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  1. This is PURE gold - Thank you @Typo998 for this nugget and VERY sound advice this is EXACTLY the correct answer
  2. I must say after struggling with creating a line to separate my title from the body, the 'PEN TOOL' is absolutely amazing, my new favorite tool
  3. is there a fix for this ? I too am frustrated by having vector assets on publisher but when I edit in design I don't have those same assets anymore
  4. I know this is old but I am making infographics and I have "assets" that are usually PNG files that made using Designer, I thought it would make it easier to have those PNG files in my assets tab on publisher however its grayed out, so what is the point of the asset studio if I can't import PNG vector graphics ? Please help
  5. ok I will, because I like Affinity much better than Adobe Indesign and illustrator the interface is much more pleasing to use
  6. I want to make a newsletter with infographic elements for email and potentially print using Affinity Publisher and Design and Photo all 3 - I want to combine writing with infographic icons and so photography to inform and educate people, Is the Affinity Trio going to be a good choice for this project or should I use another software? Ultimately this will be published on the CDC website for information regarding COVID-19 so I need it to be A+ but I also need to make sure the Affinity Trio is the right choice Thank you
  7. It was a school project, creating a magazine cover and 2 articles. I could have used a basic app to make the cover but you really can't beat the quality and realism with a "realistic mockup" and it wasn't as hard as I thought although I am sure if I keep practicing in the future this one will look like a first grader did it LOL
  8. Well my finished product it's not perfect i'm sure but I did learn a lot, thank you all for the tips Screen_Shot_2020-03-09_at_5_24.29_PM.png
  9. Also where do I find a template for the back and spine of the magazine ? I am using a mockup and a separate template for the actual cover. I guess this seems complicated because it's my first time this is the mockup I am using but I can't find a template to make the back cover
  10. @Wosven is this better do you think? I changed just a couple things. I blended the image into the background I didn't know I could do that lol
  11. Ok, I changed the model and adjusted the size a little. is the model big enough or should I try and find one that fills the entire cover and just change the background color? there is white border on the right size for a 3d perspective look also
  12. This is what I have managed to do so far, any feedback or advice? Thank you
  13. I am trying to make a magazine cover for a school project, I am using a mockup PSD but I can't seem to find a template for the front cover that fits the dimensions of the mockup. This is my first time doing this so I feel like I am trying to learn to write Chinese lol. This is what I have so far but it does not fit also I would rather use Affinity photo Any help would be appreciated I can pay per hour if someone wants to facetime and walk me through this - my email is jeremymoore81@me.com Screen_Shot_2020-03-08_at_2_01.30_PM.png
  14. I did more research and some were done using Adobe software on desktop, I would assume Affinity Desktop, They are for sale on the EnvatoMarket I will ask the seller
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