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  1. Until a counter-example is demonstrated, I agree with @thomaso. I believe that when anchoring is enabled on both sides of an axis, the state of the corresponding double arrow (solid or dashed) has no effect. Thanks for everyone's responses.
  2. With the Move Tool active, I selected two text frame objects within the same document. I wouldn’t expect the contextual toolbars to be different, but they are, as shown: I haven’t pinpointed a reproduction procedure. For each, I want the contextual toolbar that allows me to change font-weight and text styles. I will update this post as I learn new details about the problem. In the meantime, if anyone knows a solution, please advise. Thank you!
  3. I’m not an expert on typography, but it made sense to me to have paragraph spacing proportional to font size. I wanted a value of 100% for "Space after", but text styles only supports absolute values. If not a good suggestion, what would you suggest in return? Thanks!
  4. Yes, it doesn’t work for me. Does it work for you? Update: I think I figured out what causes the feature to fail to apply to non-text objects. If the object was copied and pasted in from another document in which the object was filled by global color in that document. Seems like a bug because I obviously want to make it a global color in the current document.
  5. In addition, there are many times where “From Fill As Global” doesn’t work with objects. Reproduction is complicated, but it isn’t rare in my workflow. The work around is to quickly make a dummy object, get its color with the color picker, and then select “From Fill As Global” on the new object. That’s always worked.
  6. "Add to Swatches…" > "From Fill As Global" doesn’t work for text frames or artistic text. I can create a swatch from a text object, but not a global color.
  7. Are these constraints identical or is there a subtle difference of some kind?
  8. I also experienced this issue. When I created new text frames, they had red backgrounds for no obvious reason. It happened suddenly and I don’t know why. Glad I found this thread. The solution, as posted by oschrenk, is to select the text frame and Edit > Defaults > Factory Reset.
  9. Note: I don’t understand color profiles very well, so the question may be flawed as a result. I'm working on an app interface for iOS and I believe I should be using the sRGB color profile. However, I accidentally created my file using SMPTE. When I attempt to convert the document to sRGB, the global colors I use in the document become detached from the elements that use them. Unfortunately, I noticed this problem a bit late, so it would be a lot of work to reapply all the global colors to all the relevant objects. I also noticed that the colors appeared less vibrant after the conversion. How do more experienced designers deal with these kinds of issues?
  10. Maybe a strange questions but—if I wanted circular pages for example, could I make the pages themselves circular?
  11. Agreed. And further and further away from "Affinity Shortcuts > Any App > Edit has 2 rows for Emoji & Symbols" 😂
  12. Not sure I understand. Both are objects that can be manipulated: Deleted, duplicated, reordered, cut and pasted (ideally), etc. If both can be selected, then which selection counts? Considering the position of the mouse cursor as you mentioned previously seems strange. The gray selection state confuses me too. Not sure what that's trying to achieve, really.
  13. I'm beginning to notice more issues with the Pages panel. Let's start with these: Not seeing a way to cut/copy selected pages or spreads to paste into another AFPublisher file? I think that would be useful Reordering pages when you have many is painful and in my experience buggy when dragging a spread long distances
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