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  1. There is no need to worry about zoom ratio. Just make sure the document size is 540 x 147 pixels and export that without resample.
  2. If you do not need vector outline (which is not basic feature anyway) you can use outline effect for the layer.
  3. Well, I played with one mockup and I have to say having leading field next to point size has its merits. Switching panels constantly is not so smooth.
  4. Possibly there is one TOC in the original and Calibre creates one automatically? Epubs use to have TOC which is linked to content and thus epub software tends automatically create one. Original TOC instead is just a content page. I think Calibre creates only reflowable layouts (but I may be wrong?).
  5. Really, if you do not have transparent background Delete appears exactly the same as fill with white.
  6. If you do just plain marquee selection and white fill edges are sharp. So it is the arbitrary object rotate which produces jaggies.
  7. It would be useful if Transform panel had fields also for length and drawn angle.
  8. Maybe you could attach the image that is causing trouble and we can check if marquee technique is causing trouble or is it a workflow/crop technique issue. Probably you could just crop images as there probably is no merit in saving white borders.
  9. Sounds like OP is using marquee tool to select and delete (or actually filling with white) select areas like photo edges which may bee scanned slightly tilted. Should work OK. I wonder if jagged result is because halftone moire, not because something is not straight?
  10. Artboard behaves as any object and you can change it size by dragging or with transform panel.
  11. Cleanest way to get reflowable epub is to copy text to Word and save from there to some epub editor like Jutoh, Sigil, Pages, Vellum or Kindle Create. You can sure convert from PDF to epub but there will be so much to fix I doubt it is worth it. For fixed layout epub PDF may be ok starting point but I have no experience for that.
  12. My guess why there is no CTRL-H is that this shortcut is used in mac systems (well... CMD-H) to hide application and it works universally. (That did not prevent Adobe using it in PS (and its use in PS may well be older than Apple usage).) Affinity devs did not see fit to get around this Apple behaviour. I truly wish selection add/subtract would work with mod keys, using toolbar for it is not just effective.
  13. Gotta say I do not see difference (when both carefully set to 100 % view). Maybe it is my eyes.
  14. I also use ID as my main tool. It is true that leading works a bit different there: if you select a word adjusting leading affects only one line, if you just place cursor to a text and adjust leading nothing happens. It is economic, but possibly not as clearcut as Affinity devs want. But then I do not usually need locally override leading values – either way works for me.
  15. But this does not happen. When you select a word in a paragraph and adjust leading it applies to whole paragraph. Leading override applies only to that one line that word resides in. Personally I do not think this topic makes a big difference, I can use the UI either way. While I usually set leading in style parameters, occasionally I do adjust it by paragraph (or set of consecutive paragraphs) for copyfitting reasons or when designing flyers and posters.
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