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  1. Data Merge, as InDesign does it at least, is utter rubbish. If you want to implement some sort of batch data import & formatting then look into InDesign's XML importer and Structure panel instead. It's more complicated but infinitely better. And Affinity can "easily" one-up Adobe on this by simply supporting XML and also JSON import. JSON is being used a lot more than XML these days (for the best and for the worse), so supporting it is a big competitive advantage.
  2. Not @Alex_M but I can confirm the following @Zox instructions I get a crash in 1.6.4 (I haven't updated yet). Thanks!
  3. LCamachoDesign

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    This is great! The feed is already indexed by Feedly, so if anyone uses that service it's just a matter of searching for Affinity Spotlight and add it to your feed list.
  4. LCamachoDesign

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    Yeah, but I already have enough emails related to work going into my inbox. I need less emails, not more. Besides I already have a design related curated feed in Feedly, it's much better to plug this source into the existing system rather than having to check a separate place for news. For these reasons, please consider doing an RSS feed. Thanks!
  5. LCamachoDesign

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    This is actually... brilliant!! It will do wonders for the exposition and divulgation of Affinity software. Important question though. Is there a RSS/Atom feed for the new content/articles/whatever? Thanks!
  6. LCamachoDesign

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    I'm pretty sure there's no monetary prize on these awards, it's just recognition/exposure. Even if there's a prize, it's just a symbolic amount, I doubt it passes the $50.000 which may seem like a lot of money, but actually doesn't even cover 6 months of one (1) developer's salary... In any case, have you all asked more people to vote?
  7. LCamachoDesign

    [ADe] Swatch opacity changes to 0% on it's own

    What carl123 and Sima are describing matches my a lot of actions in my workflow, so it's very likely the cause behind my issue. Thanks both for helping shed light on this.
  8. LCamachoDesign

    [ADe] Value won't stick in text input fields

    I think this keeps happening even if I tab away from the text field. In any case, it's really counter intuitive, if I'm seeing a value of 9 as in my first example I'd expect the value to be maintained. I think this behaviour needs to be altered.
  9. I'm working in an illustration project that makes heavy use of pixel layers clipped into vector shapes. The brush I use to paint in the pixel layers is always a black Global Colour (unless I forget to set it back after doing something else). I then use the colour Overlay Layer Effect to colourise these layers with Global Colours. I've noticed that plenty of times I try to paint, but nothing happens, then I double check and the brush colour is black, but at 0% opacity, and that's why I'm unable to paint. I have no idea what's causing it, and it's rather hard to reproduce in isolation, I only seem to bump into this during the work session. This is not very helpful I know, but maybe someone else know how to fully reproduce, or my description gives enough clues to spot where the issue is. Thanks!
  10. Add a Bevel/Emboss Layer Effect to any shape of pixel layer Drag the Radius slider with your input device to random value, let's say 7.7 Select the Radius text input field, where it says 7.7, and press up in your keyboard, the value changes to 9 instead of the expected 8 Close the dialog window and then reopen it, the Radius value is back to 7.7 Drag the slider to a random value again, let's says 2.3 Select the text input, press down in your keyboard, the value changes to 1 instead of the expect 2 Closing and reopening the dialog box will revert the value to 2.3 again This behaviour happens through the whole of the application, it's just easier to reproduce in this particular situation
  11. Create a global color, red for example, and apply it to an object Create a snapshot Edit the global color to something else, green for example, and the object will change to green as expected Restore the snapshot created in point 2 Object will revert to red as expect, but the global colour itself remains green If global color is edited at this point to brown for example the object does change to that color, indicating that at least the color link is still working This probably also happens in Affinity Photo, but my use of global colours there is limited. Thanks!
  12. LCamachoDesign

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    That's my guess as well. Anyway, I suppose this gives Affinity more time to push social media awareness, and other forms of letting people know about this. I've already contacted everyone I could to get them to vote.
  13. LCamachoDesign

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    I bought Affinity Designer through your webstore, not Microsoft's. Then again I don't know if I unsubscribed from the mail list at some point though...
  14. LCamachoDesign

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Haven't received any email yet. Nor there's a blog post. There's more to be done, don't stop until we reach the 99% please. Thanks!
  15. LCamachoDesign

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    It's tied with todoist at 32% now! Just a little more and you can win! Do a blog post too Patrick.