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  1. What are you even talking about? I read everything and stated my opinion on that. So again for you: No, in my opinion there always will be human made techniques and art and that's why these application will never disappear and can't be automatically done by a camera.
  2. No, there always will be human made techniques and art.
  3. You got something COMPLETELY wrong here - AI support doens't mean clicking one big button or no need to learn any skills. Machine Learning + AI lets you achieve better, faster and even more complex results while supporting the skill you have - not replace the needed skill. Y'all need to refresh your knowledge on the topic. AI/machine learning is needed for collaboration in affinity. I don't know your mindset, but AI isn't taking over the world some day and is not replacing all humans. The AI dystopia mindset is far from reality.
  4. Wow, your hate against AI/machine learning is real here in this topic. Look at Photoshop and its very useful (!) machine learning features – it can save so much time and also let you achieve better results than you could ever do with 20 times the expenditure of time. It has nothing to do with 'toyish' things – its a must have for professional workflows in some areas.
  5. Hi, of course! Thank you for your answer. I use the default settings. (Interesting to see that dithering is already enabled for gradients but that's not so important for this topic I think.)
  6. Sad to hear you also got a big problem now. I also have so many crashes and errors since a few weeks it's so frustrating. Not at launch but in the middle of the workflow...
  7. Hey together! Since a few weeks (1.10.4 and 1.10.5 also) Affinity Photo has lots of problems. Lots of different functions lead to the software not responding anymore and crashing. E.g. using websafe dithering on a gradient, using the live filter "Perspective" on a bigger image a few times, using some other live filters etc. I once used a filter and while applying, Affinity used over 15 GB (!) of disk storage resulting in the application to crash. The composition wasn't even that big, under 5 MB of file size. Further, duplicating complex layers (which have a live filter "Perspective") results in a completely shifted new layer not matching the original layer. Creating snapshots and going back to them does not rewind all the actions, filters don't get undone. So the snapshot feature is often useless for me. Importing raw files often results in having a big black square in the bottom left corner of the image (just a visual bug, not part of the image). Also when editing photos I often get these visual bugs (black squares on image). I don't know what's going on with the software now but I lost lots of time and work with these bugs. Does anyone else have these problems lately? It frustrates me. Greetings [The used system is not weak or anything like that. CPU: i7-9750H, 16 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM, GTX 1660 Ti, M.2 SSD] [EDIT: graphics drivers are up to date!]
  8. I just wrote down some single examples, there are MANY more. Didn't know a mobile app like FaceApp can be used by professionals on a computer for retouche... If you know Adobe software so well you do know the automated subject recognition. That function has so many benefits. And if you don't see this I don't know what you're even using the software for. IMHO, there is no question about whether but when these functions come to affinity. Welcome to 2022.
  9. Hello, time goes on and the topics artificial intelligence and machine learning are bigger than ever. As I've seen what competitors of Affinity software can achieve with these techniques I think these are a must-have in the future, otherwise people using software without these have to waste a significant amount of time on unnecessary tasks or simply can not achieve similar results. Especially Affinity Photo could need functions for manipulating photo data. Machine-Learning supported tools like auto-crop subjects of a picture, changing the auto-recognized sky, next-level face manipulation like for facial hair or human age, ... What impressed me the most is a tool that can change the season or time of day of a picture of the nature "in 10 seconds" by using so-called "Neural filters". IMHO, I do not only see these tools as a nice-to-have for myself but I think it is essentially necessary to remain marketworthy in the future. And I can only imagine what effort in development needs to be done for such a thing. But I think it's worth releasing such features as software version 2.0 - so I can pay for the work of Affinity again. "2.0 - The big neural update"? Whats your opinion on that? Greetings
  10. This! I would really appreciate such a feature, would make things a lot easier! Exporting and reimporting color palettes after each change is a time waster. (Actually, I just googled if there is such a feature yet. But I found this thread posted 16 hours ago instead. Nice!)
  11. Yes, it's mentioned on https://affinity.serif.com/de/photo/full-feature-list/
  12. Thanks for your reply! On the german site, it says: "Updates werden automatisch verfügbar, wenn wir neue Features hinzufügen oder bestehende Features erweitern." which means "Updates are automatically available when we add new features or extend existing features." That confused me cause there's no limitation mentioned for the future. If I read that I suppose that there's no limit, ever. (Also in combination with the headline "No Subscription—Free to Try, One Price to Buy" or translated from the german site: "buy only once")
  13. Thanks! But where does it say that? I mean it must be contractually written down somewhere. 🙂
  14. Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying all three affinity softwares but I can't get any more details about what I exactly buy. In the internet it sometimes says that I'm only going to get updates until the next major release (e.g. 2.0) but I can't find any information on that on the website! In the product description it only says that updates are going to get automatically released for you when there's a new version and that I only have to pay once. So if I buy the software now I would have legal claim for lifetime updates cause it's not further explained there, right? I think that has to be shown better to make it more clear. Greetings!
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