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  1. FWIW we have had a few different threads running recently about this issue with Topaz Labs' Sharpen AI and it not working as a plug-in for Affinity Photo. The plugin will seem to open from within AP, but making slider adjustments seems to have no effect whatsoever upon the image. This exact issue has been going on for a few months, and only for the past couple of incremental updates. At one time several months ago, it was working just fine. The only thing that changed was an incremental update in the version of Sharpen AI. Hopefully with a future update we will see a return to full functionality from within AP.
  2. I’m watching a video about this device right now. It looks so interesting that I immediately wondered if it is compatible with our Affinity suite of software. Sadly, I realized, it is not. So I second the request. It will be really helpful to all parties when Affinity Photo is is supported by such innovative tools on the hardware side..
  3. I hear ya. It doesn’t make it particularly easy for the user. At this point my desire to stay away from Adobe overrides my impatience with the Affinity products. Meanwhile, as I wait, I’m gradually trying to sharpen my skill level with the Affinity suite.
  4. Removing and then reinstalling them again did nothing. I’m unsure if the issue is with Affinity Photo 1.7.3 or if it’s with Topaz Labs Sharpen AI 1.4.4.
  5. Personally, I’m of the opinion that many of us essentially knotted our own noose by relying for far too long on Adobe, their tools, their methods, and their files. While I agree that being able to at least read Smart Objects would ease the transition away from Adobe, what I would prefer from Serif is something even better. I have no idea what "better" would mean in precise terms, but perhaps it would make the tasks of editing and switching between Affinity apps even more enjoyable. I think this entire concept that is like a cake that’s still baking in the labs at Serif.
  6. David, thank you for ALL the support you’ve provided on this one. I’m using the very latest version of Topaz Labs AI Sharpen. it works standalone. The interface starts up when called upon as a plug-in for Affinity Photo. However, I can never get it to actually do its job as a plug-in for AP. I followed your helpful detailed instructions, but to no avail. I’m a longtime experienced user of AP, but this one has me baffled. Note that I’ve been able to get Topaz Labs software to work as plug-ins for AP in the past. I’m unsure if this is an issue with the Topaz Labs software or with Affinity Photo. I will try removing ALL of my plugins and installing Sharpen AI only.
  7. So funny... I was trying to get the suite installed on my MacBook Pro (same Mac platform and therefore same license), but ran into the same problem as yourself. I didn’t realize I had been signed out of the App Store, which was the reason the Store thought I needed to pay again. Thanks for the help, everyone!
  8. Thank you for preparing and uploading it, but unfortunately the video won't play for me. I completely believe Sharpen AI is working for you. It's a minor annoyance that I can't figure out why this plug-in isn't working for me, as I know others have issues with some of the Topaz Labs plug-ins, as well. It's unfortunate because whereas I've been doing well at becoming less dependent upon plug-ins, Sharpen AI is one that's actually useful on a semi-regular basis.
  9. That hasn't quite been my experience with it. When it's working stand-alone (and when it was working previously), the effect can be very obvious for Sharpen / Stabilize / and Focus algorithms, whether zoomed in or not. Having said that, however, even when I zoom in via Photo, the plug-in hasn't actually provided the sharpen routine. But Sharpen AI works just fine in stand-alone mode for me. Very strange.
  10. I did ALL of that. I'm fairly experienced with Affinity Photo, which is why this one has puzzled me. I completely uninstalled Sharpen AI again, and removed its plug-in from the Photoshop/Plug-ins folder. I then reinstalled it again. I'm on a Mac with Mojave 10.14.6. Honestly, Affinity Photo rarely suffers any problems whatsoever. But I know that quite a number of Photoshop plug-ins have historically been problematic with Affinity Photo, so perhaps I was simply due to experience these issues for myself.
  11. Is Sharpen AI from Topaz Labs actually working as a plug-in within Affinity Photo 1.7.3 for any of you? I recently purchased Sharpen AI, thought it was working properly, but recently noticed that it is not. I even updated to the most recent version of Sharpen AI 1.4.4, but it's still a no-go here. NOTE: The plug-in is installed properly and does start inside Affinity Photo. However, it does not actually make any corrections or adjustments at all. Sharpen AI works as expected when in stand-alone mode. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Do they offer a free trial? If so, you can always try to install it as a plug-in for Affinity Photo and see how things go.
  13. This list is helpful, but many of those (such as the ones from ON1) I would not expect to work as proper plug-ins for Affinity Photo. That said, most good solid plugins such as the ones from Topaz Labs work quite well if the instructions for installing them as plugins is done correctly. I even have others not on this list which work very well for me. Over the years I’ve found that a plug-in based workflow is going to hinder more than help you. Buy plug-ins for tools or features for which you cannot otherwise develop a workflow. One reason I moved away from Photoshop was because I sat down at my desktop one day and realized I had become wayyy too dependent upon not only PS but also their plugin ecosystem.
  14. Ulysses

    Unable to load LUTs

    That must be the latest iPadOS beta?
  15. Well... I suppose this is pretty much as official an acknowledgement as we are likely to get. When selecting an output folder, you are given the message that "Access will be granted to iCloud Drive" with all other cloud storage options being grayed out and inaccessible to Affinity Photo for iPad. I still can’t help but wonder WHY we cannot have our choice of cloud storage. I remain hopeful that Serif has a larger goal in store, such as I described in a previous post.

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