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  1. Not really. Imagine a mockup file with 4 artboards, showing the front, back and 2 side of a box all at the same time. Each of these mockups is populated using the same embedded (now with 1.9 we can do linked) image file. If you want to see how a change will look like seen from all 4 sides of the box, you just update this one embedded file. If these were separate files, or multiple layers staked on top of each other, it would either not be possible to see all sides at one, or it would take longer to export each side and then reassemble the images elsewhere. Like this for example: Chocolate Bar Packaging Mockup by bangingjoints on Envato Elements In any case, that's not the point. The artboards feature works fine in Photo, you just need to hack it in. The bug I mentioned is new though, it wasn't there in 1.8 as far as I remember at least (I've updated everything to 1.9 already).
  2. Hi both. Mockups mostly. It's easier for me to handle/manage multiple similar photos of the same packaging (a common example) in a single file.
  3. Let me start off by saying that yes, I know Photo doesn't support artboards. And yes, getting artboards into Photo is kind of an hack, but still worth mentioning. Open a document with an artboard, in my case I used a template that has an artboard Without selecting anything, try to place an image using File > Place Notice you can only choose text files, no option for images Select the artboard, or an object inside it Go back to File > Place, now you can pick up images See the attached video for a visual representation. Also, how about starting supporting artboards in Photo? 😉 Thanks! InkedInkedrecordedVideo_Trim.mp4
  4. Ahh... I see. I didn't realise that context menu entry existed at all. Yes, if I use that context menu then the function works as expected. I thought this referred to the button I highlighted in my attached screenshot. Well... I guess it kind of makes sense. The mouse hover help does say "Add current colour to palette as a global colour" which is technically correct, the current colour is being added, and the current colour does not necessarily correlate to the currently selected object... I don't know how to feel about this. At least the hover help needs to be reworded so it's clear only the colour on the swatches panel will be added and that it's unrelated to the shape? Something like "Add active colour in this panel to palette as a global colour"? Or maybe add in front "(right click an object to add it's fill & stroke colour instead)"? I'm not a native speaker so I'll let that up to you guys. Thanks!
  5. In part I have no doubt this is due to the sh*tty way Apple handles file management on iOS and iPadOS. But since this is a known issue, maybe work on something that's reliable and bypasses Apple? Removing the misleading Save option is one way, forcing a new file write every time to ensure data loss never happens. Another option would be a direct-to-cloud write. Many apps ask for your OneDrive / Dropbox / GDrive login and write their files directly to the services. This is very common and I use a couple of apps that do this across Windows / Android and iPadOS. EDIT: I have a word of advice to anyone browsing this topic. Unless something pretty nasty happens to the Designer app, your document will always stay available, with the latest changes included, so long as you don't close the document. The issues I'm experiencing happen when I hit the save menu, presume the document has been saved to the device, and proceed to close the document inside Designer before making sure it's saved. If you don't close the document, then it remains available for further attempts to save it. As such: DO NOT CLOSE YOUR DOCUMENTS Not until you're absolutely, completely, positively sure the current state has been saved. For me this would mean upload the file to OneDrive, open it on my Windows machine, and see all the latest changes there. If you don't have another machine, or you don't plan on taking the file outside your iPad? Make a copy of your document using the Files app. Open that copy and see if the latest changes are there. They are? Fine, go ahead and close the document inside Designer. The ARE NOT there? For the love of everything DO NOT close your document. Try to save it with another name, try save as, try exporting. Just do. not. close it.
  6. I had this issue just now with 1.9.0 I just lost hours of work... 😡
  7. Not really a bug, just a source of potential confusion for people trying to report bugs accurately. See the attached screenshot.
  8. Whenever I edit a global colour value I have a chance the popup will move around the screen after the edit. See the attached video, it makes more sense when you actually see it. I can’t find a way to consistently trigger it, but it feels like the closer the popup is to the bottom edge of the screen, the more likely it is to happen. But it’s not a certainty as you can see. I feel this might have something with the physical screen size of my device? It’s a 9.7” iPad Pro and the screen is getting cramped by today’s standards, maybe the low amount of space is making the popup be “unsure” of where to stay? I also feel like this is less likely to happen when the device is in portrait orientation, it still happens though, just less frequently. Thanks! IMG_0538.MP4
  9. OH YEAH! FINALLY! I hope my feedback helped with the development of this. I'll be in touch if I spot additional bugs or improvements to do in the future. Many thanks!
  10. I didn't realise in the beta thread discussions (I wasn't paying much attention to be honest) that Data Merge here means something different from Data Merge in InDesign. In InDesign doing a data merge means a one time import of data, meaning if the data source is modified later, tough luck to you. This mostly renders InDesign data merge as a useless function, everyone just uses XML linking instead. Turns out Data Merge in Publisher works much more like XML linking, meaning that if you change the data sources, you can update/sync the Publisher contents with a click of a button. This is quite amazing. This type of data linking is really hard to do, and you need some sort of masters degree to use the InDesign version (I know I spent almost a year perfecting this function for a client catalogue). That Serif was able to pull this off in such short notice is pretty amazing. Congratulations to the devs, well done and impressive work!
  11. Hi! I can confirm this is indeed fixed. Thank you very much! This however is still outstanding: It's a minor issue and I suppose it can be fixed after the initial stable release since it doesn't cause any crash or lost work. It's just confusing why aren't controls responding at the first encounter with it. Buy if it can be fixed before release that's best of course. Many thanks for the global colour work, it's super appreciated!
  12. The window stabilizer will also work if you're moving relatively fast. That said, this is not a 1.9 bug, or even an iPad bug. This behaviour happens on all previous versions, and it also happen on Windows, both on a desktop PC (with a graphics tablet such as a Wacom Intuos) or a tablet pen (such as a Surface Pro). It even happens with a mouse, and I'm pretty sure it also happens on macOS. Fixing this will need a rework of how the pen and mouse input works, so it won't come on 1.9. I think it used to be worse in 1.7 and before, I believe some work to address this has made on 1.8, but not enough to fix it for good.
  13. Yeah, but to be fair the global colour bugs are really minor and can be safely addressed after release. For the global colour without moving the sliders crash, since the dialog does not inherit the last used colour and always starts at white or black, you’re nearly always going to fiddle with the sliders, which makes the bug go away. The only way to trigger it would only be adding white/black as a global colour without touching the sliders. It would be best to fix this before launch, but not an issue if it’s fixed in the next few days. For the bug where the dialog box is not interactive when dragging the slider chooser, it’s also a minor inconvenience. Normally you fiddle with this once and don’t touch it for a while. In my case I set it to CMYK and leave it for good. Once again it would be great if this is fixed before release, but it’s minor and even less of a problem than the bug above. This can be fixed at a later time safely.
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