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  1. InDesign does not recognize it. I am afraid clipping paths are not usable with Affinity. Please correct me :-)
  2. I have the same issue. New document window should open at maximum size, preferably reaching under floating panels to screen edge.
  3. It is also a very varied market so it would be hard to decide what features and applications should be served. Electrical CAD is very different from architectural CAD, and some people think 3D modelling is also CAD. I would prefer Designer to have some CAD-like features added, like dimensioning, scales and DXF support.
  4. There is Capitals section in Text Style settings which capitalizes and more very nicely. As in InDesign, it cannot make all caps text lower case, but it can make text appearance (instance) from lower case to all caps (and more). This is very useful as you can use text variables to copy text and it can be lower case (like in header part) even when the headline part is all caps. (OK, I do not know if text variables has been applied in Publisher that far yet). BTW, change case function cannot know which words should start with cap and which not so german will need some manual care anyway...
  5. Only thing cumbersome with separated mode is that it tends not to work. Windows, palettes, toolbars go missing until resetting the app and as it is not possible to save workspaces follows a tedious repositioning of tools. I much prefer separated mode – it is freedom.
  6. oh... bummer.. (now those files I have are way too old to matter).
  7. Depends.. I think there is no reliable statistics about that. The field has too much variation.
  8. Erkki needs a guide for adding finnish language pack to a mac version.
  9. Well, if you have to you can copy paste via Illustrator....
  10. You would just get CMYK simulation, nothing you could use with just two inks. It might be possible to create two greyscale versions (with appropriate curves) of the plate and set them over each other and set upper one to print with Pantone and overprint. I though think this is too hard an exercise to be used in normal production.
  11. When I copy/paste from Designer to Photoshop I get "Vector Smart Object". It is not though editable it seems. I do not know if it should be as support for vectors is not something PS excels in. Pasting to Illustrator results normal editable vector objects.
  12. But eyedropper targets only by chroma, not luma. Further masking is needed to separate light areas. ?
  13. Nope, that just select colour range and adjusts luminosity across all luminosity values. It does not affect just light tones.I think.
  14. Do you mean that use blend ranges to target highlight? There is no obvious way to tweak highlight areas only.
  15. I would probably just select blue areas and manipulate curves. Possibly it could be done also in develop persona to get more fidelity.
  16. I would want to have in archive the original source files, not the edited, colour separated and downsampled versions. Thus I have to collect files manually anyway.
  17. Fixx

    Conversion to lineart

    1-bit lineart is useful but Affinity does not support it – and word is that Affinity Photo will not support it ever. Possibly you can though export to 1-bit in future (you can do it in a way already but it is not true B&W but indexed). .There s a long thread:
  18. In InDesign it is a preference setting (I usually make it them bigger). I wonder how smooth it would be to use char style instead... considering sub/superscripts are usually already inserted in manuscript (yeah, smart use of find/replace will handle this). Style would be smart as I often prefer to use also semibold instead of regular.
  19. If you are talking about this it is quite adjustable now.
  20. Also when doing perspective correction in develop persona empty corners result (and of course if you rotate). Filling these is probably not good idea in develop mode but it could be a tick to select beside develop button, filling blanks when entering normal mode.
  21. There is one in mac Publisher. I do not know if it has any useful entries like mentioned m2.
  22. For teaching purposes understanding and teaching the HTML set for epub would be mostly beneficial. It is very limited set and for good quality epub it should be used rigorously. Of course if students are seniors it would probably not make sense to teach all ins and outs. Sigil is free tool, but it is not really for novices, or at least teacher should have clear guide how to do simple epub as things can get out of hand with such capable software.

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