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  1. I paid good money for CS3 and I can no longer use it. It was not my daily driver nowadays, but check my previous posts, I had to use a software from CS3 which is NOT available in Creative Cloud. If I ever need a software that I bought and the company shuts it down without workarounds for licence owners I will be bitter about it. I say workaround because Im good with computers, make a registry edit or move files is nothing for me, but plenty of people would prefer an offline activation and not a written how to guide. I dont think it is smart to think online or offline (hell, even always online like Denuvo for games) activation will protect any software for long time. Im 100% agains piracy but in my case with Adobe CS3 I have strange feelings. Years ago I made a financial decision to pay a LOT of money to own a licence. Today I feel like if I would have pirated it 1) that money would be in my pocket 2) the pirated copy would still work because it does not need activation. Again please DO NOT pirate software! Also please make a promise as a company, when V3 launch and V2 is no longer sold in any stores, you make it work 100% offline. We dont want to stuck with V2 if you provide major upgrades, but I still might need to use V2 if I have a project in it... I dont care about backward compatibility, if you only adding features to files (need to store data in that file) the file size will just keep growing, at some point you will be cutting "unnecesary" data from that file which may or may not ruin it for backward compatibility...
  2. I hope it will be supported for a long time. This is the anwser I was looking for. I just dont want to get Adobed again with those lazy servers... Protect the software while you support it, but dont punish licence owners.
  3. Back to the original question… is there a possibility of offline activation, even if it comes at the end of the lifecycle of the product?
  4. According to the Adobe community forum they shut down the activation servers in 2020. I needed to use flash (old plotting software was written and animated in flash which I had to upgrade to html+js and wanted to check on the original files).
  5. I know I only own the right to use it. But with offline activation that cant be revoked after the end of product lifecycle. With online activation I can only use the software while I can connect to that server. Lot of companies give you a chance to activate online, which is easy and with a little bit of workaround you get an offline activation... My point is not to literally own the software, I only want to be sure that if I buy it once I will be able to use it even after V3,V4,... release without a server...
  6. I have the box with all the installation DVDs, still cant use it because they killed the activation server. I have a legal copy, license and no way of using the software.
  7. This is a suggestion, I feel more confortable buying a software that I know I can "own" and no servers are needed to activate. I own a legal copy of Adobe CS3 Web Premium, have the box and everything and after I couldnt install it recently contacted Adobe. They shut down the servers, so people with a legal copy cant activate the software... (needed a software which they no longer sell even in subscription) Or maybe a promise that we get offline activation at the end of the V2 lifecycle?
  8. Changing my language from English(US) to English(UK) solved the problem now I can see the offer and able to download them. Thank you!
  9. I have the same problem too. Also tried with no antivirus, still showing the same welcome screen as seen in previous posts.
  10. My question is if I buy a licence I will get a serial number and if I undersatnd it correctly at activation I need the email address I purchased the software with and the recived serial number. Later if I no longer use that email address can I change it or it will stuck to that address? Or its just a "data" and no need for confirmation?
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