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  1. My guess would be turning off hardware acceleration would fix it. Hopefully Serif will take care of the bug.
  2. No internet required. They activate in a similar way to V1.
  3. If you're buying business licenses, those can be activated offline. The minimum quantity is two. Not useful for consumers, but it works for businesses.
  4. A pop-up dialog is essential for the feature to be used by more casual users. I could easily see frustration with the current implementation.
  5. Great addition! If the library has the feature, the option of Aztec code generation would be great too, though more niche.
  6. It would be great if Serif could add some transparency of the encoders used, versions and the equivalent parameters for the encoder libraries. Give us a scale in the documentation or similar, so we could check with the encoder library to more precisely tune our final output quality. Currently the quality slider exposed in the export interface isn't directly comparable to anything from the encoders used, this makes it difficult to ensure similar quality when exporting across multiple applications. Some background for the request. JPEG XL is supported in Affinity 2, but nowhere is it documented what library, which version, what effort settings or what quality/distance equivalent the quality slider in AFP corresponds to. This information could be hugely useful when more precise control of final output quality is desired, and not only for JPEG XL but all export formats supported. *There's no third-party notice for anything to do with JPEG XL.
  7. +1 Complete support from me too. There's a lossless option with WebP, so we should definitely get the option with JPEG XL too. The latest libjxl version has a 10x improvement in memory usage and greatly increased speed. I could suspect the high memory usage was a reason to not support the lossless option, but that worry is now in the past. The same is true for the lossy mode, though not important for this topic. This newly released article has an overview of the improvements and some comparisons to other formats. I highly recommend checking it out.
  8. Is there really no UI option to open this dialog, only a keyboard shortcut?
  9. I want to pop in here and ask, are people happy with how Affinity Photo handles RAW photos? My old copy of Lightroom handles RAW pictures a lot better, so much so that I never use Affinity Photo for anything RAW. Their RAW processing needs to become a lot better if they create a Lightroom competitor.
  10. Could it also be possible to get a dynamic area tool? Where we can drag a shape directly with the tool, to get quick measurements? This is possible! Simply drag a shape with the shape tool, it will show you the height and width in your set scale. Of course in addition to the main feature request which is permanent measure/area layers/objects.
  11. Can you make the same behavior happen with any other file?
  12. Did you export as JPEG XL in Affinity Photo 2? JPEG and JPEG XL are not the same format. JPEG XL is a new format which currently isn't widely supported.
  13. Has there been any further discussion on this topic within Serif? I'm planning to gift two universal licenses to my parents for Christmas, but if offline activation stays as a business exclusive feature, I might just buy them the licenses as a business user instead. It'd be most optimal with offline licensing for personal individuals though... then they could manage their account themselves, and we'd all be sure of never losing access to V2. Would some compromise work? Like having to email the sales team as an extra step for the offline license? I understand from earlier comments that the activation isn't meant to be intrusive or act as DRM, but at some point in the future it will become that, an obstacle for honest customers.
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