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  1. I've googled around a bit but can't figure out how to "eyedropper" the color, thickness and brush of a line drawn before. Basically "continue painting like that". RIght now once I have vector brushed a few lines with the same specifications and moved onto a different brush I can't go back and add anything. I also have to remember that it was (say) Dense Oil Impasto 04 that I had used, because I can't see anything other than color and the width of the previous line when selecting the line. I must be missing something here or do people write down the brushes they use or something?
  2. I don't think this is font related, I have a brand new M1 Max and it crashes just like the previous M1. I've probably only installed 2 fonts because I thought something with fonts caused this.
  3. This is such a bad implementation. A) Snap to pixel alignment isn't working for me, I don't know why, I assume something else in the snapping is overriding it. I have spent the day rounding off numbers, and then accidentally one board that was imperceptibly an extra pixel wide. B) Even if it was working, all we really want it to not have to think about this and the sheer volume of people talking about this issue shows that it just doesn't work. I have just moved over and used designer all week so it's crazy that of the hundreds of features I have used this is the thing that is making me want to move back. I guarantee you that most people working in the software want a grid of artboards and not to have to think about if they will export at 1081px or 1921px. They don't want to toggle a (finicky) setting on and off just to duplicate boards, I have literally never wanted to have one artboard placed 0.1px below the other in 20 years of doing this, just make artboards snap to pixel by default.
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