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  1. Greetings, i am creating a small booklet in Publisher. My problem? When i print the pages double sided, the back side prints "upside down" - no matter what i try to do (short of rotating the back 180 degrees. Any idea as to why its doing this? Thanks for any help!
  2. it appears that doing the reset (plus a restart) fixed it! Thanks
  3. Greetings, I just updated my apps and have found a unusual issue. Every "window" affinity would usually pop up is instead hidden. My issue is in particular with the "fx" window, and when I try to export. When you initially click to export the image, the save dialog window is hidden for me until I use the "ap expose" gesture on my MacBook Pro (m1 max version). Same for "fx". It is only ever revealed just after I do the ap expose. There appears to be no other way to "find" them. This is happening in every Affinity app. Help?
  4. May sound like a stupid question, but how (performance/memory wise), does leaving files open (the thumbnails when you first open the app) affect photos performance? I ask because for the first time I have experienced some performance issues, trying to figure out the cause (the iPad is not close to being full) thanks!
  5. To get a better idea of what was aiming for - look at “quick menu” in procreate. Pretty good/simple approach to making shortcuts to things you normally have to hunt/peck for
  6. Greetings! This has been an intermittent bug for me. when creating artboards and then "continually" saving them out as pings the export persona adds an extra pixel to their dimension. for instance, i created an artboard for a 1024x1024 web image. to straight export it saves as 1024x1024. to use the export persona is makes it 1025x1025 (with no way to adjust it) FYI
  7. I LOVE a designer for iPad, but one of the biggest things I miss are “shortcut keys”. I know you can attach a “real keyboard”- but it’s often unwieldy. I don’t know why the software keyboard doesn’t have the command key either... but I was wondering - could there not be a system that essentially gives you quick access to predetermined operations with just a 2 or 3 finger touch? That would speed up things significantly for me. I kind of envision a preferences panel that allows you to perhaps custom set 3-5 often used operations that can then be accessed directly on the screen by say a long tap with three fingers, kind of like the “right click” approach?
  8. Greetings! Something has changed recently concerning how art boards are printed. Previously, to do a two sided page in one document, I would make a page sized artboard for each side of the paper, arrange them closely together and the document would print correctly double sided. today I tried a older file that has worked with no issues in the past. However now it is telling the printer it is a 11x17 document instead of a 8.5x11 one. No amount of fiddling seems to rectify this. This was tried from an iPad Pro, with the 1.9.2 designer app. Print attempts from both the designer app, and saved as a pdf and printed using an Epson app. any ideas what’s changed?
  9. upon further reflection, it might have been the small app "Magnet" i was using that caused the issue. It was also killing Notification Center. Since i've updated it though things are playing nice. So far...
  10. funny story. I had some big sur issues that lead to me having to boot off the restore partition and do disk first aid. NOW the problem is "fixed". Go figure... I do have one small request to add on this subject though. Is it possible to have the value input box on "feather" (and others operations like it) auto selected when you hit the shortcut key? I have to mouse to it and click to change the value. Thats nothing new, its been that way from the beginning for me 🙂 Thanks!
  11. Sorry, I’ve been buried. Anyway. Here are the screenshots. The difference is between the export (positive on the right) and save as (positive on the left). I’d suggest keeping them on the same side :-) on the focus side of things, my general process is to use keyboard shortcut commands (for export) hit the export button, and it used to have the name field selected and I could just start typing. However recently the name field has not been selected, and requires a click in that field to do so. since good design is most work for least effort, it would be nice to have the fewest clicks necessary :-). This appears to only be the case on my “Big Sur” iMac, as the MacBook Pro I have still exhibits the proper behavior.
  12. bigsur 11.2.3 with photo 1.93. Does seem to be a recent thing...
  13. Greetings! Is there any way for the "focus" or cursor be active in a dialog box with out having to mouse and click on it? (like it used to be) Example. When i hit save, i have to click on the name to change it - instead of that name field being immediately active so that i can just start typing. Thats alot of wasted time that adds up. Can this be fixed? (also, in the interest of most work done with least effort - on the ipad version can the "positive" button be consistantly on the right? Theres one thats on the left, and messes me up every time) otherwise i think you guys are knocking it out of the park!
  14. will give it a try. Im afraid im buried in work these days. For reference, the redraw bug that instigated my post was when i opened a provided PDF file, and while trying to move a photo inside it, the boundry box acted like a brush leaving instances of it behind as the photo was moved. Ill see if i can get a movie of it when i get time
  15. Has anyone else experienced a marked increase in display "glitches" and redraw problems since 1.86? (Same seems to happen on ipad). Before now i had pretty much never seen a display glitch and had lovely QUICK screen redraw. In the last month glitches have gotten common, in Photo and Designer on both Catalina and IOS14. Am i alone in this?
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