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  1. will give it a try. Im afraid im buried in work these days. For reference, the redraw bug that instigated my post was when i opened a provided PDF file, and while trying to move a photo inside it, the boundry box acted like a brush leaving instances of it behind as the photo was moved. Ill see if i can get a movie of it when i get time
  2. Has anyone else experienced a marked increase in display "glitches" and redraw problems since 1.86? (Same seems to happen on ipad). Before now i had pretty much never seen a display glitch and had lovely QUICK screen redraw. In the last month glitches have gotten common, in Photo and Designer on both Catalina and IOS14. Am i alone in this?
  3. Greetings! Recently, and I’m not sure what changed, I have been experiencing screen redraw issues in designer. Sometimes if you zoom, it fixes itself temporarily. But you can draw an object, and it at least initially will not show the changes. Any idea what I’ve done to get this? (It seems to be a bit random as well)
  4. I agree, invert mask is definitely needed. I would also like a “grow/shrink” option with a vector mask please 🙂
  5. Scribble works in many places, except with the text tool. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Has anyone had the following problems, with Scribble turned on? designer will not allow/translate Apple Pencil text, and it seems impossible to get the on screen keyboard to appear - thus making handling and inputting of text...difficult.
  7. Im sure this is a stupid question, but... Is it a good idea, or bad idea to "leave documents open" in the ipad app? You know, where it shows you thumbnails of your recent works. Does that affect performance if you leave alot of them "open"?
  8. Greetings! There may be an existing way to do this that i am ignorant of... but i was wondering. Your handling of swatches is great. But is there a way (or could there be a way) to show what objects use a particular swatch/color? I ask this, because i was given a convoluted eps for a silk screening that i need to reduce the colors for. As it is now, the best i can figure, i have to select each vector and change/remove the color one at a time. If i could go "backwards" and have some method that when i click on the swatch of color i want to remove, i can see highlighted somehow (or be able to select them) so that process is alot less painful. Does this make sense?
  9. Pretty please? For those of us that are so very used to keyboard shortcuts the customizable contextual menu approach could greatly speed things up :-)
  10. Greetings! Quick silly question. On the desktop version, to "load the selection" (meaning get the dancing ants around the object on that layer) in the desktop version you command + mouse click ) on the picture box of the layer. How is this done in the ipad version? (i need to "invert" mask something) thanks!
  11. actually thats what i was trying...but i want to use negative numbers. 0 is still too much in many situations
  12. This might sound like a wierd question, but is there any way you might add the ability to put negative numbers for the "space between paragraphs"? Right now 0 = the full height of the font for the row between paragraphs. there are some instances i'd like less. Presently, its necessary to either do the "put a space on that line and adjust its font size" or "make a seperate box for each paragraph and adjust them accordiningly". Both are a bit time consuming, escpecially when it could be so easy as to just change one setting and they all play nice :-) Please? :-D
  13. i assume the answer is no, but today i was working on photo on the mac and when i woke up the ipad, it had the affinity photo icon with the "handoff" badge on it. I clicked and it opened photo, but never "opened/handed off" what i was working on the mac. I assume this is kind of a "fluke" interaction and was never meant to work... but... is that going to be possible? (someday)?
  14. i did notice i accidently put this in the wrong category. i am talking about Photo on ipad :-)
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