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  1. Just Google for „Firefox colour management“ and you will see, that former versions of Firefox don‘t support color management and in later versions you have to activate it. It is switched off as default. (These information is second hand. I don‘t use Firefox.)
  2. … after how many years of using Affinity Designer?
  3. mac_heibu


    Affinity forums — the only ones with a running gag!
  4. Really a breathtaking issue! By the way: Try asking any other software company, when the next update of their app will be released! Have fun with the answers!
  5. Go to „Preferences“ and choose the „Tools“ tab (don’t know the precise English wording, because I use the app in German) and select the appropriate size.
  6. … and what is the difference to my contribution?
  7. Yes Walt, they are. But I don‘t have anything against additituonal subscriptions — especially if they have a fair pricing compared to the updates.
  8. I personally think, it would make sense to drive on two roads: Paid updates, because a one-time-payment wouldn‘t certainly allow a company to survive on the long run. If this isn‘t possible by In-App-purchases, it means to release a new updated v2 app. Subsciption with a price, which doesn‘t exceed (better: undercuts) the average update prices.
  9. Your monitor profile has nothing to do with your document/image profile. The monitor profile is there to compensate colour deviations of your personal, individual monitor from standard. When you calibrate your monitor, the calibration values will be integrated into your monitor profile. The document/image profile should be for example sRGB. (Your monitor profile only „corrects" these colours to be displayed on your screen as they should be displayed.)
  10. Did you read Gabriels question, if it is allowed to post the originals here?
  11. I really hate these threads, where we all are confronted with a problem, but are not enabled to contribute a useful answer. If the image in question is placed „secretly“ into a dropbox account, which we can’t access, we can’t say anything. Asking in a public forum means, to give everybody a chance to reply. If somebody wants to address only a certain person, he should do this by personal messaging. If you want us to assist, give us the image. If it is to large give us a small sample image, showing the issue. If this isn’t possible (what I really doubt), place the image onto Dropbox and share the download link. So, at least, give us the jpg, which is shown differently in AF/PS and „anywhere else“.
  12. I’d really recommend you, to lean more about colour management. Questions like "Change the document to my monitor profile?“ prove, tht you have no real idea about it. But a forum can’t be the right place to clear these questions in depth.
  13. The Apple color meter measures — as most of these tools — the values provided via your monitor profile, which normally differ from the sRGB values in the image. If this wasn‘t the case, a monitor profile would be not necessary: It is there to reflect and compensate the monitor‘s colour deviations.
  14. Did you move the app file into a folder?
  15. Just start with removing flowers, trees and hedges!