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  1. I see no such thing in the UI. Before you go and tell me, they need to be turned on - I am 100% certain that's the answer, but I shouldn't be expected to chase such things in the menus. (And then I checked in Layer and View and saw no "Layer manager" or "Channel" whatever...) Again, I see no such thing in the UI. You know the answer. I know the answer. Why doesn't the app know the answer? This is not a "machine learning" answer. (Also that is merely an annoyance, i.e. a room for enhancement.) Imagine you're the app... "Hm, there's no open document and this guy is triyng to paste an image. Maybe I should create a document for him? Nah. My job is not to make things easier for users, right?" Again, I know how to do it, which I mentioned in the post. The point of my post was not to ask how to do it (which I explicitely expressed too), neither was my point to convince someone those things aren't possible in the app. I was trying to point out the app is unintuitive. (Of course, you can dismiss such opinion by saying I am too impatient or stupid, happens with Blender users too when you point out the sorry state of Blender's snapping modes.) The app shouldn't force me to do obvious stuff, it shouldn't expect me to "crack the code." "You need to work harder" is not the answer. This is a valid response. If I was a professional, if this was my field, maybe I would have to chew through few tutorials and maybe I would end up loving the app. But maybe you could consider the anecdotal evidence of my friend I mentioned. He is actually a pro. He tried Photo and Designer as well, and went back to Adobe again. (Not my case.) No, I am definitely not willing to do that, not within first one-two hours. I managed with apps like Krita, GIMP, Corel Draw, Rhino, 3ds, AutoCAD, Illustrator, and Blender recently. (Not including all the apps I use for coding.) I never needed a manual for the most basic stuff. Yes, I will look around elsewhere, but I believe it is better to give a feedback. It is only natural it will get dismissed or "debunked" by most of the current users, but maybe the devs will pick up at least the lowest hanging fruit.
  2. Hello Paul I have pretty much zero experience with Photoshop (Illustrator tiny bit)
  3. I have realized this few weeks ago: I purchased Photo (and Designer) few years ago yet I use it pretty much never. (One might say I am an ideal customer.) The reason being I can't do *hit in it. I suspected (and still kinda do) I have way too little patience and I didn't blame the application, thinking "it is for people who use it professionally" instead. But recently I shared this impression with a friend of mine, who has CGI (3d mostly) as a job, and he laughed and said he's the same story: purchased Affinity Photo but couldn't befriend it. I am not a professional myself. Usually I just need to crop an image, maybe insert a text or slap one part photo over another. Maybe I am not the target user...? Recently I learned SketchUp in matter of minutes, and I am doing sufficient progress in Blender. While Blender has a very questionable UX and some very inconsistent aspects of work, I was able to make just enough progress simply by looking around the UI to get hooked before I had to go looking-up howtos. So today I gave Photo a shot again, and I failed again. If any of you Affinity guys care how you are (possibly) losing future customers... (Note that I don't seek a particular how-to here, that's not my point.) I have a texture of a wooden cladding, I want to create a bump map from it. So I created a selection of area that I want to use in the resulting bump texture, now I want to preserve the selection somehow so I can bring it back later. I know I could save it into a file and insert it when needed. But there must be a better way Maybe I can store it as a layer? Layer / Duplicate Selection (Ctrl+J) - OK, this looks promising - click - nothing... No feedback whatsoever. Was a layer created somewhere? (In that case some kind of a layer manager should reveal itself.) Am I somehow in a "wrong" mode that prevents doing that? (In that case I shouldn't be allowed to click the item in menu or I should get a warning message.) OK, I am too stupid for layers. A channel? Select / Save Selection / As Spare Channel... Okay, maybe we're on to something. Click. NO FEEDBACK AT ALL. Again? (I couldn't find anything resembling Object from Selection. Also I couldn't figure out how to display the layer manager, there has to be one I guess...?) At this point I am not sure if the application is bugged somehow or if it is only a matter of bad UX and an impatient non-pro user, but I am already running out of patience. This was supposed to be a 7 min job, 4 of those dedicated to cleaning up the selection/mask. Another, a minor one, example that just popped in my head: I have an image in clipboard, and when I start Affinity Photo mere Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert should be all the application needs to figure out what I am trying to do. Affinity Photo does nothing, and has me chasing menus instead. Edit? File? OK here it is, but really, Ctrl+V yet the app does not know what I want to do? Now I am back to looking for an alternative for an alternative to Photoshop, knowing I have Affinity Photo installed but I can't do *hit in it. I am convinced the Personas concept is simply a bad idea, and the app can't even do updates, instead it keeps asking me to download an installation archive. And every time I submit and click the Download button I am praying this update brings the functionality of (optional) updates instead of manual download+installs. But I suspect only the next gen of Affinity will have that, and given my experience with this generation I doubt I will waste the money. I bet most of the people on these forums will defend the UX, but maybe there are significant numbers of users who give up without even leaving a note. Cheers
  4. Using the Rectangular marquee Tool [M] I have created a selection, and now I want to move it around, resize it, etc. How do you do that? At first Moving Tool [V] looks promising but does not help at all. Cheers
  5. Hello Please, consider adding something like Unified Command Menu (Chrome Developer Tools), Command Palette (Sublime Text) or Actions (Idea) This feels like something every application should have. Hit the shortcut, menu pops up, start typing, fuzzy logic based algorithm shows matching commands or application options/settings, hit Enter, command/action gets executed or a proper dialog is invoked. Cheers Jarda
  6. Kickstarter please! If I reboot to Windows now I am going to use Paint.NET. (Yes, my task is rather trivial.) I would pay $50 the Affinity Photowhatever this very minute, if there was a version for Linux. P.S.: I hate Gimp, I don't wanna hear of it ever again, I hope it is dead by now.
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