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  1. Is everyone still seeing this problem a bit? I notice it mostly when I'm changing colours at the swatch thingy. I have to move my tablet a significant distance in order for it to move the sliders. I don't appear to have any options for the high precision tablet input either. Any ideas?
  2. Ah, cool... no problem at all, it won't stop me enjoying Affinity Photo Thanks for letting me know!
  3. Hey there, I'm a brand new user of Affinity Photo, I was so ready for a change from Photoshop and Adobe... so far I really love what I'm seeing. Actual support for multi-layer EXR? Wow, this is great... anyway, onto the matter at hand. In Photoshop, I'm very used to two things when creating a selection, and was wondering if Affinity had the same and was hiding from me. When creating a selection in Photoshop using either the Marquee select or the ellipse select tools, you can either hold Ctrl to constrain, or Alt to draw the selection from the centre of the mouse, rather than the edge. Is there a way to do that in Affinity Photo? Also, the next thing I can't find anything about is moving a selection whilst I'm still clicking and dragging. The same in photoshop as dragging a marquee select, and the whilst dragging, holding down the space bar to move your selection before you even commit to it. Does that make sense? Anyway, are these things that exist already, if so my apologies! Keep up the great work! Thanks, Tim
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