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  1. Affinity Publisher is much cheaper than Indesign and is available without a subscription. I am convinced that the program will find its buyers. An open file format would give Serif the chance to open closed InDesign workgroups for afpub users. A practical example: I volunteer my time in a non-profit organization and occasionally design flyers and posters together with a colleague. But she works with InDesign and I use afpub. She saves her work for me as PDF/X-4 files, which I can easily open with afpub. But I have not yet found a satisfactory solution for the opposite direction. Whether Adobe would then support the format in his program is, of course, on a different page.
  2. Hi MEB, thanks for your fast response. Do you know anything about the price range of the Affinity Publisher? Is the program payable for private users? Best regards Andreas
  3. Hello, I've read this on your website: Will Affinity Publisher open PagePlus X9 *.ppp files? Thanks in advance Best regards from Germany Andreas