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  1. I second the motion. I have my tools to the right where most of my other tools are so not to have to move the mouse across the screen. Please allow docking the tool pallet like InDesign. √
  2. BEAUTY!!! Thanks! Okay, new to the wish list then. 1. make it easier to find in these forums, cuz I searched for a bit. But now, maybe it is. 2. Put the new from clipboard in the "new document' dialog box. But this is great! Thanks walt.farrell
  3. NIce!! The last Adobe forum post from someone said, "Adobe, do you moderate your forums." Because it's been happening there for years. I think Catalina was the first complaint. I will post there that you are on it.
  4. I've looked for this feature in A/Photo but it seems you do not have the option to open in the 'clipboard' size like in photoshop. This is ALL I use in photoshop and would be another great reason to switch to A/Photo. Another wish is a bit better smoothing when upping the size of a photo file. At least the option to up the resolution in a simple way. Yes, I know photo does this. But for some reason photoshop does it quite a bit better without fooling with settings. To be clear, I mean especially when dealing with line art or illustrations. Photoshop just naturally does a bit better job making it look high res. without fiddling. Perhaps a button that just snaps to high res. Call it the high res button. Snap.. done.. tweak if need be. In photoshop if I really wanted to high res an image, I did a double size - reduce noise - double again - stylize,defuse,anostropic - half the size - sharpen,unsharpen mask, 60%,2 radius, 2 Threshold. This works great on some images. I've tried to do the same in A/photo. If anyone has the trick up their sleeve please share.
  5. Yes, exactly as "nwhit" has explained above. Adobe's site is full of complaints and I noted Affinity does the same. Only Affinity I noticed a split second of the highlighted "untitled". Every other app I've tried does the highlight.
  6. I first noticed this on InDesign and went to Adobe's forums. Everyone ripping Adobe. So I tried Apple preview and the 'untitled' text is highlighted s you can type in the name of the file your saving. I thought I'd try this with APublisher and same thing. No highlight. So it's not just an adobe problem. However I did notice the highlight flashed for a split second with Publisher. I'm on Monterey 12.01 and 1.10.4. However the highlight problem with InDesign was also there with Big Sur. Not sure about Publisher.
  7. I have my pages Pallet doc'd to the right with swatches and strokes below. I noticed today the pages pallet on top was gone. I checked to see if it was checked off. Yes. I turned it off then on.. still didn't work. Rebooted and tried again... pages pallet worked.... dragged it back into it's spot and then started sorting out the strokes and swatches pallet... then pages disappeared again. iMac Pro, 11.6 Big Sur, 1.10.1 Publisher
  8. Photoshop CC now has an automated feature where in your low res image is smoothed (amazingly) when upping the resolution. Paste a 72 dpi and make it 300 dpi and magic happens. Please add this feature along with bitmap to vector image tracing like Illustrator.
  9. I know all this and tried it all. Photoshop simply does a "high-res" which is amazing, by upping the res from 72 to 300 and resampling. Done. It's like magic. Everything I have tried in APhoto, even upping the resolution to 1200, wasn't near as good. (as shown in my image). So I guess my point is either I am still missing some setting somewhere, or much more likely that Affinity has yet to perfect this type of thing. So truly this is a feature request, along with tracing edges to vector in either photo to designer. I'm not complaining at all... I love what Affinity has done so far. GO Affinity!!!
  10. Hey, trying to switch to Affinity from Adobe and have a question. I noticed that Photoshop has really upped their game when raising the DPI in an image by simply making the image larger. Older CS4 I had to do some tricky settings to adjust the quality, now in CC amazingly does it all for you. So I thought I would test APhoto and see if it did similar. Here are the results. Yet I had to make the APhoto 1200 dpi to get these results. Still not as good as 300 dpi in Photoshop CC. Please tell me if there is a setting in APhoto to do the same. APhoto top left - Photoshop CC bottom right. Also - Does ADesigner have anything like "Image Trace... make and expand" ? Like Illustrator?
  11. I love the idea of getting rid of adobe and Publisher is amazing, but when I've tried to switch, I have had nothing but frustration. I completely understand they are different tools and there will be learning curves and habits that need to adjust. Plus I understand that Affinity does not want to be sued by Adobe for being too much the same - perhaps. I am no expert in what these laws are but there are so many things that are difficult to find in ... well... both Indesign and Publisher. Going back in time, I didn't have nearly the difficulty learning Indesign when compared to Publisher. An example it the Character panel in Publisher. Why can it not be part of the top tool bar as it is in InDesign? (I hope I'm missing something) I use the horizontal percentage on text quite often to fix the look of paragraphs or display ads. Just a percentage mark or two can really make a difference and yet go undetected. Having fat side panels taking up so much space is just not great. If in fact there are laws against making Publisher look and feel too much like InDesign then why not make Publisher so customizable we can make it look and feel like close ourselves? I'm sure Adobe has no patent on having the horizontal scale text tool in the top tool bar, among many other things. Yes, I realize this is asking a lot of Publisher coders and designers. It's just a simply a suggestion to make the switch easier. Same goes for Photoshop/Affinity Photos. On a positive note, I do find some features in publisher to be better than InDesign. It's pretty amazing.
  12. I know. I'm talking about idml files not indd. Did I mess up? Let me know if I need and edit. Thanks Walt.
  13. Walt, because if you still own a CS product you just keep on exporting your CS files to idml as you go. No rush (and) no need to join CC every time you need one of your CC files exported to idml. OR, export all of your CC files in one very long day/week/month of opening CC and exporting. Until or unless there is software that can batch them. Which is another way to go for Serif. Perhaps a plug in or script for CC and voila. So I'm not saying there is any difference in a CC or CS export to idml. It's just that you need to 'rent' again to get to your files. Unless the day comes where you have upgraded your OS to a point where your CS doesn't work. Then again you will be stuck with batching or sitting there for a month exporting CS's to idml. to some all of this is not worth it. Just pay your 20 u.s per month and use CC forever. Who knows what the future brings. I've always asked Adobe to make "InDesign Elements" for us that simply want to PRINT things. Yeah I know they aren't listening to one guy. It would at least be nice if InDesign was $5 or even $10 mth. Would they not have more than twice the users and thus make more money? I guess they know better than I do. I have done the math. I bought CS4 standard for $1500 canadian. Which is about 2 years of $60 per month. If upgrades were $600 for another 2 years thats 10 months. So it is more to rent than it is to buy. Especially if you still use CS4 which is still great. The only thing missing is custom Font menus which drives me nuts. Although - as with so many things these days - I did have "You Control Fonts" back on my old pre? leopard days... Apple spoiled that one with system protection. OS9 had Now Utilities. WOW that was nice. Colour your fonts.. sort them into categories. Some things sure go backwards I tell ya.
  14. For the few here that have not read all the posts. If you own a CS version and have never saved any files in a CC version the idml conversion that is coming for APublisher will be excellent. For those that have CC files, you will have to 'rent' CC until you die, OR transfer all your files to idml from indd before shutting down your CC rental. I am one of the lucky ones, yet lately I have realized that this old dog doesn't do well learning new habits (APub) and may one day go CC. It truly is great software. BUT... as we all feel.... hate the rental at $28 canadian at this point. Also I received an email from Adobe yesterday stating 50% off. My first thought was wow, maybe they have made note of Affinity? (even though after a year the price always goes back to hell) But after clicking on the deal.. it's NO DEAL. well.. $1 off U.S. price per month on InDesign when you buy Photoshop for the 9.99. Where is the 50% off? I believe it read, 50% off Photoshop when purchasing another single app. That would have meant 20.99 for one app and $4.98 for Photoshop. Anyway.... I wasn't too interested and maybe I've missed something. When Adobe sent out a survey many years ago just before CC. I checked off the YES to rental... but only at a reasonable price. The 9.99 a month is doable for me. But that is only Photoshop so far. why? not sure. I know it is by far their most used software so like everything in life, demand. Yet... supply isn't part of this. No packaging, no CD, DVD, no manuals, no shipping, no retail store to pay. The perfect good ol' software billionaire business plan. (that I wish I was part of) As time goes on APublisher will just get better and better. I hope. Because some things these days just get worse. Like turning on the TV and flicking. gone. Although I just bought Alexa and returned it because she's too dumb. Got a google, not bad. Hey Google - Breaking Bad. It turns ON the tv and goes to netflix and starts where i left off. MAGIC HEY GOOGLE - OPEN PUBLISHER, OPEN IDMLS, LAYOUT NEW ADS, PRINT, FOLD AND DELIVER MY PUBLICATION!!
  15. For some, opening a PDF made from InDesign will be fantastic. An example are advertisements. Some simple adjustments and re-link photos and done. For others, not. But I must say it's better than nothing. InDesign (CS4) does not open PDF's. I wish it didn't. I don't get many clients sending me much more than a logo, photo and ad copy. But when they do send me PDF's I wish InDesign opened them like APub does. Note that I haven't truly used any PDF's I've opened in APub... I've only opened them and looked. So? That said the idml support will be better. I've open Quark files with InDesign every week as I receive content for publication. It's not perfect but it is better than a PDF screwing up text boxes. I know it's not very possible for Affinity to keep up to supporting indd files like InDesign does with Quark files. But I must say that was a key killer in regards to Adobe nearly killing Quark. Perhaps a third party will work on this and keep up with Adobes fixes. Especially being able to batch. On another note after using InDesign for so many years now and trying APub (which is amazing), my habits are hard to change. When the flow is happening and your mind is on the job, it's a bit difficult to focus on a new software. I've done this before going from Ready,Set,Go! (which was great). Going back now and trying it, IT SUCKS BAD. So.... this too can happen to APub users once you get used to it. Like the rest of life.
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