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  1. If you have a Nvidia graphics card you can use their capture software that comes with the nvidia experience
  2. One danger is that which happened to Bibble, which was Windows. Mac and Linux Raw editor. Corel bought the company renamed it AfterShot Pro and after a few years it died of neglect. I thought that it was planned to combine AfterShot with Paintshop Pro but it didnt happen.
  3. Isnt it planned to get graphics acceleration for Photo?
  4. Making skins for games is quite popular and Photoshop and Gimp are the main recommendations. I would like to use and recommend AF.
  5. O/T but get an Oculus Rift and you will be back in your office
  6. Could be agravated by parallax so maybe try to straighten in Liquify persona. Where you an F-14 Rio? TheHeatblur sim is really good
  7. You could always buy a gameing mouse and assign the extra buttons to undo/redo cut, copy and paste
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