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  1. I did more research and some were done using Adobe software on desktop, I would assume Affinity Desktop, They are for sale on the EnvatoMarket I will ask the seller
  2. These I believe are designs created within Affinity Design - stunning work!!
  3. Curious, I am currently using Visme to create infographics, would affinity publisher be a better alternative? I will primarily use ready-made graphics I just need a program to lay it all out and make it look presentable. I know Affinity Design can make stunning graphics, I am just looking to get more in tune with Affinity Publisher,
  4. You know forget InDesign, I will master Affinity Publisher. It just occurred to me that I mainly will be doing magazine mockups and not really "printing" anything so InDesign & even publisher is probably overkill and not the correct tool. I do however like making nice-looking infographics so perhaps Affinity Publisher would be good for that? I will master, Affinity Photo, Affinity Design, Affinity Publisher, and eventually ZBrush what else is good for content creation? Thank you Jeremy Cowell McMahon
  5. @Wosven thank you that was by far the most detailed answer, I wish there was a way to tip forum users that go above and beyond Yes, I will learn the basics of ID - I love using Affinity Products over Adobe, perhaps in the future, I will just make my own mockups instead of purchasing them. Graphic Design is so much fun, it opens up a new world
  6. Smart, If you want higher res perhaps you can take a picture of the picture using a DLSR in RAW and you will have more room to make adjustments
  7. One final question, I also purchased a magazine cover template in PSD format, would it be easier to use Affinity Photo to make my magazine mockup instead of trying to master Indesign in 3 days? Could I get the same effect by using affinity photo with a magazine cover as I would using publisher or indesign? thank you Jeremy Cowell McMahon
  8. Oh boy, how do I get the cover to have this angle and background? It does not look like this using indesign or publisher ----- ??? Thank you Jeremy Cowell McMahon
  9. I realize I cannot open native Indesign files within publisher 'YET' I can however open the PDF file from the InDesign template and do some editing, is this the same functionality that I would otherwise have if I was able to open the .indd or .inx file? I am editing a magazine cover right now and this is what my workspace looks like from within Affinity Publisher. It appears I have full control and the same editing abilities that I would have editing a /indd or .inx file, is this the case? What are the disadvantages of editing a PDF indesign template within publisher? Thank you Jeremy Cowell McMahon
  10. I do like all the tutorials by James, he reminds me of a enlightened affinity photo zen master
  11. This post by Patrick It wasn’t you it was this post. I think the videos and YouTube tutorials are very beneficial. Also it’s annoying when people ask the same questions time and time again however it gives different people that chance to answer & build relationships and solidify their own knowledge IMHO
  12. I have a Sony A6000 & Nikon D7100 if I’m not mistaken the one time I used their RAW tools I nearly upchucked Perhaps I will use Adobe Camera RAW for the time being and just save the RAW file as a TIFF & edit in Affinity Photo SIDE NOTE: I want to disagree with the Senior Member who said to watch the tutorials before asking questions on the forum. I think asking questions even if they are addressed brings the community closer, also it helps reaffirm and solidify learned knowledge when you explain it to others. I find myself gaining a deeper understanding and also moving towards unconscious Competence when I answer questions from members in various forums. The videos are good but they are less personal than having conversations with fellow affinity users Jeremy Cowell McMahon
  13. Using Adobe LightRoom & Adobe Camera RAW I have access to several features for aligning my image, straightening, distortion controls, selective color tweaking, white & black, THE LIST GOES ON. Does Affinity Photo have the same tools for editing RAW images? I simply do not see the breadth of tools as I would have in Adobe LightRoom or Adobe Camera RAW - am I missing them???? I can do RAW editing in Adobe Camera RAW & continue my edits using Affinity Photo however I want to TOTALLY & unequivocally FIRE Adobe - I am sick and tired of the monopoly they have had for far too long in the photo editing arena. Does Affinity Photo for iOS have the same abilities as Adobe LightRoom or Adobe Camera RAW? Are the RAW editing abilities of Affinity Photo the same for iOS & desktop? Thank you, Jeremy Cowell McMahon
  14. @Ej2019 if you find these controls complicated wait until you start using Affinity Design & editing nodes
  15. I like this a lot - nice we need support for thumbs up emoji
  16. I am doing RAW processing using Adobe Camera RAW, when I am finished should I save the file as a TIFF or PSD before opening in Affinity Photo? I do RAW processing in Camera Raw and then save as a 16 bit image I am just unclear what file format preserves the quality the best?
  17. This is good, ArtStation is interesting ive never heard of it before today...
  18. Wow, that is quite good. Did you have a sketch as Reference? I like how you used a picture frame mockup for the finished piece. Perhaps put her in an art gallery mockup also. May I ask who she is?
  19. I like this mess whatever it is. It looks like my work space when I am using mockups and photos together to make a graphically appealing post on instagram or twitter. My suggestion would be to GET GOOD at organizing layers QUICK, the more elements you have the more complicated making changes will be also if you are collaborating with others they won't be able to make hide nor tail of this smorgasburg of stuff
  20. I like this, did you do the original on paper or was it all accomplished on software?
  21. wait nevermind, affinity photo opens DNG in raw mode, so if I want to use adobe camera raw to process my RAW images but affinity photo to edit what format should I save in adobe camera raw, or should I just stop using camera RAW? the only reason I do is more edit features it seems like anyway
  22. One more question. Let's say I tweak my RAW file in Adobe Camera Raw should I save the file as a DNG to continue editing in Affinity Photo?
  23. Another example, white balance. If I don't get the correct look while editing the RAW file I know I can adjust white balance using an adjustment later or filter but do I lose any functionality or quality since I'm no longer dealing with a RAW file? It's probably not noticeable if there is, correct? I sometimes after I have already been editing a photo will decide to change the white balance for a different effect
  24. My RAW files are .ARW from a Sony mirrorless, another question is, for example when dealing with the RAW image when I adjust brightness lets say, I am dealing with all of the image data, when I develop the image and then modify brightness will I lose some of the quality or function I would have otherwise had if I was still dealing with the RAW image and adjusting brightness as a RAW operation?
  25. Thank you that’s exactly what I was wondering . I have noticed that once I do tap developed my picture is still 20MG. Not as much as the raw though. Why does the Photoshop or affinity photo make it so you can edit raw files with filters and stuff I’m sure they could do itT
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