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  1. I like to switch contexts and work between my desktop big screen and my iPad to allow for a mental shift, but there's a good bit of friction that means I have to export/import things like assets, brushes, etc. I would like to be able to "sync" these and other application level saves so when I move from one to the other it is a seamless, frictionless experience.
  2. Confirmed that I can have symbols in publisher in the publisher persona, whilst I also have symbols open for that document. Also confirmed that Assets in Designer do *not* show up in Publisher and visa versa. Sure would be nice if these were sync'd. In the mean time I'm thinking I'll just need to add them in both apps to make them available for the appropriate situations.
  3. I *love* Studio link, but with this new workflow I'm trying to understand when I should open things in Publisher vs Designer. I do a lot of "Ebooks" in PDF that use a lot of repeated (across ebooks) icons and composites of icons. Prior I would use symbols in Designer. Now (finally and wonderfully) I'm able to convert my .ai files to Publisher docs and need to add the SVGs that are in these to reusable assets. I'm trying to wrap my brain around when I should use Designer to manage Symbols vs Publisher to manage Assets. Of course it would be wonderful to use Symbols in Publisher, but not today!
  4. @Ulysses Thanks for that. Unfortunately clients don't take kindly to sharing their intermediate work online. NDAs and such. That said, I'm working on a few "teaching and training" examples to do exactly that.
  5. @Ulysses Forgive my rant, it comes from a place of frustration, but by *no* means am I giving up, I'm frustrated with spending hours trying to figure out how to get something done that was minutes for a neophyte in PS. First thing I want to do when I refine my workflow and figure out how to deal with the differences is to document it, share it and create a tutorial. Just wish there was more help in this particular space, but this *is* more like community support and I get that we don't really pay Affinity enough to expect consultative support. Thank you.
  6. @John Rostron and @Ulysses Are you saying there is a functionality that allows you to accomplish the same thing? It seems utterly simplistic to just look at the import problem and not the underlying lack of functionality. The fact that people are dependent on a free SaaS app for this functionality is indicative of the lack of insight and understanding. Affinity Photo is not able to understand layers beyond being utterly flat. Distort is a far cry. Both in terms of reliable solution (it often just doesn't map well) and the amount of time it takes to do (15 minutes best, most simplistic case, and beating your head up against it and trying to do *something* to make it work for 3-4 hours). Mind you, this is something that consistently takes no more than 5-10 minutes in photoshop to replace. There's even a robust third party marketplace of smart object based PSDs that are amazingly simply to edit and update. The problem clearly isn't *that* tough, or an online free SaaS app wouldn't have it solved. Shucks, affinity could buy or license the tech and make the money back in new licenses in a few months. Affinity products are great, but they *do* lack some highly productive workflows for some difficult problems that Adobe has solved. Pretending that these are not problems, or even more amazing, that they are solved with some inferred solution and sayings like "we do it differently" without specifics is unproductive and creates frustration that causes people to just go back to what they know can actually solve the problem. Admitting gaps keeps people from hitting their head against an invisible ceiling they're being told doesn't exist and leaving frustrated and angry instead of coming back when the problem actually *is* solved.
  7. I have a need to add a flat magazine cover image over a curved magazine cover. In Photoshop PSD with smart objects this was a simple part of my workflow. When I try to search for an Affinity solution I get two general messages: 1. Affinity Doesn't support smart objects (nice and clear) 2. Affinity has some way of accomplishing the same end (not so clear) What is the affinity way of doing product prototyping like I mention above? Thank you!
  8. How does one create a text layer that doesn't get converted? Every time I try to create a new text layer it converts to pixels the moment I switch to another layer.
  9. Unable to click into edit existing text on Affinity Photo document. https://www.loom.com/share/aa89db0b97a44ad9a0d116e62b54820c Text layer selected. Tried clicking in with artistic text tool and it just adds a layer, same with double click. CMD+Click literally does nothing.
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