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  1. This is super counter intuitive. I was just searching the forum in order to see if global colours in a gradient were unsupported, or if anyone had reported this as a bug...
  2. Unless they're placed elsewhere in the Mac version of the app (which I don't think they are), the image clearly shows there are no Personas, only the icons for the apps. I'm not saying this is bad or anything, but it might be a clue for those willing to speculate on what's going on. I for one have no idea, I'll be happy to discover in the summer.
  3. I have a more important question. Where are the Personas buttons? I'm fairly certain that whatever UI choice you're doing with Publisher will also reflect in Designer/Photo, so where will these Personas go in the existing software? That's the real question.
  4. Looking forward to the swatches overhaul. There's a lot of issues with it: Can't select more than one to move Can't group them Editing colour, name, and global status are different windows/menus when it should be all in one (see AI) As for text styles, haven't used it much since Designer isn't quite there yet for packaging design, but it's missing Figure Style options. Thanks!
  5. I'm already seeing a lot of good stuff there! Awesome!
  6. Converting any (reasonable) objects to guides would be great. But this is a start.
  7. I've reported this over a year ago I believe, still not fixed... o_O
  8. Any chance to fix this issue I reported? Thanks!
  9. I only did a very quick test at this, but I noticed something else. This seems to only happen when you first create the file (it's still Untitled), once you save it and reopen it works fine. I've uploaded the file as requested, although this happens with any file. Thanks!
  10. As shown in the attached image. Used to work fine in 1.5 (although very crash prone). Thanks!
  11. I don't think Affinity ever said they were doing a DAM? In any case, there's other software areas where I think their time would be better spent, like improving Photo and releasing Publisher. Anyway, Luminar seems to be a really great choice for developing RAW, now that has a Windows version and lens correction I'll be purchasing it once available.
  12. YAY! Awesome! I suppose mitigated means they still happen, just with a lot less frequency? Thanks!
  13. I can confirm this also happens in Affinity Designer, after a while parts of the UI stop being responsive to pen and touch. Mostly (only?) popup parts, such as submenus, colour popups, dialog boxes, etc. They work fine with the mouse though. Regarding the 5 questions: 1. I was in Desktop mode this time, just to test 2. I has the Type Cover attached this time, again to test 3. It's on as always 4. Yes, it starts to happen after 15 to 20 minutes 5. Nothing running at the same time
  14. I'm having the same issue as well, in general the application starts OK but overtime the responsiveness drops to unacceptable levels. As for your questions: 1. Tablet 2. No keyboard (detached type cover), one mouse (Arc Mouse Surface Edition) 3. Yes 4. After a while as mentioned 5. Was only running Affinity Photo, I think this also happens in Designer although I haven't tested as extensively 6. My Surface Pro is fully up to date Thanks! EDIT for extra suggestions/bugs related: 1. It would be nice to have the iPad UI on Windows when working on Tablet mode 2. Multi touch responsiveness in general isn't great 3. Improved multi touch support, like zooming and moving at the same time 4. For the love of everything, please disable touch input, AKA pen mode!!! Touch should be only used for UI/menu interaction, and zooming/moving. Otherwise I have to keep undoing accidental brush strokes that happen when I touch the screen by mistake or a multi touch gesture isn't recognized.
  15. Fair enough, if light UI is a top requested feature, then it's great that was implemented. I asked for voting, as light UI is the result of voting within the forum I'll have to accept it. I also understand that some features aren't doable at the moment as they rely on functions not yet available, such as stuff that requires Affinity Publisher, yet I still think voting would help sort within the doable features, it would help inform users of what needs to wait, and what you won't do at all. Finally, UserVoice helps surface similar request very quickly, so that people with very similar requests can bundle together. Anyway, thanks for getting back to us on these concerns.