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  1. You can make font sets in Fontbook (like, all fonts except system fonts); Affinity recognizes these sets and you can select only the set to be shown.
  2. BTW, it has been a while since Adobe Persuasion was available. I remember we had a licence then..
  3. Mac Finder lets you display two RAW image side by side with built in Quick View feature. Surely windows has something similar?
  4. "Not embed fonts" is not the same as "convert to curves". No embed assumes document uses common fonts and if they are not found reader replaces them.
  5. Sure you can draw items manually outside design and they are visible in the bleed area. You can increase bleed value if you need more space for marks.
  6. So, you want to mask the black oval with letters DCT and also make the green text's white shadow transparent. Background can be set to transparent from document setup, and you can also remove extra white oval to reveal transparent below green oval. Takes some fiddling to create the masks (or create booleans). Are you sure your printer cannot just ignore the white plate?
  7. Should. Can OP attach the file so that we can take a look?
  8. If you want to edit font you need a font editor, which Designer is not. If you want to use a template, .ai file should open fine in Designer if there is PDF stream included in .ai, and the template is not too complicated.
  9. If you make ordinary layer and drag it over another layer to make a mask, you can still select that mask layer and target an adjustment layer filter to it. It works. However, it seems that if you use mask layer button in layers palette to create a mask it is not so readily adjustable.
  10. Problem with Posterize is that colour selection is not adaptive like in autotrace. It uses always the same colour components as you can see in histogram.
  11. There are basically 2 kinds of users and 2 kinds of DAMs. Graphic designers who must handle incoming graphic assets and maybe have large company archives. They need a real DAM. Photographers who need RAW processor with catalogue functions. They should probably just cough up the dough and get C1. The rest of us just get by with old (LR6) or inadequate (free or new apps) software and wait for better times.
  12. Thank you, Zamzar seems to work. Indeed Designer should import and export DXF and DWG.
  13. I think the difference between 6 and 8 cores is not very big. Get enough RAM, 16 GB minimum.
  14. And finding another app which opens PDF and saves DXF is not so easy... old copy of Illustrator will do it.
  15. I would probably try first Curves and lower the blue channel gamma a bit. But then Curves is the tool I always try first...

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