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  1. I didn’t think this would work, but it did! Thank you for sharing this! At first it did NOT work for me exactly as described. I had to “play” with it for a bit. For example, after force-killing the Appstoreagent process, I had to stop the download, close the App Store app, restart the App Store app, and then continue the update/download. After a couple of rounds of start-stop behavior with the download, it finally completed and seems (for now) to work without any issues.
  2. Exactly. An eGPU won't automatically improve performance unless a) the software is specifically written to take advantage of one, and b) the process in question actually benefits computationally by using an eGPU.
  3. Probably the first place I would start is to reboot your computer. Then reinstall the software. After that, I would begin ruling out a hardware or cable issue.
  4. There are a number of things to consider. 1. Have you tried reinstalling the software? 2. Is it possible you have a hardware issue with a drive or even a cable between computer and drive? 3. Is the file stored on a cloud drive and possibly experiencing sync issues? Can you tell us something about your hardware setup? Maybe you can provide a copy of the file in question here, and some of the experienced members and even developers could examine it.
  5. While it would be nice to have this tool in Designer, it also doesn’t surprise me that it doesn’t. It’s the sort of tool that’s more likely to be used in a raster editor such as Photo. Plus the fact that you can seamlessly share files and resources between Photo and Designer makes its absence in Designer less painful. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to have a similar tool in Designer, although I’m betting it would need to be majorly retooled.
  6. To illustrate what was described in the other good reply, see this tutorial on masking and clipping layers:
  7. Can you point us to an example of what you're trying to accomplish?
  8. This is an interesting area of development. Off-loading lots of calculations to the GPU is still in its relative infancy. Surprisingly, it wasn't until very recently that even tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom began taking any advantage at all of a GPU. They're all steadily improving in this area, so I expect in the days ahead we will see similar for a broader range of Affinity Photo operations.
  9. As an easy test for the OP, it may be helpful to test the sort of features being tested in the @James Ritson's video which I shared. Try several Live Filters and/or brush operations both with and without hardware acceleration, and see what the Activity Monitor reports. At least you'll know if your system is operating properly with Affinity Photo.
  10. I can see how linked images would impact the filesize of the Publisher file; however, I expected the resulting PDF to have the same filesize as when using embedded images. Can anyone explain why linking vs embedded images might make a difference?
  11. I’m not so sure that your expectation is how this sort of acceleration works. My current understanding is that it’s about how smoothly your display responds and redraws the image on screen as you manipulate it with Live Filters, use brushes, etc. Merging files for HDR work may simply be very processor-intensive, with little to do with the GPU. But perhaps someone with more insight on this can assist.
  12. @Willouj are you seeing a reduced file size in your PDF now that you’re linking your images?
  13. It's hard to say. What file sizes are you ending up with from InDesign compared to Publisher?
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