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  1. Too add more reasons, multiple big companies have requested the Chromium team enable support in the retail build of Chromium in the last few days, as they're in the process of adding export capabilities to their software or want to use JXL in various other ways. And more information: https://jpegxl.io/articles/faq/
  2. I'm actually a customer and that's why I state my opinion, seven billion people don't matter when they aren't customers and having a premium price when the tools don't live up to the hype won't make any new customers. Why sound like a snobbish asshat? Good way to make your point mate.
  3. I really don't understand the hard on some of you have for Serif getting bought out, it'd ruin the software. Two reason against this: 1. A subscription is a no-go, pay forever or get locked out of all your work. It's going to be a no from me. 2. As a hobbyist I'd never pay for any software by subscription I use one to two times a month, simply doesn't make sense.
  4. Serif really should just make a major paid update once in a while like 2.x, 3.x, 4.x like all software did in the old days. Maybe actually bring new features like it has been done so far with .x updates, but sometimes jump to a new major version. It just gives a better taste in the mouth than any form of subscription ever would and paid upgrades ever 2-4 years could enable Serif to add a ton more staff to create new features faster. Well at least I'd hope that's what the money would go towards.
  5. You can get Pixelmator as both subscription and perpetual license now and they'll make an Mac app too. For me as long as there's the option of a perpetual license that has a reasonable cost and the introduction of a subscription doesn't mean DRM I'm happy.
  6. I'm tensely looking forward to see what new features 2.0 will get if better support for text isn't one of them, earlier posts have indicated 2.0 apps will have new major features.
  7. Which is fine and I completely understand why, but that also made me do the post to put my vote in for the feature. It's the best we can do without knowing anything about future plans.
  8. There's been a few threads on these forums about JXL but no real feedback from Serif on their plans other than an answer that it might happen some day. I really do think Serif should consider JXL seriously and be a first mover in regards to this format. The reasons for supporting JPEG XL is many, a new actually great format for >8bit final export, possibility of lossless quality, transparent conversion to JPEG for compatibility, better compression and more. Some sources: source 1, source 2. The reason I think Serif should be a first mover in regards to this format is that no new format will ever get the chance at dethroning JPEG from it's role if nobody ever implements it in their software. Browsers do support JPEG XL (JXL) but the enablement is hidden behind browser flags currently, partly because nothing else supports JPEG XL at this time.
  9. I've personally seen Affinity Photo remove small details like single strands of hair if the subject is small enough in the frame, even at 100% export quality JPEG. Nothing major at all and you'd never notice unless zooming way in and comparing original versus edit, but still it's a loss of detail. I don't know if this is perfectly normal for all programs and I know it's not a PNG in my example, but similar with loss of quality.
  10. That's pretty much it just looks a bit less nice than Photoshop's version. (Or it requires a bit of extra tweaking) Is there a reason it would be under colors? Seem unintuitive to me. And thanks for the help!
  11. I find the crystalize pixelation extremely aesthetically pleasing and good looking in a lot of scenarios. Is there any good way to imitate the effect in Affinity Photo? Thanks a lot.
  12. I see I'm too late for the survey, but I just wanted to add that I never got an email with the survey and I have all communication, marketing and such enabled from you to my email. Nothing in the spam folder either, I check it every day.
  13. The RAW processing in Affinity is unusable in my opinion, granted I've only tried from Canon and iPhone, but the pictures look completely wrong compared to other software that just nails the look first try.
  14. Just my two cents. A forced subscription would just make me stay at 1.x forever, I only use this software as a hobbyist and I don't want to have monthly payment required to use it. I also don't see how any professional would want this, pay forever or you lose access to all your work. Any form of internet or challenge/response activation would also put me off. This was my main reason together with the beautiful UI for choosing Affinity in the first place. This would make it possible for Serif to pull to plug on any version whenever they'd like, similar to how Adobe no longer allows older CC versions because of licensing issues. And no this has nothing to do with piracy, if I wanted to do that I'd just pirate PS and the problem with older CC versions wouldn't exist either. I trust Serif isn't going down this road, just detailing my thoughts.
  15. It's really hard to find that information as it's buried in threads on this forum, and some magazine I've never heard about before made an article about a v2 beta but it doesn't pop on Google when I search for anything about Affinity, v2 etc. I've now found out there's actually a some information about the upcoming releases which is great. I understand why Serif isn't speaking too much about what's coming up, sales, expectations and all that. For people that like to follow the development though it sucks even if it makes sense for the developers.
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