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  1. Hello Callum, Yeah, I saw that because someone beat me to it with the topic. Thanks! Regards, RexG
  2. < mod edit> TO OTHER FORUM READERS, PLEASE SEE THIS THREAD </ mod edit> Hello all, I am new to Affinity but am coming from Adobe CC. Not a pro but a beginner who wants to learn. Heck, if I knew about Affinity before I would have gone with it long time ago. Anyhow, I do have a question in regards to the post on the Affinity Blog. https://affinity.serif.com/blog/ Affinity 1.6 updates and free bonus content available now November 2, 2017 Affinity Photo bonus content worth around £105 Dirk Wüstenhagen Fine Art Texture Collection − 99 beautifully crafted, high-resolution textures Uplift Epic Skies Overlay − A versatile collection of 50 striking cloud overlays Macro Pack − A stunning set of image styles, light leaks and distortions Affinity Designer bonus content worth around £60 Frankentoon Texturizer Pro Brush Pack − Over 70 brushes created exclusively for Affinity Designer Tom Chalky Handcrafted Fonts & Textures – A huge bundle of stylish fonts and over 80 textures Grade UI Kit – More than 1000 fully-customisable elements, icons, panels and buttons I have purchased Affinity Photo, Designer and the Book on September 19/2017. Based on the link given it is my understanding that update 1.6 comes free with those addons and if so then how do I download them? If I am wrong then I guess this ONLY applies to new purchases as of today (November 2, 2017)? In addition, I would like to mention that under my account I only see Grade UI Kit & Free Macro Pack. Thanks! Kind regards, RexG