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  1. Hey John, thank you for joining conversations about this because this is a very important topic and any kind of help would be highly appreciated. Can someone please make some video tutorial about how we can use features inside AF that can create "similar workflow/functionality" of PS smart objects..? I think that this topic deserves much more attention because it can be determining factor will someone keep using this software or will we go back to PS!
  2. I completely agree and I think that AF really is on right track but without key features like smart objects, they simply do not have a chance to compete with Adobe!
  3. Thank you guys for all the answers. I really can not see why is this "smart object feature" so difficult to implement, especially because it is very important part of any design process and it really puts AF way down in comparison to PS from a designer standpoint. I think that this feature "is a must" and if they do not solve this problem soon, they will lose many new customers, including me, unfortunately! The reason why I even tried AF is because after last windows update my PS literally stopped working and it crashed every single time I start it, but I expect that problem will be solved soon so I have to use AF for now and I like it, but without smart object feature I simply can not do my work properly and that is a big problem for me! I would really like to see AF winning, but for now, that is not a case!
  4. Hi guys Can please someone tell me how can I edit "smart object mockup" in AF? Like in this video for PS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxTge8fHbW8 All mockup's that I have are made for Photoshop so they are using smart objects to place our designs so after I open mockup and try to edit them by opening that layer in new tab like I did in Photoshop nothing happens! I simply can not find way to edit that layer in separate tab which is crucial for my work! This really makes things a very hard for me because I use mockup's all a time and I can't just use "place image" option and add more layers that I will adjust on spot, because it make things a lot harder then to just edit "smart object" like I did in PS. If you could show me how can I do this in AF, that would be a life saver! Thanks
  5. Ok guys, thanks on answers, that "live filters" is something that I will defiantly try. For now, best solution is "Perspective tool" but it is far from ideal, so I really do not understand why so basic feature is not added in this software, it's really mind bugling to me!
  6. Hi folks Thank you for your answers, and please take my apologies for text spelling mistakes I was referring to "Warp Text Tool" feature like in this video I have found some creative ways to solve my problem but it would be so much helpful if I could find some similar feature in Affinity photo. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, Can somebody please tell me how we can "Warp" text or transform text in Affinity photo, like in Photoshop? It's pretty basic feature and it should be there somewhere but I am struggling to find it, can someone please help? Thanks
  8. Hi I made element with pen tool that I have used in my design and after I export it I realized that edges are not perfectly clear like they should be. Please see attachment and see how they have some ugly imperfections, and they look like they are pixelated... Can someone tell me why is that happening and how we can change that! Thanks
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