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  1. I only did a very quick test at this, but I noticed something else. This seems to only happen when you first create the file (it's still Untitled), once you save it and reopen it works fine. I've uploaded the file as requested, although this happens with any file. Thanks!
  2. As shown in the attached image. Used to work fine in 1.5 (although very crash prone). Thanks!
  3. I don't think Affinity ever said they were doing a DAM? In any case, there's other software areas where I think their time would be better spent, like improving Photo and releasing Publisher. Anyway, Luminar seems to be a really great choice for developing RAW, now that has a Windows version and lens correction I'll be purchasing it once available.
  4. YAY! Awesome! I suppose mitigated means they still happen, just with a lot less frequency? Thanks!
  5. I can confirm this also happens in Affinity Designer, after a while parts of the UI stop being responsive to pen and touch. Mostly (only?) popup parts, such as submenus, colour popups, dialog boxes, etc. They work fine with the mouse though. Regarding the 5 questions: 1. I was in Desktop mode this time, just to test 2. I has the Type Cover attached this time, again to test 3. It's on as always 4. Yes, it starts to happen after 15 to 20 minutes 5. Nothing running at the same time
  6. I'm having the same issue as well, in general the application starts OK but overtime the responsiveness drops to unacceptable levels. As for your questions: 1. Tablet 2. No keyboard (detached type cover), one mouse (Arc Mouse Surface Edition) 3. Yes 4. After a while as mentioned 5. Was only running Affinity Photo, I think this also happens in Designer although I haven't tested as extensively 6. My Surface Pro is fully up to date Thanks! EDIT for extra suggestions/bugs related: 1. It would be nice to have the iPad UI on Windows when working on Tablet mode 2. Multi touch responsiveness in general isn't great 3. Improved multi touch support, like zooming and moving at the same time 4. For the love of everything, please disable touch input, AKA pen mode!!! Touch should be only used for UI/menu interaction, and zooming/moving. Otherwise I have to keep undoing accidental brush strokes that happen when I touch the screen by mistake or a multi touch gesture isn't recognized.
  7. Fair enough, if light UI is a top requested feature, then it's great that was implemented. I asked for voting, as light UI is the result of voting within the forum I'll have to accept it. I also understand that some features aren't doable at the moment as they rely on functions not yet available, such as stuff that requires Affinity Publisher, yet I still think voting would help sort within the doable features, it would help inform users of what needs to wait, and what you won't do at all. Finally, UserVoice helps surface similar request very quickly, so that people with very similar requests can bundle together. Anyway, thanks for getting back to us on these concerns.
  8. No, it's about prioritising the wrong features. It's an easy fix, just create a UserVoice page for your applications so people can vote on what they need to get their jobs done. Another recent example, a light UI may be nice and all, but no one gets paid to stare at UIs. I get paid to produce graphic content, focus on that first, such as vector patterns or correctly formatted and set copy. Even the king of deaf hears, Adobe itself, has recently created a UserVoice page: Not very complicated. Thanks and hopefully this will get through.
  9. It's called Affinity should definitely use it, otherwise useful needed functions go on missing while stuff most people won't need get's implemented. The constrains function you mentioned is an excellent example, it's useful for UI/UX people, but it's hard to understand the prioritization of such complex tool used only one subsection of designers, while many others, such as hidden characters is ignored. One of the most glaring omissions is vector pattern design, it's used in so many areas of design, from branding, to stationary, to textile, to packaging, to illustration, and so many areas of print design. Why are so many areas of design ignored? Why ignore all these and prioritise just UI/UX?
  10. An Affinity layout application would be nice to have, it wouldn't have feature parity with the giants, but then again I don't need all those features anyway. I think that's precisely the market niche that can be filled by Affinity Publisher. I for example have recently purchased PagePlus X9 to do some basic layout work, and it has already paid itself. :) Edit: Also, some functions normally related to layout applications, like linked files and hidden/special characters, can trickle down to Designer/Photo too.
  11. Can you believe I had never seen the UI of Affinity Photo/Designer for iPad before looking at your link? I don't have, and will never have, an iPad so I never bothered to look. Now that I did I see a lot of really nice things, especially the collapsed studio tabs. Will this come to the desktop version? It would be a really huge help when working on smaller screens like a Surface Pro. In fact, the whole mobile UI could be available on the desktop to use on hybrid tablets like the just mentioned Surface Pro. What do you think?
  12. Affinity Photo for iPad brings a lot of exposure, new users, and longer term commercial viability, which is great for all of us. Obviously a professional designer or photographer needs primarily the desktop software to do his/her job, the mobile counterparts are just a "nice to have" thing, so we need to have some patience... That said, I think that knowing which features will come in 1.6 would be very helpful in planning what to do in terms of software investment. Luminar is a very promising software, especially now that's coming for Windows. It isn't a full replacement for Affinity Photo or Photoshop, not even close, but it's a nice tool to have if dealing with digital development. They just need a couple of features (which are listed as coming soon) to take over the RAW workflow for most modest photographers. I'm definitely buying it once released. :)
  13. You do raise a really good question, Smart Objects covers a lot of things in Photoshop, including embedded Illustrator content, and 100% compatibility is out of question. But the same can be said about the PSD format itself, you can use Photoshop to do 3D modelling (WHY??) for example and no one is expecting Affinity or anything else to be compatible with that. That said I hope that a more lightweight compatibility is possible, limited to just embedded pixels and linked files, with distortion and perspective transformations. That would cover most of the usual Smart Object usage, but the inexistence of third party software doing this seems to indicate it's not doable? Lastly, like you I also think it's best to start new projects outside Adobe, and it's also relatively simple to redo the Smart Objects content within Affinity using it's file placing function. It does however need to be extended to be truly useful. As I've mentioned countless times, adding Mesh Warp Live Filter and Linked Files (or even just the ability for Macros to replace files) would be an immense boost for anyone doing mockups for clients. It would even help with getting Affinity Photo content into stock store like GraphicRiver.
  14. I've tried this on Windows, latest stable version (1.5.3), here's what I got: 1800 x 1350 px : 1,08 MB 900 x 675 px : 2,49 MB 450 x 338 px :1,41 MB 225 x 169 px : 1,07 MB That's truly bizarre. o_O
  15. Some liked my post today, and I went to see if this issue was fixed in 1.5.3. It wasn't. We're not talking about a minor issue here. This is something that will get your file rejected on print.