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  1. My hope is that they’re coming up with a more comprehensive solution than might be guessed. For example, although I greatly desire the New Batch Job to function properly with other cloud storage besides iCloud, even if they fixed it there would still be a basic problem. When adjusting raw photos in Affinity Photo, there is no means to store or save your adjustment settings. Affinity Photo does not currently make use of XMP sidecar files, nor does it have any sort of library/catalog of adjustments you make to your files. This renders the New Batch Job function slightly less capable, even if cloud storage was functioning properly. So in the BIGGER PICTURE of things, what I wish is that the developers work on both sides of this problem. Maybe that’s where they’re headed. No pressure, Affinity Developers.
  2. Nope. I’ll be one happy camper once this one is resolved. Seems like it ought to be a fairly essential one, particularly on a mobile device that relies upon cloud storage.
  3. THANK YOU, @MEB. Although I never considered this one a bug, but rather a behavioral choice, it would sure speed up a lot of workflows if this behavior was changed or at least given an optional control in the interface.
  4. The attached image here is the way I'd prefer the Crop tool to start by default.
  5. While we're on the topic of the crop tool, I've been meaning to ask if there's a way to change the following behavior: When want to do a 1:1 crop ratio of a horizontal/landscape photo, it starts out with what you see in the attached image. with the boundaries of the crop outside the shorter dimension. So I need to drag the crop corners to the inner position that I want. Is there a way to force the tool to start its boundaries inside the shorter dimension instead?
  6. Wow... I don’t even remember those even though I purchased a number of the Daub brush sets.
  7. Ulysses

    RAW editing abilities MISSING or....

    The essential answers to your questions are mostly YES and definitely YES. While the feature sets of Affinity Photo and the Adobe products are rather different in scope, you will find all the usual essential tools for raw editing within Affinity Photo for iOS and desktop versions. The Adobe products have broader features for processing batches of photos, while Affinity Photo needs to approach them one file at a time. One of the fantastic things about Photo for iOS and desktop is that they’re built upon the same code base. So their processing capabilities are almost exactly the same.
  8. Ulysses

    RAW editing abilities MISSING or....

    I believe you’re taking Patrick's comments there out of context and assigning the wrong reason for why he made this simple statement back in June 2017. The community here is now much larger, and we have far more resources and knowledge for answering questions — even the repetitive ones.
  9. Ulysses

    Cat images

    This group has been an excellent example of patient support. Although I’m a longtime and experienced user of a variety of imaging tools, there are times when I need to rely upon the help of people with even more experience or a different skill set than I have. I’m always happy for the help that comes along. I think about that rather frequently when reading through threads like this one.
  10. Ulysses

    Cat images

    You’re off to a good start. Here is a video to help you learn how to add shading so your drawings look more 3D.
  11. Ulysses

    Cat images

    These do not open for me.
  12. It really depends upon what your specific needs are. Photo excels as a pixel-based image editor. While you can draw with it and create all sorts of designs, most of its tools are intended to edit or modify existing images. Designer, on the other hand, is intended for creating vector-based drawings, which can be scaled up or down without pixelation or deterioration. At the same time, Designer has pixel-based tools to assist in certain features. This video may help make their differences and individual strengths a bit clear. Many of us find that we need BOTH tools rather than only one.
  13. Sorry, I know about that control for changing the circles uniformly. But in the original example given in the top post, the circles seem to change size from left to right. Maybe this is an illusion?
  14. Can the size of those half-tone circles be changed in AP? If so, I don't see the option for it even after searching for a bit.
  15. Thanks for investigating and helping get this one cared for, @Dan C!! Love the way the support and developer teams respond to user feedback.