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  1. I am having trouble producing a line with thin ends on both ends. I can go into the adjustments and make what looks correct, but when I draw it with the pencil it's only thin on one end. If i draw with the brush or pen there is no thin ends at all. What am I doing wrong or is this possible? Cartooning is great with a line that is thin on both ends. I cannot produce this in both the iPad and the Mac version. Strange
  2. Yes, but your plan must be well figured out so you don't need to change or adjust strokes. I just tried it and it's not good at all. Sad thing. Perhaps one day. I'm still trying to find a way in Designer. No luck so far. The stroke colour disappears and the font changes to the stroke colours. Baffling.
  3. Wow, it does the same thing in Designer as far as I can see. So laying fonts on a coloured line is not possible in either? Working on maps with streets would be very difficult. Unless I'm missing something.
  4. Okay well this is then becomes a feature request. As changing the curve would have to be done in both the stroke and the text on the duplicated curve which would be difficult to do . I understand this may be better done in Designer (which I haven't tried) but it is no problem in InDesign and Illustrator. I understand if you are simply making one size without adjustments needed it should be easy. I am always adjusting afterward. Plus grouping the two 'strokes' will not work at all.
  5. I have tried everything to solve this problem and I must be missing something. Draw a curved stroke. Place 'Text on a curve' tool and type in text. The colour of the stroke will disappear and any stroke colour changes you make will not fix the stroke colour but only be applied to the Text outline colour. I've tried many things and must be missing something. It works in every other software I use.
  6. More than one ad a week here. I do 6 publications. 2 weekly, 2 monthly, 2 yearly. Sometime I even go back in mac classic OS 9 and retrieve very old ads that I know worked well. I have never counted but I may have designed tens of thousands of ads since 1985. (Obviously not all in InDesign) but truly the majority in the last 15 years. Maybe I’m not your average publisher.
  7. Everyone has different needs here. If you run a publication and need to change ads every week/month/year, the file is never “finished” as you say. I have 1000’s of files, some old advertisers that may return. On the other hand I do not disagree with you because in the past I have had to start over with new software without the ease of opening a PDF with publisher, which in my works works great. I use CS4 though and can just make a PDF. Users of CC would have to sign up and pay for a month just to open one ad they need. THAT is painful. Or make PDFs or idml’s of 1000’s of files while still licensed in CC. Ouch. It’s the never ever plan. I know adobe would NEVER do this but they should SELL software (not rent) which allows batching the transfer of CC files to PDF or idml. Perhaps markzware? Truly with CC you are handcuffed. Or an InDesign “elements” would be awesome. Note: I am trying InDesign CC this week. It’s no faster than CS4. I think it’s a bit slower. 2013 i7 3.5 ghz imac. My main job for InDesign is designing ads and a magazine but perhaps the most complex thing I do is a city map. Yes, in InDesign. People said use illustrator. Tried it. NO THANKS. worst software ever. I mean EVERRRRRR as in illustrator 88 to cs4. Not one ounce of intuitive. Of course I’m use to InDesign. Nodes in both software is hell though. Probably much improved by now or even Cs5 to CC. Publisher on the other hand seemed pretty good with nodes and what I need to do a map. One thing missing was the ability to place text perfectly on the center and as part of a line for streets with names. So I do them separately. InDesign did this but not well enough. So that’s my need for InDesign and publisher. No job is ever really finished because they are periodicals.
  8. or on the other hand you could say how come my Chevy transmission won't fit in my Ford? Yet with PDF reading and IDML it is kind of like magic, the Chev can work in the Ford with a bit of work. Amazing really. I'm just playing devils advocate here... not trying to fan any flames. I am one who still opens Quark Files that are sent to me in Quark 4, with InDesign. Saves me about 10 minutes work every week for 15 years now. 780 x 10 minutes is 130 HOURS !!! HOLY CRAPPPPP!!!!! Okay I agree... somebody make Affinity Publisher open Quark 4 AND INDD files. Markzware to the rescue? 130 hours. frigggen amazing how that can add up. That's it, no more Facebook for me. haha
  9. So for all three, Publisher, Photo, Designer, $150 every 4 years or so? BARGOON !! Question for you. How often has Affinity upgraded Photo and Designer? I mean with features, not just fixes.
  10. WOW.. I just downloaded this. Markzware will be our saviour. EDIT: WOW.. I just used it and it's .... useless But, Markzware might still come up with something. The script mentioned by Whitedog might be the best way. Just buy a big hard drive.
  11. I'm seeing two sides here when it comes to opening InDesign Files. 1. The side saying A Publisher should open INDD files because InDesign opened Quark files. 2. The side saying Publisher will never open INDD files because INDD files are impossible to open with anything but InDesign. My thoughts on this are: the 1's saying it should be opening INDD do not understand that Abobe has made this impossible because as some have said, they move the bar with each version of InDesign or just make it impossible. So in my view this discussion is done. You either buy Publisher and make PDF's or IDML files of your Indesign files or you don't buy Publisher and stick to Adobe forever. Quark obviously did NOT make their files unreadable until later versions--- after v4 I believe. Asleep at the wheel. That said, Adobe would surely have NOT mad the same mistake. I am one who would love to open INDD files. But that is not going to happen unless some wiz makes and keeps on making updated translation software. I feel sorry for the CC people because they cannot open their files unless they pay Adobe again. CS users can just go open a file they need and save as PDF or IDML. Which I know is not perfect, nor even good enough for some here. I found the PDF opening pretty damn amazing myself. For my needs and my files. Note: I have probably 10 or 20,000 files. Maybe even 50,000 by now. I haven't even thought of the count until just now. Another thing I just noticed. Adobe Premeire had a version called RUSH. I think it's new. $10 mth. First they had Photoshop for $10 mth. Now RUSH. Are they working on InDesign Lite? I know I can rent InDesign for about $28 canadian per month depending on the exchange rate. Too much. Dropbox, Issuu, CRM, Cable, Cel bill, Electric, gas, insurance.... it's just all adding up too much. Everyone wants to get a monthly piece of the pie and the pie is now eaten. I like Publisher so far. I've had to remake ads when I switched from Ready,Set,Go to InDesign, so I know what it's like and it wasn't that bad. Then again what's your time worth? $69 for Publisher for about 12 to 18 months.. upgrade for ? $30? Just guessing. Or $360 a year for InDesign? Of course we need Affinity Photo or Photoshop. Come to think of it I wish my version of InDesign opened PDF's. Does CC open PDFs? So Publisher already has one feature that Adobe does not. Unless you use Illustrator which I hate. I find Acrobat a bit better, but still not good.
  12. In 199x? Apple switched to system 7. Killed several apps. People did what they had to. 2000 along cane a total revamp OS X which killed MANY apps. We all did what we had to do. In 2003 I finally switched to InDesign from Ready set go. In my head I thought this will be hell. Thousands of files. But when it came down to it. I did what I had to do. Starting over wasn’t as bad as I thought. In fact as with many things you do a better job the second time. What it came down to was InDesign was far better in some ways than ready set go. I still miss many things in ready set go and OS9. If Affinty comes up with something magical, easier, faster. I’m sure adobe will be right on it if it’s legal. That said we all have our needs. As Tourmaline points out. Not to forget the $69 purchase vs a $500 Quark or an adobe monthly fee choice. Affinty seems like a great company. “With it. On it. Caring.” I hope it works out. We know that if Affinty continues to grow, one day there will be something out there to read the InDesign files. Wether it be by Affinty or a third party. Even though adobe does not even have indd files that are readable by older versions. So is it possible for another company to ever have the ability to import /export back and forth freely if even adobe does not? It has been said here that this is very difficult if not impossible with InDesign To a certain extent Photoshop yes illustrator yes (save as older versions and even open newer with restrictions) InDesign no - so there must be a reason The .idml thing sucks if you use CC. As with any tool we all have our different needs. I’d like to see where we all are ten years from now.
  13. I'd love to see any great features people have found in Affinity Publisher so far that you find better than InDesign.
  14. My experience with changing DTP Page layout software. No import is every going to be perfect. I import Quark files to InDesign every week. Fonts over-run text boxes etc. Keep in mind InDesign took over Quark even though the import was not perfect. Of course the import was not the only reason Quark lost. That said, my transfer from Ready,Set,Go to InDesign was done in the following way. If any of you are in my situation which was thousands of files and hundreds of clients. 1. In APublisher make your new magazine - format - template - master or whatever you call it. It's not that hard in my case. (I've already done one and it took about an hour or two) 2. Make PDF's of al your current ads in CC. If you have many difficult designs with some text changes then delete some text or the parts that change if you like. 3. Place the PDF ads into your magazine - or ad file - If there are major changes then re-layout each ad, issue by issue. This will make the work load a bit easier to take. Soon you'll have all your ads done in APublisher. 4. Remember, if you like the HEMI in your Dodge it's very difficult to put it into your Ford. Sometimes starting over lets you learn the new software faster. Plus we all hope that Affinity possible comes up with some features Adobe would never think of. Speedy features you can't live without. Not to mention what we really all are coming here for is NO subscription and affordability and updated software that works with new OS's and computers and dropbox etc. You may just have to sacrifice somethings to get the good things Affinity is offering.
  15. fde101 - Excellent reply. I do use Art Text. Have you seen Typestyler? I think they are behind again in support for Mojave though. Both are amazing in different ways.