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  1. Thanks for the reply. Is there a config file or something where the snap settings are stored? I have backups of my machine so I could potentially revert to an older version of that file if it exists.
  2. Since upgrading to Affinity 1.7 my snapping settings have changed. Is there a way to revert to my old settings? For example, I often use a background pattern shape in my designs which new shapes snap to the geometry of. I see that I can turn that off by layer but that would be annoying to do for each new document. Also, I don't want to disable all snapping because I like it for snapping to: edges and center points (of the canvas and other shapes/objects), as well as key distances between shapes/object, so I can keep consistent spacing for example. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
  3. I'm trying to edit the pressure of this stroke I have selected by dragging the pressure handles so that it looks like a brush stroke (thin stroke size on the edges, big in the middle) but it doesn't change the pressure. See screenshot... What am I missing? Thanks :
  4. Yes, and confirmed by Apple to not be a drive issue. Seems to be an Affinity problem of some sort.
  5. Hi there! I've had an issue in the last few months where Affinity Designer seems to randomly fail to save a document. I press the usual Command-S to save, and then I get this dialog error (attached). Quitting and reopening the app fixes it, and it only happens every 20-30 documents I open. No other program has saving errors, disk utility shows no problem, which makes me think this is an Affinity error/bug. When it happens, I only have one way to save my work: I force quit the app so that when I reopen it might ask me to open the recovery document. Is this a known problem and is there a solution? Thanks so much! -Evan
  6. Thanks Dan, I appreciate it! I know devs don't want to add a million settings, but it's definitely something that could save me (and probably a lot of others) a ton of time.
  7. Hi there! Two small things slow me down when working with Affinity heavily: 1. The swatches sidebar defaults to the first swatch, but I always use the same one. If I close all open windows, then open a new one, Affinity switches to the first swatch, which is not the one I want to use. Is there a way to set the default or move mine so its at the top of the list? 2. When I close a file in Affinity, it jumps to the first one in the tab list. I seem to remember it used to do the opposite. Is there a way to switch it back? These would be huge time savers! Thanks!
  8. Map was a 13MB AI file that I opened in Affinity and copied layers into a new document. It takes about 15 seconds to load the document and everything slows down while editing it dramatically. What is Place and would it solve this?
  9. I have the performance setting set to use Metal, is that the best option?
  10. I'm using a highly detailed map vector in Affinity Designer and it causes a ton of lag and makes the document really slow. Running on a 2017 MacBook Pro. Is there a way to lessen the lag? Once I put the map in the document, I don't need to move it around or edit it after a certain point, so perhaps there's a way to lock it in a way so Affinity can stop putting so many resources towards it? Excuse my lack of knowledge. Thanks so much!
  11. Haha, I didn't even consider that it was intentional. Looks terrible IMO so perhaps someone knows how to disable it
  12. I use the Futura font in Affinity and have a kerning problem where the letter f "sticks" to the following letter while other letters work just fine. Ideas? Screenshot:
  13. Ah, makes sense. Any way to set everything in the future to one profile? Like a default setting? Thanks again!
  14. That did it - thanks! Any reason this would happen automatically or accidentally so that I can prevent it from happening again. Thanks!
  15. Hi there! I copied and pasted a rectangle from one document in Affinity designer to another, and noticed the color looked different. To affinity, both show the same HEX code of ACEEE7 with the same specifications, but it's clear that they're different colors. What's going on here and how to fix it? I assume it's related, I've also noticed the color picker has recently taken a different hue of the color I'm taking. Attached are screenshots.
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