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  1. When the version is shipped to the public, the corresponding/previous beta release won‘t work any more. You may delete it or wait, until a new beta release (newer than the public release) will be launched.
  2. From Sunday until now – what a long time! Why on earth you don’t test it by yourself, and you have the solution within seconds …
  3. Hello! Why are you all guessing and interpreting? I stated nothing, but this: The statement "I read today that Lightroom Classic (perpetual license, not cloud based) will receive no updates after the end of 2017.“ is wrong. And it is. No way out. And I added: „You are talking about Lightroom 6.“ Can’t see, why to turn sumersaults about this …
  4. Probably he thought so. But, nevertheless, his statement was wrong.
  5. That is definitely not true. Lightroom Classic CC will be developed alongside Lightroom CC. Seems you are talking about Lightroom 6. This will be supported until end of 2017 by adding new cameras.
  6. This is a Designer feature. But if you have both applications, you can pass over your Photo document to Designer, create this „text on Patz“ object and go back to Photo.
  7. Did you place it into a folder?
  8. There us no "link" when buying from the AppStore. You buy it directly from the description page – what means, you must have seen, what you are buying. Or are you talking about the Windows version?
  9. Of course this may become a standard. Would be really fine! But the fear was, this And this is definitely completely unfounded. Of course you have the ability to export to every format you like. And if you haven’t imported an image as a HEIF image, it will will export in a format, other applications can read. You are using the High Sierra beta, @jcburns. Could you tell us: What happens if you drag an image out of Apple’s „Photos“ to the desktop? What format does it have? I bet JPG.
  10. Your link proves – nothing at all. HEIF will be the new intern standard. Ask the iOS beta testers, if their files, send for example from Apple's "Photos" via email, can't be read on the recipient's side.
  11. This won’t happen. HEIF is primarily used internally in Apple Apps.In „foreign relationships“ with other apps you won’t notice anything.
  12. Read this:
  13. Do you think, the Affinity team will say: „No! Never! We aren’t going to support High Sierra!"? As we know and see, the team already has a look at compatibility with High Sierra, but it would be a waste of time, man power and money to run behind a system in development and follow every single step, an unfinished os is going to do. Even the „hearts" of the new macOS, the file system "APFS" and the graphic engine „Metal 2“ aren’t ready and fully implemented.
  14. If you mean with „both platforms“ two Macs: You may install AppStore software on all Macs using your Apple ID: Open the AppStore on your second machine, make sure, you are signed in with the same Apple ID, choose the Tab „Purchased“, find the app, you’ve already bought, and click „Install“ to the right of this entry.
  15. Arrow heads are essential! Whose feature favorite isn't "essential", "indispensable" or "should be built in since version 1". If those post really are meant seriously, a piece of software can never be released, before all favorite features of every user are integrated. My mantra: "Less buttons, more creativity" (if you know, what I mean…)