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  1. I can't believe this is still going on over a year later. I have an old affinity file that now just will not export no matter how many times I try.
  2. Sad this is still going on, I went back to illustrator because a crash every second export was just unusable.
  3. I've googled around a bit but can't figure out how to "eyedropper" the color, thickness and brush of a line drawn before. Basically "continue painting like that". RIght now once I have vector brushed a few lines with the same specifications and moved onto a different brush I can't go back and add anything. I also have to remember that it was (say) Dense Oil Impasto 04 that I had used, because I can't see anything other than color and the width of the previous line when selecting the line. I must be missing something here or do people write down the brushes they use or something?
  4. There is no crash report or spin report and it's never been the app store version, it's (now) the beta version. I sent in a log last time. It's a bug that causes a endless hang, that does not cause something to show up in the logs. I repoed in on 2 machines with Monterey. So there is something odd going on with OSX and your application, it's getting stuck in some sort of infinite loop waiting for a drive folder to become accessible or something. So this probably isn't your fault, but the lack of a graceful exit or catching of the error is. I've noticed that folder navigation is a little weird on this version of OSX, but other applications have a few seconds of hang and then recover, whereas your application suite crashes every second save.
  5. This seems to be much better, I'll come back if it crashes but I just worked with it for an hour and it didn't crash. Before it never lasted that long.
  6. I also downloaded from the website for both. Anyone tried the beta? Edit: I've been working with it for an hour and it's definitely more stable, I'd be interested to know what @Heinrichdsf experiences
  7. Same issue with me on both the M1 Macs I own. Do you happen to have Google Drive or Resilio Sync installed?
  8. Same for me, it seemed like that the local export was working but now I've noticed that both are crashing during most exports.
  9. The error never causes a crash, it just spins forever, so I captured a log from when it was happening and have attached. Any idea when this will get fixed? I really can't use the software when it's like this. errors.log
  10. Setup: Google Drive (Version: (Apple Silicon)) - Setup in stream mode, not complete sync OS: macOS Monterey 12.0.1 I have the exact same issue on a different M1 Macbook Air Issue: Exporting slices from designer into google drive causes intermittent crashes. Every folder your open while navigating to your save point increases the odds of it occurring. It crashes prior to being able to hit export, it seems to be related to folder navigation and opening of directory. Doesn't seem to be related to the file, it happens on all files, some with one slice, some with 50. I've waited for 30 minutes, it never comes right, you have to force close the applicaiton. Workaround: You try a few times and then at some point it will not crash. It is not related to corrupt fonts, on one machine it happened prior to installing any custom fonts.
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