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  1. This should really be a thing, I straight up find some work impossible in Designer because of this feature missing. I've tried emulating the behavior, but I can't be as accurate.
  2. Doesn't Affinity Designer have a width tool that behaves like Illustrators? Like demonstrated in this video. All tutorials I find are for varying the brush pressure with the little pop out window. Unfortunately that won't cut it for my use. Thanks!
  3. That's interesting, I was thinking of the installer and didn't give it a thought the actual install might be bigger. This is hopefully an error and can be corrected in the future, seems very big for no reason.
  4. Bug report for title bar button glitch - Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on Mojave 10.14.6
 When zooming in and out in the document, the title bar buttons glitch by jumping up and down like shown in the example video.
 Note: The interlace artifact is just from recording. Hope this is helpful Affinity_Photo_1.8.6_Bug.mov
  5. Auto-typing from a password manager doesn't work in the login window. I'm glad to hear that the development of this feature won't impact normal development, I'll probably not use this as I like software being disconnected as much as possible, but I'd guess a LOT of users will welcome this with warm hands! (not the ones posting here on the forum though).
  6. 3900X @ stock speeds. 32GB 3200MHz. Nvidia GTX 1080 with Game Ready Drivers 452.06 (I don't know why the benchmark didn't run). Windows 10 2004.
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