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  1. Greetings! I just wanted to lead off with a thank you! This app is really shaping up! SOOO much better than being an Adobeslave! Anyway, I have noticed with the last few updates, an issue with selecting objects when text boxes are involved. They seem to take "priority" often not allowing any selection of objects behind them, sometimes even when the shape behind is directly clicked on. FYI.
  2. further testing - the file is unsavible once a symbol is used. Attempting to save leads to a crash only if the "symbol" step is used.
  3. Greetings, I am making a "half sheet" and using a symbol to replicate it on the bottom half of the page. After making the symbol, and then adjusting type, designer (latest beta) tends to crash. (3 times so far, last one was in an attempt to save the file)
  4. just to let you know, i killed the preferences and the behavior continued. I replaced the application straight from a new download and the behavior continues. Must be some other place it stores settings?
  5. Greetings! Photo and Designer have developed an interesting issue for me. When i leave my home network they refuse to open for an extended period of time and then give me a error (see attached) not being able to connect to a machine on my home network. They INSIST on connecting, and wont open at all until they do. Not sure why they insist on this computer, as i rarely use it in conjunction with photo. Help?
  6. Interestingly, this issue is in designer and publisher, but NOT photo 🙂 (on iPad that is)
  7. Greetings, This is a bug from the beginning of v2. When selecting a text, some fonts (not sure the commonality) will display their name in a chinese/japanese font. The font in the attached image is "a love of thunder". This is present in affinity designer on the ipad (latest beta). I use it the most. WIll check to see if its "universal" when i get time Thanks, i LOVE the way things are going with this app! Scott
  8. Greetings! I just wanted to say, LOVE the direction designer is going on ipad now. Well done!
  9. I have developed an interesting quirk with v2. At home, if i connect to another machine, while designer is running - and then go on the road with the laptop - any attempt to open or save documents (that were not attached in any way i can see to said other machines) takes forever as designer tries in vain to find the connected machine and wont let go for nearly 3 -4 minutes. Which really causes a workflow slowdown 🙂 Any ideas? So far it is only designer that does this to me (although i do use it the most) Thanks!
  10. Greetings, When attempting to export an image “selection only” and it has a hsl filter in its group, it doesn’t save as selection only, but a shape the size of the art board instead. Rasterizing causes it to work correctly. FYI. This was the case in publisher as well as designer on iPad Pro iOS 16
  11. Greetings. I used the warp tool on a group of text objects (works wonderfully). However, when printed, it appears as though some of the text is “through” the 2d plane (has bottom corner cut off- see below). this is on a MacBook Pro (m1 max). There is often some amount of “screen tearing” when moving/ zooming as well (a lot more than on an intel iMac). More so in photo I guess, might be I notice due to amount of usage. Anyway. FYI
  12. The symptom that shows that it’s going to explode is the slightly disconnected triangle as seen circled below.
  13. After some experimentation, it appears that where you hold your finger down for that second menu matters, as I have just gotten it to work properly. The issue happens when you tap and hold in between buttons.
  14. If, in any affinity app (latest update) you three finger swipe while having an object selected - then hold down a finger in the middle of that menu you get an additional menu (as seen in attached). Any attempt to use it results in a app explosion in which everything dies. fyi
  15. Greetings Affinity! Good job so far! Don't let the whiners get you down! Just a few things i've found in my playing with designer on ipad (ipadpro 12.9 3rd gen - ios 16) >When you swipe three fingers and get the new contextual menu (LOVE this idea) when you hold a finger down, and get the additional list - any click on that additional list leads to a app crash. >After adding all my fonts to v2 (thanks alot apple). i found a it strange, that when i select said added font, the "name" in the text menu on the side and at the top is incomprehensible - looks like Chinese writing. (used ios to try to translate - it came up with ??????) and now for the "gee, let me see how far i can go to break things" category > step 1, place/embed (on an ipad! wow!) a older affinity file of a vector pumpkin i drew for a project last year. >step 2, place a filled box underneath. >step 3 - decide to try a mesh distort on said embedded afdesign file. >>result - see attached 🙂 All in all great effort here guys! Just a few loose ends to tidy up and we are gold! Thanks all! Scott
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