again. So it seems it is a PS problem here.
  8. Here in cold and desolate northern Europe it would be quite safe to use Fogra39 for general print jobs. Often RGB version is appropriate too.
  9. Common sense says use profiles your customer is going to use. You have to ask to what uses customer is going to put your design: letterhead, packaging cardboard, newspaper print etc... and probably supply a version for all those uses. The logo should look the same in all uses, or you have design a simplified version for lower quality printing methods.
  10. Thank you for your feedback. As package function is available in 1.9 beta I think there is no reason to continue arguing this.
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