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  1. I usually fake it by cloning whole picture several times and manipulating the cropping of each of them.
  2. Either you resize the document or customer resizes it in print layout. Assuming you are doing vectors. But no, there is no scaling options in PSD export, and in other formats it is merely pixel dimensions/resample. Not so useful here.
  3. CTRL/CMD-E is merge down. If you select two layers nothing happens. If you select upper layer it works as supposed.
  4. For PDF page operations I use Preview, for OCR I use an old copy of Acrobat. Acrobat OCR has a nifty feature to add hidden text to a image PDF.
  5. There is no need to change the visual size, but the actual active effect area could be bigger. That is, knob should move even if mouse drag is a few pixels off.
  6. How do you create a catalogue without import?
  7. For my work, position of the images in regard the page is more important than position in regard of actual text content. It is enough that image is in about the same page as thecorrespondingtext content is, but after that relation to margins and other page elements is more important. That is why I place and format text first, and place images after, non-anchored.
  8. My few cents is that I will continue using Lightroom 6 until it quits for good, despite its slowness and clunkiness. When it does not start anymore I will try to migrate to C1, unless Serif presents something better. I have bought ON1 Photo RAW for testing but it does not seem to be quite there yet.
  9. It works as supposed in OSX: InDesign CS5 place dialog and placed eps item:
  10. What tool you are using to edit colours? Colour palette can display colour values different ways, colour wheel shows HSL and sliders RGB for the same colour.
  11. Well, of course drag&drop works as well, but some people like to place images via menu command.
  12. Note that Acrobat can do about a million things and few of them elegantly. I do not think another such multitoolbox is needed. Rather specified tools.
  13. You can make a copy of an object by option drag. No need for right clicking. It is better to have pasted copy positioned at original place. Often it is needed there. Place at mouse position is not going to be exact anyway. Place at center is not useful at all.