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  1. I've tried replicating this exact scenario in InDesign CC 2023, and it fared much better, icons and names always stuck together. Sometimes pages did get mangled by this shuffling, but to a much lesser extent than Publisher, and it was much easier to recover. I've tried this, and it worked for this example. Thanks! But this bug report was a simplified scenario of a problem I encountered on an actual project. That project has full bleed pages, and I noticed something odd on the last page when shuffling. After fiddling a bit with it I've managed to surface a different bug also related to page shuffling. I think they're probably related, so I'm linking it here: Thanks!
  2. Steps to reproduce: Create a document with the following settings: An even number of pages, for example 4 Facing pages, starting on the right Some amount of bleed, for example 3mm Edit the default Master A to have a green rectangle object covering the whole page, including bleeds Create a Master B, do the same as above, but with a red rectangle, for easy visual reference Apply Master A to pages 1 and 4 Apply Master B to pages 2 and 3 Move the page 3 to page 1 position, this immediately breaks the bleed on page 4 For a reference on the above, see the attached Publisher.mp4 video. Next steps: Export the file as PDF with the following settings: Preset: PDF/X1-a:2003 (I think any preset will work, but this get the job done fast) Include bleed Export Area: All Pages Open the PDF created on Acrobat Pro (or any other PDF software that can show bleeds) Page 1 is OK Page 2 rightmost bleed will be a red object, green was expected Page 3 leftmost bleed will be green, red was expected Page 4 rightmost bleed will be empty If using Acrobat Pro, will be able to edit the objects You'll notice the bleeds really are trimmed For example, there's no green object below the red strip in page 2 For a reference on the above, see the attached Acrobat.mp4 video. Thanks! Publisher.mp4 Acrobat.mp4
  3. I stand corrected, that's indeed how InDesign does it (had to install for the project I'm working on anyway for other reasons). I still think the option to keep the object should exist, but that's just me. I've edited my post to match the corrected information. Thanks! Again, checked with InDesign, that's how it works. It's easier to see this in action using the Story Editor. It would also be nice for Publisher to have a Story Editor, but that's a different problem. This is a pretty good idea!
  4. This https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9N5MVVBD0TGW Although soon enough it won't be necessary, as Windows 11 will get Screen recording in Snipping Tool I'm not quite sure what's the point of your message? To say that what's on the video is normal behaviour, or user error? If splitting master spreads doesn't work, then internally have setting like InDesign's "Allow Document Pages to Shuffle" set to off. Otherwise, ensure that when pages do shuffle, the content moves along appropriately. For a visual reference without forcing me to reinstall InDesign, see here: Thanks!
  5. I don't have InDesign installed right now, but if I recall correctly, you can't delete or remove anchors this way. You need to manually release them. That would work for me. I'd still prefer an option to make them impossible to delete without unpinning.
  6. The first from the list that is still applied. Imagine you have 2 pages, 1 with Master B, another 2 with Master C. My expectation would be for the default shown on the list to be Master B. If you have a page with Master E and Master F applied at the same time, my expectation would be for the default selection to be the Master E. Of course, upon opening the drop-down menu, the masters will be listed as in the panel. It's just the default selection that changes.
  7. Steps to reproduce: Create a document with a few pages Create 2 or more masters, for example 3 masters, keep their default name for this example Apply the Master C to all pages Right-click on a page/spread and chose the command Apply Master... The default master on the list will the first created, Master A, independent of what currently applied on the page Expectation is that the dialog would pick the currently applied master to the page, not the first on the list. Thanks! recordedVideo-3.mp4
  8. I don't even know where to begin in describing just how broken moving even the simplest of the pages is. Same for adding, or deleting, a page. There's just too much going on. You'll just have to watch the attached video. I've also attached the file I used, if it helps, although you could create the same in one minute. Thanks! EDIT: It may not have been clear in the video, but at the start all page titles match the icon. The page saying "Compass" has a compass icon, for example. By the end of the video, most of the title and icons are a mismatch. If there's an icon, or a title, at all... recordedVideo-2.mp4 test file.zip
  9. Steps to reproduce: Pin an object to a word, especially at the start or end of a paragraph. Double click the word Press delete Object is deleted along with the word See attached video for a visual guide. Expected behaviour would be for the pin to be impossible to select, and impossible to delete by text editing, especially this easily. Even if the whole paragraph were to be deleted, the pin should simply move to the next available position. If the entire text area is deleted, then the object should be unpinned, but kept on the page. double clicking to select only the text, and the object anchor. As it is now it's almost impossible not to delete pins by mistake. The documentation also makes this the expectation, as the only way listed way to unpin is: Thank you! recordedVideo.mp4
  10. Ok. That's fair. These forums could be a community only thing where people can talk about stuff and share resources. I've edited my post to reflect this. Yes, I agree with that. This very forum could be kept for that. Pretty much this. That's exactly what UserVoice, SleekPlan, Nolt, Fider, and others do. At first glance that seems targeted at internal task tracking, not so much user feedback collection? In any case, there's a lot of services like this. Serif can pick and choose. Just don't do forums, it wasn't working before, and now it's really not working.
  11. Indeed. The toxicity around here, especially after the 2.0 release, is increasingly off-putting. I wish Serif would do what I already suggested years ago. Close these forums. Keep the forums as a community thing only. In their place, For bug reporting and tracking have a UserVoice page, or any of the other alternatives like Nolt or SleekPlan. Something that allows us to easily search and post bugs, but greatly limits all social interaction, and as result limits the toxicity. And it isn't just for their employee's sake, that have to navigate these forums daily. It's for our own sake too. We have to browse and search these forums in order to find out if a bug has already been reported or solved. That means we also have to read and navigate this toxicity. That's something I'd like to avoid, it's unhealthy, and frankly something that reduces my willingness to post any bug findings. Do us all a favour Serif, close these forums. have a separate bug reporting system away from forums.
  12. I've suggested this more times than I can remember. I think it's coming, but who knows when.
  13. I forgot to update this ticket. For some reason the problem went away on it's own... I don't think I changed anything, anywhere, and the apps haven't updated either so... I don't know why this was happening, or it stopped. You can close this. If I ever stumble upon this again I'll let you know. Thanks and apologies.
  14. System: Windows 11 22H2 (22621.819), Affinity Photo 2.0.0 (Microsoft Store) Steps to reproduce: Open the Preferences by Edit -> Preferences -> General Ensure that "Automatically update linked resources when modified externally" is off Create any new image Drag and drop an existing image into the canvas Open the Resource Manager by going to Window -> Resource Manager Select the image and click the "Make linked..." button, close the Resource Manager Edit the linked image externally, for example, scribble something in it using the preinstalled Windows Photos app and save it Go back to Photo 2, the image will have been updated, even though it shouldn't
  15. Bumping this as I just came across the same problem on my iPad. The scroll wheel works fine across iPadOS, in browsers, email, file manager, etc. On Affinity Photo / Designer it doesn’t register. I’m using this mouse: https://www.microsoft.com/pt-pt/d/novo-microsoft-bluetooth-ergonomic-mouse/94jnl0t5kdck Additionally, you can’t interact with anything on the canvas using the mouse if the option “Touch for gestures only” is enabled. I don’t know if this is a iPadOS limitation, but I’d like to keep touches for gestures only, while also being able to interact with everything freely with the mouse. Thanks!
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